Horse Found Abandoned, Person Responsible Sought

Lucky Wind Dancer Rescue
Lucky is seen here at the Wind Dancer Ranch Rescue in Slidell. Photo via Wind Dancer Ranch/Facebook

Last week a horse was spotted in Gramercy, Louisiana. He was thin and appeared to be starving. The St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office was called and deputies investigated. They discovered the horse in a mud pit where he had apparently fallen, Fox 8 reports. The officers were able to get him out of the pit and named him Lucky.

Staff from Wind Dancer Ranch Equine Rescue in Slidell was called.

“When we arrived on the scene it was heart-wrenching, I had to take a deep breath, the tears almost immediately started pouring,” Aubrey Stewart, owner of the rescue, told Fox 8. “I saw this frail, frail animal that was a rack of bones, barely able to stand. It is definitely a long-term neglect-abuse case. He’s got a lot of lacerations and marks on his legs, if you look at his legs close. A horse doesn’t get this skinny overnight.”

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Even though rescuers were concerned Lucky would not survive, Wind Dancer Ranch Equine Rescue stepped in anyway. He had a setback when he couldn’t stand up, but he has since been improving.

Since he’s been at the rescue, the Humane Society of Louisiana has also stepped in, working with the St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office to find the person responsible, Fox 8 reports. The Humane Society of Louisiana is offering a reward of $500 for any information that results in an arrest and conviction. If you have any helpful information, contact the St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office at (225) 562-2374.


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