Terminally Ill Woman Shares Touching Goodbye with Her Horse


Lisa Beech, 49, has dealt with cancer since she was 15 years old. Just weeks ago, the doctors told her that the cancer had spread throughout her body and she’s since been admitted to hospice care at Saint Joseph Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky,
WKYT reports. She was told she only had days to live.

In an effort to cheer her mother up, Amanda Sturgill decided to bring Beech’s cherished Appaloosa, Jake, to see her. Sturgill made many calls and received help from the McConathy Farm Rescue Team to get the horse to the hospital. They succeeded, and the moment was touching, with Jake going right up to the hospital’s front entrance.

Lisa Beech and her horse of 16 years, Jake, shared a touching goodbye. Photo via WKYT/Facebook

“Her face just lit up with so much joy and so much excitement. His ears went forward when he heard her talking, and he was marching up there like he was going to go into the hospital if he needed to,” Sturgill told WKYT. “She’s so happy, you can tell Jake was so happy and all of the sudden everybody broke down in tears. You could feel how much joy it was bringing her to see her horse again.”

Beech and Jake shared a 15-minute hug and a final kiss.

Jake was recently an equine model for Horse Illustrated.

The bond between a horse and his owner is great one; we’re happy Beech and Jake had that last moment together.


  1. i had tears running down my face .u needed to see him and he needed to know that u was still with him. i could see the love u both have for each other. bless u very much


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