Horses Saved after Barn Catches Fire


Anyone who has horses wants to keep them warm in the winter. While there are a variety of ways to do that, keeping a space heater or heat lamp it the barn may not be the best – or safest – option. These heating devices, especially if they’re left on all night, could very easily be knocked over or malfunction, causing a fire. A horse owner in Beloit, Wisconsin learned that difficult lesson over the weekend.

Barn Fire
A fire broke out at this Wisconsin barn due to a space heater malfunction. Screenshot via

Several fire department units in the area were dispatched to the home. By the time they arrived the barn was “fully engulfed in flames,” reports. The fire was put out; however, the owner lost the hay that was housed in the barn as well as the barn itself. There was also damage to the owner’s home, vehicle and garage. It was reported that the damage is an estimated $71,000.

Luckily, the four horses who were also housed in the barn at the time the fire broke out were rescued by the owner and police.

Here are some resources to keep your barn and horses safe:
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  1. When are people going to learn most animals do not really need the extra heat, adding fuel to there system by feeding hay. I am glad the horses were saved.


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