Therapy Horses Return Home After Flood

One of the horses of Ride
On St. Louis. Photo via Ride On St. Louis, Inc./Facebook

This past December, the Mississippi River flooded, forcing staff at Ride On St. Louis, a nonprofit using therapy horses to assist children and adults with disabilities as well as veterans and disadvantaged youth, to evacuate their horses.

The horses were safely taken to higher ground, but the property was not so lucky. The flood caused several thousands of dollars in damage, 5 On Your Side reports. Just about everything had to be replaced, including some fences, electrical, pipes and insulation. It took several weeks and 700 hours of work to get Ride On St. Louis back up and running, according to 5 On Your Side.

This past Wednesday, the therapy horses were able to return.

Even though everything is fixed, the Ride On St. Louis program director is considering a permanent move in case there’s another flood.


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