How to help horses affected by Hurricane Harvey


US Equestrian Press Release

Sweeping across the Gulf Coast of Texas as a Category 4 hurricane over the past weekend, Hurricane Harvey’s catastrophic flooding has put the Houston and surrounding area equine community in a state of distress. Declared a major disaster and weather event, hundreds of horses and livestock have been affected.

Banding together as a community, emergency rescues, fellow equestrian’s opening up their barns for shelter and extensive veterinary care has been required over the last several days. As the rain continues to fall, rising flood waters will make extended care for displaced large and small animals on an ongoing need.

Supporting the efforts of emergency response groups and organizations that are helping horses impacted by the flooding, US Equestrian is providing financial assistance through the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund.

Developed in 2005 during the aftermath of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund was formed to help ensure the safety and well-being of horses during trying times. Since its inception, over $370,000 has been donated to aid horses across all breeds in disaster-related situations. All money donated to the fund is strictly used to benefit horses and horse owners.

Tap here to make a donation to the USEF Disaster Relief Fund.


US Equestrian will be working with the Houston SPCA to support their rescue and rehabilitation efforts through the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund.

Encouraging donations to help the horses affected by Hurricane Harvey, US Equestrian CEO Bill Moroney said, “as part of our commitment to the health, welfare, and safety of horses, the USEF disaster relief fund was created to assist horses impacted by devastating natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. The outreach and generosity of the equestrian community to support the ongoing emergency assistance in this and future disasters allows us to provide direct financial assistance to the groups involved in the ongoing rescue efforts.”

For more information on the USEF Equine Disaster Relief Fund, please contact Vicki Lowell,


  1. Very important! Live in central texas and we are high and dry and are very willing to foster horses! We have 6 of our own on 20 acres so we could probably take six more. Have additional space on other ranches has well. Have trailers, can mobilize or bring hay! Will send a donation as well! Please contact if we can be of help!

  2. I have 45 acre farm in East TN, JUST OFF interstate 81. Willing to take in 20 horses ,think unmown pasture will support..Have 2 of my own. Unable to go get but if anyone can transport.Can stay as long as needed.Will help with gas also.wish could do more.Have excellent vet here and equine vet.

  3. We have 5+ acres located in Brownwood, TX if anyone needs space for their farm animals – all fenced in, plenty of trees and grass, full tank. Just us, our cats, dog and chickens so there is plenty of room. Please let us know if we can help!

  4. Bright Days Horse Refuge in Pipe Creek, Tx will take in any horses in need of safe haven! Please ANYONE! Contact Kimberly @ (210) 309-4786


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