Disabled Woman Asks for Help Getting Stolen Horse Back



Kristina Mendoza suffers from nerve damage that makes standing and walking difficult. She uses leg braces to walk, but what gets her around and through the day is her horse, Sabel, who was trained to hold steady when Mendoza was close by. Mendoza told Fox2 Now that this past weekend Sabel was taken from the Farmington area of Missouri where Mendoza lives, noting that there is no other explanation as to how the horse could be missing. The sheriff’s department is looking into the case, according to Fox2 Now, though they’re not aware of any horse thefts in that area.

Missing horse Sabel
Anyone with information on this missing horse is asked to contact the St. Francois County Sheriff`s Department. Screenshot via Fox2 Now

Mendoza has been handing out flyers in hopes of Sabel’s return. She has no plans to press charges.

Sabel is a tri-color pinto of Arabian breeding. If you have any information, please contact the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department in Missouri.



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