Fourth Annual National Meet a Horse Day Set for July 22nd

Horse Camp
YMCAHCwk5 by YMCA of Snohomish County on flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

Across the United States, Time to Ride Challenge hosts are creating beginner-friendly events specifically for National Meet a Horse Day, July 22, 2017. Horse professionals nationwide will unite with the singular goal of helping new enthusiasts meet a horse for the very first time. Each event, with its own unique themes and activities, is created to attract anybody and everybody interested in discovering the joy of horses!

“Time to Ride wanted to create one exciting day that focuses entirely on the importance of introducing new people to horses,” says Christie Schulte, Marketing Manager. “The mission of the Challenge is to increase accessibility to the horse industry. National Meet a Horse Day is a celebration of the amazing hosts nationwide who are working hard to grow their local horse communities, and we invite all stables, events, and groups to join us! What better way to share our love of horses?”

For the last four years, National Meet a Horse Day has been a benchmark date for the Time to Ride Challenge, as the single day when the greatest number of new people are introduced to horses. Summer break, favorable weather, and proximity to back-to-school make the date the perfect time for families to connect with stables, and plan to add horse activities to their schedules. This year will be no different, and hosts nationwide are gearing up for a wave of aspiring horse enthusiasts to come participate in their beginner-friendly horse events.

Time to Ride encourages all horse professionals, groups, and businesses to consider joining National Meet a Horse Day by planning an outreach event. Each host who holds an event will receive a Time to Ride t-shirt.

Since 2014, the Challenge alone has introduced over 98,000 newcomers to the benefits and joys of horses. To learn more about becoming a Challenge host or plan a National Meet a Horse Day event, please visit The Challenge runs through September 30th, and registration is free and open throughout. To learn more visit the website or contact


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