Check Your Horse’s Blankets


During the late fall the weather seems highly unpredictable. Such inconsistent weather can leave you in a quandary: Do you blanket your horse at night, just put a lightweight sheet on him or let him go without his pajamas? Certainly, if you’ve already body shaved your horse, you’ll have to blanket him to make up for his lost coat. But horses still going au naturel need to be checked just to make sure they’re not sweating underneath their nighttime apparel. A blanket that’s too hot and heavy for the nighttime temperature will be mighty uncomfortable for your horse. It’d be like you wearing a parka in the middle of summer. Plus, a horse that sweats underneath his blanket is actually liable to feel chilled if a brisk wind or sudden drop in temperature occurs. So, if you notice sweat marks when you remove your horse’s blanket in the morning, that’s a sign that the current weather doesn’t warrant such heavy clothing. Save the industrial strength outerwear for the times when winter really hits.

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