AQHA Lowers 2008 World and Select World Qualifying Points

The AQHA lowered the necessary qualifying points to qualify for events

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) has news for members trying to qualify for the Bayer Select, Bank of America Amateur or FedEx Open World Championship Shows: During its April meeting, the AQHA Executive Committee approved lowering the qualifying points for the three events.


The Bayer Select World Championship Show takes place Aug. 25-31 in Amarillo, Texas. The Bank of America Amateur and FedEx Open World Championship Shows take place Nov. 8-22 at the State Fair Park in Oklahoma City.


“In these days of increased prices for nearly everything, we want to serve our members in the best ways possible,” says Ken Mumy, AQHA President. “With today’s rising fuel costs, exhibitors are feeling the pinch, and by lowering the points our hope is that members will be able to qualify more economically.”


For a full list of the new 2008 Bank of America Amateur and FedEx Open World Show qualifying points, click here. For Bayer Select World Show qualifying points, click here.


  1. I appreciate AQHA’s concern, although I sincerely hope this doesn’t lower the high standard of quality horsemanship at the World Show!


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