Zebras Escape Circus, Go On Adventure in Northern California

Universoul Circus Zebras
The zebras were seen running
north on Hegenberger Road in Oakland. Photo via UniverSoul

Motorists in Oakland, Calif. got a surprise on Friday afternoon when they saw two zebras running alongside their vehicles. According to SFGATE, the escaped zebras were part of the UniverSoul Circus, which was in town performing at the O.co Coliseum.

Police officers spotted the striped escapees around 4:31 p.m. Luckily, UniverSoul Circus employees were able to bring the zebras back to the venue unharmed. They reportedly performed in the show that night.

This isn’t the first time zebras from this traveling circus have decided to explore the city on their own. Two zebras (no telling if they’re the same zebras) did so in West Philadelphia last November.

What city might they explore next?



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