Christmas Tree Craft Idea


Create your own custom horse Christmac ornaments

Yes, it’s that time of year when you’re bombarded with crafty gift ideas. If you’re looking for one that’s horse-themed and also decorates a Christmas tree, why not try a handpainted ornament? The directions are simple: First, you’ll need large clear or frosted glass ball ornaments, which can be purchased at your local craft or discount store. The clear glass balls should be filled with tinsel, fake greenery, hay, wood shavings or clean oats to stick with an equine theme. You’ll also need paint specifically designed for use on glass, a couple of small brushes, a tiny sponge and a fine-tipped paint marker. Use the marker to carefully outline the very basics of your “scene” which can be anything from a barn and trees to a fanciful horse. Once the outline is dry, finish your artwork, allowing each color to dry thoroughly before adding the next. Snow and bare tree branches can be applied with the sponge to give a realistic look to your landscape. Finally, use the marker to add a name, date or seasonal wish to the backside or lower half of the ornament. Tie a bow or a piece of raffia to the top and you—or your barn buddies—have a wonderful commemorative gift!

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