Horse is Saved After Being Found in the Snow-Covered Chilean Mountains

Garbanza was stuck in the snow for days before she was rescued. Photo via Rafael Pease/Instagram

Rafael Pease planned on spending his 21st birthday snowboarding in the mountains in Chile while filming the adventure with his GoPro. While out on the fresh snow, Pease came across what he thought at first was a rock. When he got closer he realized it was a horse.

The horse, named Garbanza, was allowed to roam the mountainside by her owner, whom Pease met just two weeks earlier. The owner said that Garbanza was in the mountains to “enjoy the last of her years,” according to an Instagram post by Pease, but that she’d been missing for more than a week. The owner thought she’d died.

But thanks to Pease, she didn’t. After finding Garbanza halted in her tracks by the thick snow, Pease dug her out, fed her and walked her back home.

Check out the video of the rescue:




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