Entrepreneurial Kid Sells Lemonade for Two Years to Save up for a Pony


Sabastian Kent of Queensland, Australia, like millions of children throughout history, wanted a pony. His parents, like millions of parents throughout history, weren’t about to go out and just buy him one. But that didn’t stop Sabastian from pursuing his dream.

At just five years old, Sabastian didn’t have a lot of money-making options, so he worked extra hard at the classic kid business of selling lemonade. He started with a traditional lemonade stand in his neighborhood, then began selling his drinks at social gatherings with family and friends, too. The supportive customer base would sometimes donate extra—up to $100—to go toward his pony fund, according to Sabastian’s mother, Juliana Kent.

Eventually, Sabastian started making lemonade and other drinks ahead of time and bottling them with his own custom label so that he could meet the demand. Over the course of two years, his lemonade business—along with Christmas, birthday, and tooth fairy money—added up to $3,000 ($2,285 US). In response to her son’s dedication, Sabastian’s parents secretly purchased a Welsh Mountain Pony named Tom and brought him home to the family stables as a surprise for Sabastian. She captured the moment when Sabastian and his little brother, Canterbury, met the pony, and Sabastian’s tears of joy prove that his hard work was all worth it.



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