Abandoned Ex-Racehorse Wins Hearts in Maryland


Lucky Bid is a gray Thoroughbred gelding who was foaled in Maryland in 2002. Today, he resides in Maryland once again, at Paradise Stables in Mount Airy, but he’s traveled thousands of miles in the time in between.

Lucky raced at tracks from Arkansas to California, winning approximately $140,000 during his racing career. The full details of his post-racing life are unknown, but in January of this year, the sweet-natured Thoroughbred was abandoned at a boarding stable by his owner.

Because of the lip tattoo that all Jockey Club registered thoroughbreds receive, Montgomery County Animal Services was able to identify the horse. They attempted to locate Lucky’s owner, but were unsuccessful. That means 15-year-old Lucky is now seeking a forever home.

In the meantime, he’s rehabbing at Paradise Stables where they’re hoping to heal an old pastern injury that makes him unrideable. According to a post on Paradise Stables’ Facebook page, they are trying different therapies that, if successful, could make Lucky sound enough for light trail riding with proper management, but ideally he’ll go to a home where he can be a beloved pasture companion.

Lucky earned quite a bit of attention when he was featured on the local news during the lead-up to this year’s Kentucky Derby. He has some royal racing genetics in his pedigree, tracing back to War Admiral on his dam’s side. War Admiral was a son of Man o’ War and in 1937 became the fourth horse to ever win the Triple Crown. He may be more notable to the general public because of his famous rivalry with Seabiscuit, immortalized in the bestselling book by Laura Hillenbrand and the subsequent film, which was nominated for Best Picture for the 2003 Academy Awards.

Lucky’s ancestry, his story, and his charming personality have given him some local fame, but he is still seeking his forever home. Montgomery County Animal Services is not currently accepting applications due to the overwhelming response to the news coverage of him, but it will likely take some time to approve his perfect retirement home. Tap here to view Lucky’s petharbor.com listing.

There are always off-track Thoroughbreds across the country seeking second careers or retirement homes through organizations such as New Vocations, CANTER, and the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. For more information about adopting and caring for OTTBs, visit our off-track Thoroughbred resource page.

Leslie Potter is a writer and photographer based in Lexington, Kentucky. www.lesliepotterphoto.com


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