Screen Rights to Barbaro Article Acquired


Berg Universal Pictures has acquired screen rights to “Gone Like the Wind,” a Buzz Bissinger-penned article about 2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro that appears in the August issue of Vanity Fair.

Barbaro won the 2006 Kentucky Derby, and was a favorite to win last year’s Triple Crown, but tragedy struck during the Preakness when he shattered a leg. The VF article focuses on the attempt by owners Gretchen and Roy Jackson, trainer Michael Matz and veterinary surgeon Dean Richardson to come up with a humane way to stabilize the injury and keep the horse alive. The country rallied around Barbaro, but he was euthanized nearly eight months after his injury.

Bissinger’s cousin, Peter Berg will direct the film. The two previously co-wrote and directed a 2004 Universal film, “Friday Night Lights,” which was later adapted into the NBC series.

Berg, who also directed the upcoming Universal drama “The Kingdom,” is currently in production on the Will Smith-Charlize Theron film “Tonight, He Comes.”



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