Horses in Ireland Go Anywhere They Please

Horses in Ireland
Horses have been turning up in the strangest places in Ireland. Photo via Twitter

We all love horses and if we could we’d probably take them everywhere with us. Can you imagine bringing one to the office or to school? What if your day consisted of ballet classes and football practice? If a horse were there, it would surely be the talk of the event. It certainly was in Ireland. Twice.

Apparently “Ireland” is synonymous with “the place where horses go anywhere they please” or, as we prefer, “the best place on earth.” Earlier this week a horse was seen riding a tram in Dublin, because, you know, he had places he needed to go and it was too far to walk.

We have no idea where that horse was going, but we like to assume he was meeting his buddy at a pub in Kerry for a pint.

All set for for The Kerry National and the `All-Ireland’ final at Purtill’s Ocean Bar in Ballybunion, County Kerry today. They sure know about horses and footballers, they know the winner of the national and who will be on the teams on Sunday! Mikey Jones the jockey turns on the style too. Video Don MacMonagle Like & Share away… Up KERRY THE KINGDOM!

Posted by MacMonagle Photography on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This makes us want to go to Ireland even more than we already do.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever seen (or taken) a horse?


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