Challenge of the Americas

The Challenge of the Americas was held in Palm Beach, Florida

The Challenge of the Americas, a dressage and jumping entertainment spectacular that is a highlight of the ongoing Winter Equestrian Festival, will be held at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center on March 8.

The “Challenge,” as it has become known for its team dressage competitions and jumping puissance, will be staging its seventh annual event to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Twenty-seven international-caliber, top-level riders will make up three teams that will wow the audience with Grand Prix dressage and jumping skills:

Team USA Purina Mills
Competing on the quadrille squad are Lynda Alicki, Pamela Goodrich, Chris Hickey, Susan Jaccoma, Bent Jensen, and Betsy Steiner. The quadrille coach is George Williams. Choreographer for the quadrille is Terry Ciotti-Gallo of Klassic Kur. The jumpers for the team are Todd Minikus, Candace King, and Ashley Fleischhacker.

Team International Morgan Stanley
The quadrille squad is comprised of Marco Bernal, Patrick Burssens, Mikala Munter Gundersen, Karen Lipp, Cathy Morelli, and Silke Rembacz. Coach and choreographer for the quadrille is Elizabeth (“Beth”) Zimski. Marlene Whitaker of Custom Freestyles, Inc. created the team’s soundtrack from music selections by Beth Zimski. Team jumpers are Eduardo Salas, Eric Flameng, and Darragh Kerrins.

Team Can/Am SSG Gloves
Performing the quadrille will be Dianne O’Brien, Jacqueline Paxton, Kayce Redmond, Chris Saunders, Tara Stegen, and Gary Vander Ploeg. Coach for the quadrille is Eva-Marie Pracht. The jumpers are Karen Cudmore, Ainsley Vince, and Erynn Ballard.

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