Gift Ideas for Your Farrier or Vet


    Do you want to remember your horse’s caretakers this holiday season, but you’re at a loss when it comes to an appropriate gift? Here are some simple ideas for gifts that your farrier and veterinarian can use all year.

    Since both professionals are on the road a lot, how about an insulated, car-friendly mug for hot or cold drinks? If they’re caffeine lovers, gift cards to local drive-through coffee houses are nifty. Fast food establishments also offer gift cards; however, keep in mind that your vet or farrier may want to have some healthy food choices for lunch, so try to pick a fast food diner that serves up nutritious meals.
    Also, consider some of the little things farriers and vets use each day. Could your farrier use a little bottle of anti-thrush medicine, a nice ballpoint pen for writing statements or a ball cap or visor for sunny days? Your vet might appreciate a pair of driving gloves for emergency calls on a frosty morning or a notepad for jotting down phone numbers or addresses.

    Finally, a simple card with a handwritten sentiment showing your appreciation is always welcome. After all, you and your horse rely on their support!


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