Will Riders Throng to Thong?


The Easy-G rider's thong is designed for comfortable ridingYou’ve wriggled yourself into your stretchy show pants. You’ve squeezed yourself into your breeches. Yet the thought of panty lines proclaiming their presence sends shivers up your backside. If that’s one of your biggest concerns come competition day, then Stacey Singer, founder of Epona, Ltd., has a must-have undergarment just for you. Cast aside those fanny-covering panties the size of bathing suit bottoms and try Easy-Gs. According to Singer, these are super comfy thongs that will keep the stylish rider looking her best. Easy-Gs lend a touch of pampered elegance to your everyday barn attire. And although we’re not sure who’s going to notice, Easy-Gs are adorned with embroidered horsey themes and sayings.
Made from spun beechwood, Easy-Gs are promised to be ultra-soft and breathable with the feel of natural silk. You can take a modest look at Easy-Gs by visiting www.eponaproducts.com.


  1. LOL, funny, but they look useful. I hate pantylines, and this look like they’ll work! Going commando while you ride is just NOT an option.
    The name is funny too. Epona was link’s horse in the Zelda games.

  2. Really good idea, I’m surprised no one has tried to market thongs to equestrians before now. Not entirely sure I would wear them… But some people might!

  3. Good idea i hate the underwear lines that i get on my butt (they dont look very nice i a showmanship class)and the idea of going with out underwear is just nasty. they might be worth a try

  4. This is a great idea. I am a guy who is a beginner rider and since I have been learning to ride my instructor told me that wearing leggings is fine for now (to save some money) but vpl is awful. I have been looking for a riding thong or jock to wear under my leggings and it is great to find something like this on the market. Obviously as a guy I make sure I always ‘dress up’ down there (ie manhood pointing to belly button) like my instructor told me was correct. But as she said to me i still must wear a thong or some kind of sport panties underneath. I am sure I am not the only male rider with this difficult problem. Well done horsechannel!


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