Donkey Rescued After Getting Stranded in Flood

Mike the donkey was very happy to be rescued. Photo via AHAR/Facebook

One year when my neighborhood flooded after heavy rains everyone was pretty much confined to their homes. Those unlucky enough to have to go outside were left stranded in their cars – one of which my father helped because the woman’s car was floating away. People, however, are very resourceful and get themselves out of nearly anything and when they can’t, they ask for help.

Animals, on the other hand, are not really able to do that. After recent flooding in Ireland, a donkey got stuck in the raised waters. He was unable to move at all let alone get himself to safe land. After being sighted, a plea was put out for help. The Animal Heaven Animal Rescue answered the plea and saved the donkey. The video below shows the extent of the flooding. The rescuers reach the donkey around the 1:25 mark:


Posted by Animal Heaven Animal Rescue on Sunday, December 6, 2015

The donkey is now called Mike, after Mike Fleming of the Killorglin Rowing Club, the gentleman who saved his life.

Mike the donkey was seen by a veterinarian after his rescue and was put on antibiotics to prevent pneumonia, Animal Heaven Animal Rescue posted on Facebook. According to the Rescue, the donkey’s shelter had been damaged in the storms and he got loose and ultimately stranded in the flood. He does have a loving owner and he will return home after some recovery time. From the pictures, it looks like Mike is doing great.

To read more about Mike, visit the Animal Heaven Animal Rescue Facebook page.



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