Convenient Kit for Barn Boo-Boos


Hopefully, your first aid kit for use around the barn includes more than just a leg wrap, some antibiotic goo and a roll of tape. If not, there’s hope. EquiMedic USA has introduced its seventh complete equine first aid kit, the Medium Barn Kit, designed for horse owners with 3 to 10 horses in their care. The kit contains a whopping 71 different products and 553 total items and is specifically designed to meet most of the potential short term emergency needs at your home barn facilities. The kit is available from Smart Pak, Dover Saddlery and Valley Vet, as well as on EquiMedic USA’s website: This Medium Barn Kit is part of an extensive line of handy dandy emergency kits to stash in your caboodle. Or your tackroom.



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