Want a Miniature Donkey? Here’s Your Chance to Get One (or Two)

Miniature donkeys will be
adopted out for $400 each. Photo via Triple
R Horse Rescue/Facebook

If you’ve ever wanted a miniature donkey – and why wouldn’t you? They’re adorable – now is the time to get one. A rescue in Texas received 160 of them after what the rescue’s president, Ken Bacher, called a “breeding situation,” according to Triple R Horse Rescue. Twenty of those mini donkeys will soon be at the rescue in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Once they arrive, the rescue’s staff will work with the mini donkeys to get them ready for adoption. According to The National Miniature Donkey Association, mini donkeys are “completely trustworthy around children, the elderly and the handicapped.” However, “miniature donkeys are herd animals. To avoid undue stress and loneliness, it is strongly recommended they not be kept singly but with another miniature donkey or other animal as a lifelong friend.”

Those interested in adopting miniature donkeys from Triple R Horse should visit the Triple R Horse Rescue website and fill out an application. Each donkey will be adopted for $400.

DONKEY UPDATE:Thanks to all of our Triple R friends and supporters for the many
inquiries about the mini-donkeys…

Posted by Triple R
Horse Rescue
on Wednesday,
March 2, 2016

Will you soon have a couple miniature donkeys?




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