Update on Valentine, the Foal Rescued from a Ravine



Back in February, we brought you the story of Valentine, a colt who was just a few days old when he was rescued from the bottom of a ravine in Fremont, California. The colt had apparently fallen into the ravine and it was believed he had been there for two days when rescuers found him.


He was given the name Valentine because he was rescued on February 14.

Authorities located Valentine’s owner, who surrendered the colt to the City of Fremont.

Veterinarians found that the colt had broken his pelvis during his ordeal, but the fracture was in a non-weight-bearing portion of the bone, making for an easier recovery. With diligent care from vets, volunteers, and donations from the public, Valentine is doing well two months after his rescue. He currently resides at Bailey’s Performance Horses in Orland, California, and updates are regularly posted to the colt’s own Facebook page.


Valentine is on stall rest for six months—a challenging arrangement for any energetic colt. However, with his human caretakers and a few toys, he appears to be doing just fine.


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