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Lego, the wildly popular building bricks beloved by kids and adults worldwide, is enjoying some extra time in the spotlight presently thanks to the success of the Lego Batman movie. But dig around Lego’s web presence a bit and you’ll find a quieter aspect of the toy that will appeal to horse lovers.

Earlier this week, Horse and Hound reported on a new equine design submitted to Lego Ideas. The design is the creation of Martin Morin of Canada.

Lego Ideas is an online portal that allows Lego fans to submit the creative designs they dream up, and other fans can vote on the designs they like best. While the colorful Lego bricks used for free-form building are still around, many of Lego’s top-selling products are its sets. The Lego Ideas system is a way for fans to use the former to potentially create the latter.

Users submit their designs, and once their design gets 10,000 supporters, the idea will go to the Lego Review Board for consideration. Not every idea that reaches the 10,000 supporter mark will be mass produced as a set, but Lego promises that they will all receive fair consideration.

Martin’s horse design is built from 1,100 Lego bricks and measures around 75 centimeters (29.5 inches) long. It uses moving parts at the joints so that the horse can be positioned to stand, run, rear, bow, and more. It’s a timeless design with no commercial tie-ins that has the potential to appeal to boys and girls of all ages.

The Wild Horse project has just 153 supporters as of this writing. Visit the project’s page to learn more about the project and offer your support. You can also find project info and updates on its Facebook page.

While there are plenty of designs currently posted on the Lego Ideas site that include horse minifigures, The Wild Horse is one of the few truly horse-themed designs. However, other submissions that might interest horse fans are the Churchill Downs Twin Spires project and the western film set.

Leslie Potter is a writer and photographer based in Lexington, Kentucky.



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