Animal Transportation Discussed


The 2007 AATA Conference was held in San Diego, CaliforniaFrom identifying safer methods of moving horses by road, to rescuing abandoned and starving zoo animals in Iraq, a wide range of topics were discussed at the annual Animal Transportation Association (AATA) Conference April 22-25 in San Diego, Calif.

More than 100 members and visitors from 16 countries attended to review the impact of new regulations, fighting the spread of disease and coping with extremists. Experts from the World Animal Health Organization, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the European Union covered some of the complexities of international rules. This was in tandem with advice and information about the threats from extremists, planning for disasters and risk management. Transportation techniques and new equipment designs, as well as the control of disease were also discussed.

“We all love our animals and that’s why these meetings are so important,” says Lisa Schoppa, AATA president. “By pooling our knowledge and sharing experiences, we can improve the way animals are moved, whether up the road to a horse race or halfway around the world to preserve endangered species.”

While there was much to be discussed, the conference was not all talk. In a live presentation, the Seaworld San Diego Adventure Park demonstrated its techniques for transporting the team of Clydesdale horses to all regions of the United States.

The AATA is a non-profit organization launched in 1976 to provide an independent forum for the safe and humane handling of all species of animals during transport. Members represent airlines, forwarders, truckers, livestock breeders, import/exporters and government agencies.

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