Surprise Foal Born Six Months After a Tragic Trailer Crash


Six months after an accident on Interstate 40 in Knoxville, Tennessee, some unexpected joy has emerged. The accident involved a trailer carrying 30 slaughter-bound horses. Nine of the horses died as a result of the crash, but several of the survivors got a second chance at life when they were taken in by Omega Horse Rescue in Pennsylvania.

One of the horses was adopted by Amy Neary, a Tennessee resident who helped with the surviving equines on the night of that tragic accident as part of her role as an emergency hauler for the University of Tennesse’s veterinary school. Neary named the black-and-white pinto mare Hope.

On April 12, Hope gave birth to a colt. Because Hope’s background was mostly unknown prior to her rescue, Neary and the staff at Omega hadn’t known that Hope was pregant, and the colt was a surprise. The foal, a medicine hat with a blue eye, is healthy, as is his mom. Neary has named him Freedom and calls him Freddy for short, according to a story from

Leslie Potter is a writer and photographer based in Lexington, Kentucky.



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