Channing Tatum’s New Rescue Horse


Instagram is a social media platform designed to share photos of your brunch and annoy your friends who prefer Twitter. (Seriously, guys. Knock it off with the cross-posting.) It’s also a great place to find out about your favorite celebs’ pets and hobbies. Thanks to Instagram, we know all about the equestrian pursuits of Kaley Cuoco, Iggy Azalea, Miranda Lambert and now, Channing Tatum.

Best birthday gift ever from my wifey

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Now, the photo does look like something out of one of those bad Craiglist horse-for-sale ads, what with the reins up around the horse’s ears and the Airstream in the background. But the horse is undeniably cute, and it seems Tatum even knows how to ride.

Braveheart paint by Evie, new rescue horse named Cajun on a sunset ride. Thanks for all the birthday wishes

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We won’t question the face paint.

The horse, Cajun, was a birthday gift to Tatum from his wife, actress Jenna Dewan. Cajun presumably joins Smoke, another rescue horse owned by Tatum and family and introduced to the world via Instagram.

Meet “Smoke” my rescue horse. He loves beer! We’re meant to be. (to be clear he just loves the smell)

A photo posted by Channing Tatum (@channingtatum) on

Enjoy the trails, Channing and Cajun!


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