HorseChannel 2007 California Wildfire Coverage

California Wildfire Coverage

Escaping the Wildfire
They issued a mandatory evacuation and I didn’t have a trailer. Read more >>

Part II of Escaping the Wildfire
A mandatory evacuation and no horse trailer left me hand-walking two horses away from the flames, with no plan of where to go. Read more >>

Helping the California Wildfire Equine Evacuees

Find out what you can do to help horses affected by the California wildfires. 

Efforts to Save Equines Shifts
The San Diego Humane Society focuses on helping families and pets whose homes were lost during the California wildfires. Read more >>

Equine Losses Expected To Rise
As fire officials allow residents and animal welfare volunteers into some Southern California communities, equine losses are predicted to rise. Read more >>

Horses still affected by wildfires
Officials reported 18 fires burning in seven Southern California counties, with 426,236 acres consumed since Sunday. Read more >>

Fires Continue in Southern California

The large animal shelters in Southern California are filled to capacity.  Read More >>

California Wildfire Evacuation Resources
For the latest information and resources on the California Wildfire, we’ve compiled a list of sites that are assisting victims and their pets. Check back for frequent updates.  Read more >>

Fire Rages in California
It is unknown how many of the state’s horses are affected by the wild fires, but early reports indicate losses have already been suffered. Read more >>



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