Help for Chapped Elbows


Humans aren’t the only ones suffering from dry, flaky skin during the summer. Horses can also develop areas of inflamed skin prone to cracking and bleeding, especially around their elbows. That’s because there isn’t much hair covering the area located just in front of the girth area. Plus, when a horse lies down, it often rests with its elbow pressing against the ground for support. If there isn’t much bedding in the horse’s stall or pen, then the already dry, scaly skin gets even rougher. A tiny break in the skin and flies come calling, leading to a potential summer sore (an infestation with Habronema larva) or a chronic skin ulcer. To remedy chapped elbows, make sure your horse has sufficient bedding or soft ground in its stall or pen. Next, apply an emollient—preferably an antibiotic gel or cream—to the area. Finally, fly spray your horse often to keep the pesky insects away. These steps will help keep chapped elbows from becoming more than just a cosmetic problem.



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