COTA Fantasy Team Challenge Launched

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“Football and basketball fans have been doing this for years, and now horse sport fans can have online fantasy teams,” says Mary Ross, founder of the Challenge of the Americas (COTA) Fantasy Team Challenge. “If you’ve ever dreamed about creating the perfect team of dressage riders or show jumpers, including yourself or a stable pal, this is the opportunity. It’s fun, exciting, and for a good cause.” The COTA Fantasy, a benefit for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), launched Nov. 5 at

Participants create a “dream team” of four actual dressage riders or show jumpers. The team can include your favorite riders at all levels of competition. The team sponsors can be individuals, groups or businesses. Sponsors enroll in the COTA Fantasy Team Challenge Series online by making a donation of $150 to the BCRF when they select their team.

The Fantasy Team sponsors follow their riders’ USEF competitions and scores for the allotted months of the Challenge’s Winter or Summer Series. Scores are tabulated and reveal the winning team. The sponsors of the top three teams in both the dressage and jumping contests will be awarded prizes for first, second and third place in the 2008 COTA Fantasy Team Challenge Series.

Timeframe: The COTA Fantasy Team Challenge Series includes both a Winter Fantasy and a Summer Fantasy. The Winter Series begins Dec.1, 2007, and ends March 31, 2008. The Summer Series begins April 1, 2008, and ends Nov. 30, 2008.

Fantasy Team Riders: All riders competing within the United States and participating in at least three USEF-sanctioned shows qualify for Fantasy Team selection. Riders can be from anywhere around the world, but they must be competing within the United States at sanctioned USEF shows during the time of the Fantasy Series.

Fantasy Team Divisions: The COTA Fantasy Team Challenge Series includes all levels of competition within the equestrian sports of dressage and show jumping. Each Fantasy Team Sponsor must select two Horse/Rider (H/R) combinations from each of the following divisions for either dressage or show jumping:

Fantasy Dressage Team Divisions include: Grand Prix; Intermediaire or Prix St. Georges; Fourth or Third Level (non-professionals only); and Second or First Level (non-professionals only). All dressage tests, except the freestyle, qualify in each of the dressage levels.

Fantasy Jumper Team Divisions include: Grand Prix, Amateur Owner Jumper, Adult Amateur Jumper and Junior Jumper. All classes within each of the Jumper Divisions qualify for team participation.

For a detailed description of the COTA Fantasy Team Challenge Series rules, regulations and bonus point opportunities, visit


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