Horses Help Veterans Suffering from PTSD Heal


In Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, horses are doing their part to help the men and women who have served our country. Veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are able to utilize nonprofit Equines for Freedom at no cost to them. The horses are used as part of a therapy designed to help veterans cope with PTSD.

One such veteran, Eric Davis, who served in the Navy, told WNEP of the equine therapy, “I stopped having the bursts of anger and the yelling and stomping away. I was notorious for running away.”

His wife, Johanna, added that after the therapy, “He’s more himself again, the light was back in his eyes, he was more calm. He slept more peacefully.”

Equines for Freedom has partnered with Marley’s Mission, an equine therapy nonprofit for children. The two organizations are sharing a space until a new arena is built for the veterans, which will be in January 2016, WNEP reports. The Davis’ are looking forward to helping other veterans in need, telling WNEP, “You’re not alone and people understand it and they’re here to help and support and guide and comfort.”

For more information on Equines for Freedom, visit their website.




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