Horse Blinging Business is a Smashing Success in Wales


If your dream horse is a rainbow-maned unicorn, we have some good news. Michelle Inch, the entrepreneur behind Equidivine, can make it happen. Just take one average, everyday horse, and add magic.

Let’s address your first two concerns:

  1. The dyes used to make this magical transformation happen are non-toxic, made from mica pigments (which are also used in human cosmetics) and natural chalk, both of which are easily washed off, according to an article on
  2. Arguably this is not treating the horse with dignity and respect, but if you’ve ever watched a horse roll in a mud puddle or pile of manure as soon as you turn him out after a bath, you know a horse’s idea of “dignity” is probably not the same as the average human’s.

Glittered up ponies by #equidivine we are looking for stockists!

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In addition to painting your pinto pink, Equidivine products include mane and tail extensions, glitter “tattoos” and hoof polish, and crystal accessories.

This is all fantastic, but is this really a viable business venture, you wonder? Equidivine provides painted ponies for parties and weddings, but also has a portfolio of corporate clients, including Royal Ascot. Furthermore, the company has been featured in media outlets across the UK and Inch won a Natwest’s Entrepreneurial Spark program that will assist her in growing the business.

The stunning Tara on her horse at #greatcharitychallenge wearing #equidivine #glitter #glitterhorsetattoo

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Equidivine products have been used at the likes of London’s Olympia Horse Show and the Winter Equestrian Festival, proving that plenty of riders never truly outgrow the My Little Pony phase.

Find out how you can turn your plain old horse into a shiny, sparkly superstar at

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