Horses and Penguin Meet, Form Instant Bond


The Falkland Islands are known as one of the world’s penguin capitals. Recently, one penguin somehow got separated from the others and ended up at the Cape Pembrokeshire Nature Reserve located outside the Falkland Islands capital city, Stanley.

Sarah Crofts, of Falklands Conservation, a nonprofit organization, was at the reserve feeding three horses when she saw the penguin,
Daily Mail reports. “At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; I think the horses were as shocked as I was,” Crofts told Daily Mail. “I didn’t think the horses would take much notice of the penguin but I couldn’t believe how fascinated they were with it. I’m really enthusiastic about horses and penguins so it was an incredible moment to witness. Horses in Stanley don’t normally have contact with penguin so it must have been a real novelty for them. At first the herd approached the penguin slowly and with their heads low so they could check him out at eye level. But it didn’t take long for the horses to become braver and soon they were nose to beak, it was such a lovely moment.”

Take a look at the moment the horses and penguin shared:

Unlikely Friendship
All photos via Falklands Conservation/Facebook
Unlikely Friendship
Unlikely Friendship
Unlikely Friendship

Crofts added this about the moment the animals shared: “The horses were genuinely curious about the penguin and it seemed to turn into a game for them where they’d check him out one by one and then run off. After a while it was as if the horses didn’t want to let the penguins out of their sights.”

Has your horse formed an unlikely friendship with one of your other animals? Tell us about it in the comments.

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