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If winter doldrums are getting you down, try turning to your local public television station to vicariously enjoy some incredible trail riding. We’re not talking about meandering down the dusty trail, either. The popular horseback riding series, Equitrekking, will begin its second season on public television stations across the nation starting in January of 2008. The show began last summer and received great ratings and response.  The second season includes episodes from Maui, Virginia Hunt Country, California Wine Country, Hawaii’s Big Island, Iceland, Coastal Ireland and the Irish Countryside. If you want to gaze at additional video clips and suggestions for fabulous equestrian travel getaways, visit a related site at http://www.equitrekking.com/.


  1. aww that sounds amazing. Will have to watch for it. I just finished my second summer working as a trail ride guide in the canadian rocky mountains. So this will be very interesting to watch!


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