Atari Announces New Horse Videogames


The New York-based publisher and developer Atari will be releasing a series of multiplatform “horse sport and lifestyle games,” after securing an exclusive worldwide official license from the International Equestrian Federation.

In a statement, the company said, “Atari will work closely with the International Equestrian Federation to deliver a level of detail and authenticity never before seen in the gaming genre, delivering products which offer the most realistic and enjoyable equestrian video game experience possible.”

“We know that engaging with youth is one of the greatest challenges facing all sports and to have the capacity to take horse sport to the gaming audience gives us the opportunity to talk direct to both the athletes and fans in this, and future generations of young people,” FEI President Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein commented.

Atari plans to release the first in this series on multiplatforms in fall 2007.


  1. I’m glad they’re finally making these with the horse business! Most of these games are train wrecks, they’re so completely unrealistic!

  2. A HORSE VIDEO GAME??? Honestly… A true horse person would totally rather be out doing something constructive (or amazingly fun, like… riding!) than playing a video game. Even those horse loverswho aren’t fortunate enough to own a horse, (I’ve been there) reading up on them is much more useful!!! Just my opinion. (Can you tell I don’t play computer games? 😉

  3. Excellent! I’d love to see some quality horse video games for kids, they are hard to find currently. Looking forward to checking it out come fall.

  4. Please, they need to make sure they make available it in nintendo DS format too. I’m a horse lover and a nintendo DS lover. I think its a great idea!


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