Travel Far and Away With Equitrekking

Equitrekking takes you through different countries and lands on horseback

Do you dream of horseback riding in distant corners of the world? Let Equitrekking take you there this winter.
The second season of the acclaimed Equitrekking television series premieres in high definition on public television stations across the nation, now through February.

The show’s first season was a hit as it broadcast through the summer from places like Colorado, Wyoming, Spain, Vermont, the Carolinas and Georgia Coast.

This winter, Equitrekking takes television viewers to faraway equestrian travel destinations with show host and producer Darley Newman. Newman rides with the locals through the lava fields of Iceland, in the remote Valley of Kings on Hawaii’s Big Island, through vineyards in California Wine Country, and in the remote islands of Coastal Ireland.

The show takes the crew through harrowing and exciting adventures, riding into the crater of a volcano on Maui, riding and surfing on Donegal’s beaches in Northwest Ireland and behind the scenes at a steeplechase in Virginia.
“It’s not your normal travel show. In each episode we go in depth and off the beaten path, riding with local people on their horses. We learn about a destination’s natural surroundings, wildlife and history,” Newman says. “We trek to places best seen and sometimes only accessible on horseback, making for unique adventures and stunning natural scenery.”

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  1. That is a really great article and it would be soooo cool to do something like that just to get away and enjoy your time on horses..


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