Endurance Riding Gets an Overhaul

The Endurance Task Force is trying to improve equine conditions during competitions

The Endurance Task Force recently submitted proposals to the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) in an effort to raise the standards of international endurance riding and improve equine welfare during competitions.
Among the ideas were suggestions for a new qualifying system for riders; suspending horses and riders from competition after they are eliminated from a race; and more specialized training for vets and officials. The task force also offered ideas to make the sport more marketable and appealing to the public.

The FEI has announced plans to overhaul the rules of endurance in the spring, a response to a significant growth in the sport and a number of equine deaths in recent years.

Endurance riding has received some bad press due to the number of competition horses that are injured or die during sanctioned events. Additionally, some people have criticized the sport for not having a qualification system that ensures riders are competent to compete at high-level events.
The task force will produce their final recommendations by March 2008, after which the proposals will be sent to national federations for comment.


  1. I think that they should stop the cross country horse events. If people don’t know how to treat their horse right then they don’t need to race. Horses can’t be pushed all day long and not get any rest they need their rest just like humans do. Jumping,barrels and other shows are ok because they are not being pushed. But the cross country is not a sport it’s something that people does not need to do if they don’t know how to did it with out hurting their horse.

  2. I don’t know what to think. I mean, think about it, cross-country riding kills horses annually but people still show up for the competitions so maybe they should focus on cross-country safety first and then endurance. Not really a fan of either though, competition just isn’t my thing…


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