Fantasy Vacation in Scotland


Have you ever envisioned your fantasy vacation on horseback? For English riders, here’s one that has to come close. This November, you can spend five nights at the five-star Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland.

 Spend three days training with Capt. Mark Philips in dressage, show jumping and/or cross country. Philips is not only an Olympic medalist in three-day eventing, he’s also the Chef d’Equipe and technical advisor for the United States Equestrian Team’s eventing team. You don’t even have to bring your own horse, which definitely cuts down on your airfare. Instead, you’ll be assigned a horse from Philips’ own world class equestrian center, located on the site of the Gleneagles Hotel.
Beyond the training sessions, you’ll also get to make a grand introduction at a dinner party or two. Just think of the clothes you can wear! An added bonus: The soiree will include whisky tasting and a Scottish bagpiper. 

Of course, none of this comes cheap:  Prices for the whole shebang start at $3395. If you’re still interested, or if you’d like to dream a little more, visit and click on the link to “themed rides.”



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