Cover Up in Style


Rosie's Coveralls allow for an attractive cover-up over regular clothesOkay, fess up. How many times have you been at horse show and had your horse slobber all over your shirt right before your class? Or, if you keep your horses at home, how often have you dashed out to feed breakfast in your bunny-print pajamas, only to end up in a conversation with one of your gawking neighbors? Well, now there’s a fashionable way to quickly and conveniently cover up. Rosie’s coveralls ( pull on over show attire, street clothes or pajamas to keep your clothes both clean and presentable.
“I was actually taking a welding class,” explains company founder Sharon Moore, “and I realized that there weren’t any coveralls specifically designed for women.”
As an innovative type, Moore began Rosie’s Coveralls in 2002 with the goal of becoming the softer side of work wear. She wasn’t expecting that horsewomen throughout North American would embrace her product as well.
She reveals that when horsewomen purchase her coveralls online, “They tend to pick the safe denim blue, perhaps because they’re used to wearing jeans. But when we go to horse shows and they see the blue and green floral prints in person, they realize it’s not gaudy or busy and we sell a lot of that. But the choice depends mostly, I’d say, on the buyer’s personality.”
Other choices include debating between capri length—great for summer barn chores—or full length, which keeps dust off show clothes and boots. Both designs come with easy to use Velcro closures, a nice alternative to fumbling with a cascade of buttons or sticky zippers. After all, who wants to wrestle with them when you have to rush to the port-o-potty between classes?


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