Highlights from the Accumulator Costume Class at the 2015 CP National Horse Show


Richie Moloney

Richie Moloney and Alsvid win the Accumulator Class at the 2015 CP National Horse Show on October 30.

Popeye the Sailor Man, also known as Irish show jumper Richie Moloney, took first place on Friday night’s Accumulator Class sponsored by Salamander Resort at the CP National Horse Show.

In an accumulator class, riders earn points for each jump they clear, with each jump being worth one more point than the previous one. On the final fence, riders had an option of adding 20 points with the joker fence or going for the lower 10-point option. The catch? If they lowered the fence, they would lose those points.

To add to the fun and celebrate Halloween, riders dressed in costume for the class. Take a look at some of the creative costumes in the video below.

Eight riders completed the course and the higher joker fence for a total score of 65. The final placings among those riders was determined by time. Ireland’s Richie Moloney took first place with Alsvid. Belgium’s Philippaerts brothers rounded out the top three: Nicola—in costume as a doctor—and H&M Harley Van de Bisschop finished in second, and Olivier—dressed as the Easter bunny—with H&M Legend of Love in third.

Reed Kessler

Reed Kessler as Snow White riding Charity as Grumpy.
Conor Swail

Connor Swail and Martha Louise. Note the LED lights braided into Martha Louise’s mane.
Olivier Philippaerts

Olivier Philippaerts and H&M Legend of Love during the awards presentation.

Sarah Schaaf and Patrick the Miniature Horse got things started with a demonstration Gambler’s Choice round.

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