Dutch Warmbloods Continue to Accrue Medals


The Dutch Warmblood Studbook of North America (KWPN-NA) has had a golden year with KWPN-registered horses bringing home top honors at major competitions, including the Pan American Games. These horses featured diverse KWPN bloodlines, but showcased both the talent and the soundness that Dutch horses are known for.

“It’s been a great year for KWPN horses,” states Christine McCarthy, the Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the KWPN-NA. “Both dressage and jumping horses have performed incredibly well. This is an affirmation for all breeders of KWPN horses who spend endless years pursuing the perfect cross of bloodlines.”

Two of the three members of the gold medal winning U.S. dressage team at the Pan American Games rode KWPN horses. But dressage horses weren’t the only KWPN horses collecting the medals at the Games held in Rio de Janeiro. Three of the four horses on the silver medal winning Canadian show jumping team are KWPN horses. On the American bronze medal winning show jumping team, three of the four horses are KWPN horses, including Laura Chapot’s Little Big Man, Lauren Hough’s Cassadora, and Todd Minikus’ Pavarotti. As of July 31, the KWPN is currently ranked first in jumping, third in dressage and tenth in eventing by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses.



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