Veterinarian Removes Chains that Were Causing Horse Pain

Veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu
receives a thank you from a wild horse. Photo via FOUR
PAWS International/YouTube

While hobbles are commonly used in many parts of the world to prevent horses from running away, in some parts of Romania, owners use hobbles made of unpadded chains. These metal chains have the risk of hurting the horse by digging into its skin, especially if they’re on too tight.

In the  video below, veterinarian named Ovidiu Rosu saw one of these horses in chains. The horse was in pain and lying on the ground. Rosu approached the horse, placed a cloth over its eyes and proceeded to cut the chains off. Afterward, the horse was assisted in standing. The veterinarian received a little nudge, possibly in thanks.

Check it out:

To find out more about the wild horses in Romania, visit Four Paws International.


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