Another Reason to Love Victor Espinoza


After almost 40 years, a horse finally won the Triple Crown. Fans are likely to still get goosebumps or smile uncontrollably whenever they watch footage or read about the win. But for the jockey who brought American Pharaoh to legendary victory, it doesn’t seem that it’s about the win.

Victor Espinoza is known for donating 10 percent of all of his winnings to City of Hope, a cancer research nonprofit out of California, Newsday reports. He came to this decision not through being directly affected by the disease through a family member or close friend, but by seeing a young child fighting the battle.

“I just saw one kid with that disease and that’s how I changed my life. I changed the way I think. Pretty much I changed everything,” he told Newsday.

Now, with his recent win at Belmont Stakes, he’s giving more than 10 percent. Espinoza is donating his entire Belmont winnings, according to Newsnet5. And he’s not the only one feeling charitable. American Pharaoh’s trainer, Bob Baffert, and his wife, Jill, immediately announced donations of $50,000 each to Old Friends (retirement center for Thoroughbred horses), Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, Permanently Disabled Jockey Fund and California Retirement Management Account, an organization that handles the cost of the care of local retired racehorses.

After we won the Triple Crown I went to see American Pharoah to give him a big kiss

Posted by Victor Espinoza on Saturday, June 6, 2015

Everyone was already elated by American Pharaoh’s win, but this just makes it all so much better, doesn’t it?

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