California Chrome for President


California Chrome may have come up short in the Triple Crown, but he’s got a resume that puts most horses to shame. He won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes in 2014, which would be enough for any horse, but he’s still going strong two years later as a five-year-old. After winning the 2016 Dubai World Cup, he became the richest North American racehorse in history (but no, he’s not going to show you his tax returns.) He polls well with the younger generation. His popularity even earned him endorsement deals from Breathe Right nasal strips (Chrome races with FLAIR Strips; Breathe Right makes a similar product for human noses) and Skechers, a company that doesn’t make any horse or equestrian products at all. Clearly, he knows how to negotiate and win.

Chrome for President

Chrome pledges to Make America Awesome Again, and he started by winning the Awesome Again Stakes last weekend. That’s where Chrome’s co-owner Perry Martin handed out the “Vote Chrome for President” buttons that the horse’s fans now sport.

“The two major candidates don’t have two good legs to stand on,” said Martin. “We proved (Saturday) Chrome has four.”



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