HI Spy: Who???s Your Most Memorable Barn Buddy?


    Who is your Best Barn Buddy Forever?We have a special place in our hearts for every horse that’s trotted in and out of our lives. But what about the people who have peppered the breezeways and barn aisles of our stables? Lots of them have been great friends and acquaintances. But which one has earned the title of BBBF: Best Barn Buddy Forever?

    “I’ve been lucky to have had a lot of horse pals over the years,” says Doreen Hagar. “But if I had to single out my most memorable barn buddy, it’d have to be Mindy. She and I rode at the same barn, with the same trainer, and we showed in the same divisions. Whether I was taking a lesson or competing, Mindy was always around. She was a very good rider with an awesome mare. That could’ve been kind of ugly if you think about it,” Doreen explains with a laugh. But she reflects for a moment and adds, “Fortunately, Mindy was driven to win, just like me, but she wasn’t ruthless or cutthroat. In fact, she was a lot of fun. It seems like we were always cracking each other up. That camaraderie carried over to the show ring. We’d root for each other and most of the time we’d place right next to each other. Like if Mindy won, I’d be second, or vice versa. At one big show, when I suddenly got very ill and was in the hospital, Mindy showed my horse for me, and won a couple of championships on him. She was genuinely sorry, almost apologetic, that I wasn’t able to be the one collecting the prizes. I’ll never forget that. Even though Mindy has moved hundreds of miles away, I’ll always think of her fondly. She was a good rider, a good horsewoman and a good friend.”

    Which one of your horse pals would you name Most Memorable Barn Buddy? We’d like to know whose company you enjoy on trail rides. We want to hear who it is that you chat with for hours about horses. When there’s a sale at the local tack store, a Must See clinic or a Can’t Miss horse expo, who do you call for companionship? Simply click on Submit a Comment below and immortalize them. Some of your comments may appear in Horse Illustrated.

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    1. My BBBF is Angela. She rides barrels just like me! We both go to the same school, and have been buds for, like ever!
      We have learn togehter and supported eachother along the way! I love Angela like a sister!

    2. My best barn friend is definitely Maggie. Although she is a couple years younger than me, her and I share so many of the same beliefs when it comes to horses, be it training, health, feed, etc. Her and I have done horse costume classes together, go to shows together, and we used to do barn sleepovers together when we were young! Her and I have been friends now for probably close to ten years!

    3. My best barn buddy was a horse. I was a lone 12 year old girl with a yearning for horses and I didn’t know any horse people. My family was given an 18 year old mare and she taught me everything I needed to know about riding and more. I couldn’t afford a saddle so I learnt to ride bareback. Cindy was the best thing that ever happened to me.

    4. My BBBF is definitely Cori hands down. SHe is my Trainers daughter. I have only known her for a about three months. She is about eight years older than me but she is my closest friend. She teaches me a lot. It is amazing how much I have learned from her in just three months. She teaches me about riding and everything else. I have learned so much just by observing her. She corrects me when she sees I am doing something wrong and shows me how to do it right. We show together. She gives me lessons and we just ride together. Sometimes it is hard just lasting from week to week when I see her at my lessons. She is my role model and not just in horses.

    5. thats a cute artical. my bbbf has to be my cow spot. i know he was no horse but he did let me ride him when i was very little.

    6. My Pappaw is barn buddy he is very good with horses.And He is a true cowboy he goes trail riding with me.And he has been in some rodeos.Even though he is 66 he is still a great horseman and my favorite barn buddy!!

    7. I have so many friends but if I had to pick one I would pick my trainor Val she is the greatest on and off she’s always helping me and all of my friends I9 think she deservs to get the tital Best Barn Buddy!

    8. My barn buddy is definately Dorothy, my trainer, or Zoe and Grace, my BFFs. They are just so great and knowledgeable about horses and we love taking our boys out together All three of our geldings are the best of friends.

    9. My sister. She always is a big help at shows, and she does everything she can to help out Fudge and me! She always takes the best care of her horse, too. She’s the kind of person you can learn from and who is always ready to help in a horsey situation. I don’t know what I would do without my sister for a super awesome barn buddy!

    10. I would say the barn manger Krystal. She is always ready for a trail ride or a jumping spree. We always laugh when cleaning stalls and i can go to her about anything and everything. She cna hep you with anything and is always willing to teach you something and have a great time!

    11. MY Barn buddy is my Mom. She is very good with horses and she is a great worker and good mom.She knows alot about horses and how to work with them.

    12. My barn buddies are Jolie and Sophie. In summer camp, on the show day, we dressed up ourselves and our horses like avatar charecters. We supported eachother and in the end, we took the blue!

    13. My most memorable horse buddy was a 6 year old blue roan quarter horse named Whisper, i can remember being a young girl and i wore my heart on my sleeves so i was easily upset, anytime i needed a laugh or a hug or just somone to talk to he was always there, the countless hours i could spend on a fence post or on a bucket in his stall just pouring my heart an soul out, all the while everytime i began to cry he would come over to me and nudge me, he seemed to understand my hurt more than anyone ever could, there were two cases where he amazed me and everytime i look back i cant beleive at what that little horse did, it was like he understood every word i said, one of my most memorable times and scariest times in my life was when i had walked out into a big pasture and Whisper and some other horses were turned out on it, well i was headed toward the water trough across this big pasture and of course whisper was right there with me, all of a sudden one of the other horses, a huge thouroghbred gelding,came rushing at me, before i could move whisper had placed his body in front of mine and took the impact of the horse, he then proceeded to run the horse off and come back to check on me of course i was more worried about him and gave him a look over but there wasnt a scratch, i still to this day say that he saved my life and i will for ever be grateful. Im not sure what ever happend to that little horse but i will always cherish the summers spent playing around.

    14. My barn buddy was a 41 yr old morgan named Bayfield. He was the kindest and sweetest horse unless you had a mint or a McDonald’s Apple Pie!!! He would chase people down for one of those!!! I miss him and hope he is doing well under the Rainbow Bridge.

    15. My barn buddy is my horse. He is 22, and he still has the fire of a six year old. He helped me through a really hard time just after I moved. He makes me laugh alot… he just has to give that goofy look whenever we stop and then he turns his head to be petted reassuring him that he was a good boy. It’s also funny (sort of irritating) that he always does beautiful sidepasses…neck arched, stretching his legs all the good stuff…but only on the trail…we’ve worked forever on sidepassing in the arena, to date we are unsuccessful. We’ve been together for almost 2 years and they have been some of the best years of my life. It’s amazing how just that one funny look, or happy whinny to you can lose all sense of pain, suffering, and unhappiness.

    16. My most memorible barn buddy is by far my Megan! We have been friends since we were like 4 and have been riding together for most of our lives. She taught me how to ride and she got me into my now great passion which is drill team. I can’t even begin to count the practices,shows and camping trips that would not have been the same without her. She is the closest thing to a sister I will ever know!

    17. Haha i hust could’nt choose one so I have three!!! Kali, Dawson, and Jolene. We have the best time on trails, weaving through poles, and barrel course, or giving our horses baths! We are best friends they are my best equestrian buds!!!!

    18. My best barn buddy has to be Kara. we were looking for a pasture mate for my 36(now 38) year old quarter horse and she just happened to have a 21(now 22) welsh pony. And we’ve been best barn budds since! We take lessons together and i was going to show her other horse for her in 4-H even. She’s a great barn pal!

    19. My best barn buddy is my horse called Buddy. He is a 24 year old standardbred gelding. I have had him for just over a year and we have won 33 ribbons together.Buddy looks after me sooo well, when i am sad he is the only creature who can please me.Buddy has also taught 11 people to ride and is worlds greatest horse

    20. I have 2 or 3 best friends who ride horses, & I made a lot of friends at the ranch I used to ride at. I miss them terribly. We all had 3 things in common: horses, a majority of us rode both western & English, & we were not the “snobby-type” because we rode at a small, local stable. There were 2 girls that I did not like because they were the “snobby-type.” I am going to William Woods University to major in Equestrian Science, which is very popular there, so I am sure that I will make even more equestrian friends.

    21. My barn buddy is most definately a horse. I have clicked with several people- including my riding instructor- but the dutch warmblood gelding, Loverboy, is always the major uplift for me when I walk into my stable.

    22. I would have to say Teresa…my dad bought me my first horse from her. Teresa taught (and continues to teach) me a lot about riding and keeping control of a horse, and training them. She and I like to go riding together, and she lets me board my horse with her. I would likely be lost without Teresa.

    23. I would have to say Gadget, my Quarter Horse. He really brought up my confidence. I’m a 41 yr. old mother of 3 and wanted to start riding. I bought Gadget 2 yrs. ago. The first time I trail rode him we weren’t sure if he was traffic safe. We ended up riding back to the barn to get helmets and off to the road we went. Well needless to say it was a GREAT ride. We even went into the nearby Deli to buy a soda and snacks! I just sold him in May 2009 and really, really miss him. I now have a great QH mare named Starr. She’s a great horse too.

    24. Sadly, I lost touch with my best barn buddy when I moved to another stable. But I have lots of good memories! We used to take lessons together every saturday. When we first met, she was really quiet and shy. I don’t think she said one word to me for the first few months! Eventually, however, we became really good friends. Once we started talking, we couldn’t stop! Our riding instructor even had to tell us a few times to stop talking and concentrate on our riding!

    25. Moose, definetly. Hes the lesson horse I ride & he knows everything! He was rescued from an abusive home that trained him way too young & then were planning to sell him to slaughter. Now he is amazing! My instructor doesnt even have to plan my lessons, Moose does! He seems to know what youre doing wrong & helps show you how to fix it. He is a horse with many many personalities. Every time you ride him, he acts like a different type of horse, sometimes really lazy, or really spooky or energetic. Sometimes he acts angry, its like Im riding dozens of different horses that all look the same! But once you get off him, he acts like good old Moosey again! Its like hes showing me all the types of horses I could possibly ride & how to handle them. Hes preparing me for my own horse. There is so much more I could say about him, I could fill a book up! So I’ll just leave it at that before I start typing up a novel πŸ™‚

    26. I have two best horsey buddies. Their name’s are Beth and Julie. They are wonderful people who always have time to chat about horses or anything that I have a problem with. Right before I go into a class, Beth and Julie are encouraging me. That really helped me at my first state level show when I was nervous. I got 2nd out of 23! They are both GREAT people!

    27. my most memorable barn buddy is my best friend jessica. We do everything together. We both have to be at a show together and when were at a dance we have to both be there. We goof off so much at the barn from trying to stand on the horses to trying stuff amazingly insane. We both also love to ride bareback and barefoot and to go swimming in the pond with the horses

    28. I have two good barn buddies, Kaeyla and Callie, but since Callie and I are the closest in age, we get along the best, although Kaeyla always gives me a good laugh and we help eachother get our horses ready for shows. All three of us typically ride in the same division, Callie has her horse Leo (Denace the Menace) and Kaeyla has Cole (A Spring Collection) and this year I’m showing Cooper mostly. Callie doesn’t ride at our barn but we see eachother every few weeks. Its good to have friends like them, we’re always there to help eachother. And who knows, maybe we’ll see our old buddy Jess this year!

    29. I have two good close barn buddies. Unfourntly I just lost one, Marisa Wentzell. She was only 17. But me her and santana would always plan to ride at the same time and we always enjoyed each others company. I use to be the outcast of the group when i first started riding at that barn but Marisa was real quick to pick me up as another barn buddy. RIP Marisa Wentzell July 1991- June 28 2009

    30. I have only one good barn buddy. Her name is Tasha and she owns 2 horses! We love to organize meetings to see her horses. We spend alot of time playing the 7 games and riding and grooming. I lost my fave horse, Windancer, and she completely understands how I feel. She’s a REAL Barn Buddy!

    31. My favorite barn buddy is my teacher, Karen. She is so understanding. She knows what it feels to have a good or bad ride, and always supports you after. She knows when to push you forward, and when to take you back. She’s always thinking about the horse and never ends a lesson on a bad note. Whenever she can, she comes to the grooming area to talk to the other students or help out. She loves to have fun and joke around, but knows when to stop. She is one of the best teachers ever and I completely love and trust her.

    32. I really don’t have a barn or go to a barn, but I do have a best friend who comes to my house frequently. We ride horses for hours on end, never wanting to hang up the bridle and put the saddle away. And we ride everywhere on my farm, from the field to the yard to the edge of the woods. All we think about is horses and the next time she’ll come over to ride. Thank you LeeAnn H. for being such a great B.B.B.F.!

    33. My most memorable buddy will have to be my friend Maria. We went on trail rides together. We have had some scary moments but lots of them are fun. She made the best out of every situation. Like the time we saw a bobcat, i was freaking out, but there was maria screaming a line from finding nemo, just try and scare the bobcat. It was probably the best trail ride i went on with her. There was also that time where we trained my horse to walk through water. I was standing knee deep in water, in low seventy degree weather with fish swimming in my boot. I was probably in the water for about thirty mins. Maria was just laughing, it was hard not to laugh with her. So many things seem to happen to us, that one day we decided to right a book, “the four ladies” i think it was called, because we both had mares. It was gunna be a funny book. She then went off to college though. We just lost touch over the year. I miss her every day and the amazing trail rides that I have shared with her.

    34. My most memorable barn buddy would have to be my best friend Stephanie. Where I ride many of the riders are not as in to horses as I am making it difficult to get work done. Stephanie is a dedicated friend and horse woman who loves to ride. We spend countless hours taking care of all the horses whether it be grooming, bathing, clipping you name it she’s with me. When no one else will go riding Steph always takes the chance to hop on. Whever there’s an oppotunity to learn more about horses, ride, or go to a show Steph’s always right there with me.

    35. My best friend was also my most memorable barn buddy, and her name’s Shelby. We did everything together, rode, groomed, we even sneezed at exactly the same time once! Eventually I moved barns to somewhere more suitable for growing as a rider, and she stayed where she was. Fortunately I’m able to say we’re still great friends.

    36. My best barn buddy is my horse! I don’t get to ride or just hang out with people very often at the barn I board at, so I’ve really gotten close to my horse. He’s always there whether I need to cry into his mane or go on a long lope through the fields. Sometimes I do wish there were more people around, but when my horse comes right up to me in his field, it’s all worth it.

    37. My best barn buddy was a horse named Jello. I think he had an identity crisis and thought he was a dog cause he would always just run around the barn and follow me. Even when on a trail ride with one of my other horses, he would follow along. He will always be in my heart RIP

    38. This was a really fun article,it makes you stop and think. Even if you have a met a hundred horse people there is always one barn buddy that stays with you and is in your thoughts.

    39. My best friend is my best barn buddy. me and her love horses and all though she dose not have the riding privelages I have. We still love to go to the barn whenever she can.

    40. A best barn bud can be hard to find, everyone has one thing in common: a passion for horses, and that passion links us together. If I have one barn buddy, it would be Emily. Letting me ride her gorgeous paint horse when there were no others for my lesson, teaching me lots about laminitis, and just sharing a laugh while patting each horse in turn are what make Emily my MMBB!!!

    41. I would have to say that my most memorible barn buddy would have to be my friend Amanda. We have gone to school together our whole lives and we show together. Most importantly, she’s the one I’ve spent hours and hours with talking about horses, clinics, and shows. I’ve had many barn buddies, but Amanda is my BBBF!

    42. I would definately say that Katherine, my neighbor is my barn pal. We show together, we trail ride, and we train together. I even gave her my horse that I was supposed to get for free. She and I are forever friends.

    43. Paige is not only my best barn buddy but she is also my best friend. We chear each other on at shows, give congrats on our accomplishments, and even more importantly console each other in hard times. I know she will always be there for me, and always trying to make me laugh!

    44. I like everyone at my barn, we are all best buds and like to goof off with our horses. Some of my best memories happened at the barn, I love to go and hang out at the barn with my barn buds.

    45. My closest friend would have to Madeline. We go on trail rides together, and when we go to shows we help eachother out, like if one of us isn’t showing a horse, they come and be the other person’s groom. We goof off at the barn, and talk horses all day. Maddy lets me ride her beautiful quarter horse, he is amazing to canter bareback!!! He’s laid back, and is really trusting. I also let Maddy ride my horses even the crazy one! We alaways call eachother to see if we can go out to the barn together, and if we can’t the barn just isn’t the same!!! We help eachother with our horses, and if we have horsey problems we help eachother through it, we go to horsey events to gether too, like the Midwest horse fiar, and hopefully the ROLEX. Even though Maddy rides Western and I ride Saddleseat we are still great friends. We hang out all the time together. We have races across the fields, and play fun games.
      We ride together all the time, Maddy even helps we train my crazy arabian Showdown, and she helps me enjoy my ride on my other older horse Oboy. We borrow eachothers things horsey and non-horsey things. We are always there for eachother, and we help eachother out when we have problems. Maddy thanks for being the best BBF!!!!!!!!!Maddy if you read this comment, please let’s stay the best of friends forever!!!

    46. Carly Is my BFF. Elli is another BFF. Amy also. Carly ownes Showdown and Oboy (Arabian and national show horse), Elli owns Sammy and Chief (Icelandic/Shetland and Appaloosa), Amy owns Ben (Quater horse) and rides another horse named Lenny (Quarter horse). I own Cisco (Quarter Horse). Almost all of them get along with each other.
      We gallop in the field behind our barn. We just have so much fun together.

    47. I have two barn buddies. Sara, my sister, has always been with me and our horse adventures. She got me back into horses when I decided to quit. Without her, horses would have been just a dream. My second barn buddy is Leilanie. We have been friends since she was nine and I was 13. We have had the best of memories, whether it be in parades, rodeos, or just sitting around the barn. Even through our differences, we have always been able to be friends. My horse life would be nothing with out these two. After all, we are the Wretard Academy!

    48. My Barn Buddys are Juila,Emily my couisn, Breiann,and earic. Juila owns Anna,Emily owns Chavo ( sh-va-o )but sometimes she rides Jazz,Breiann owns Shoch the pony,Earic owns Rex,and I own Ople. All 4 of us have a grate time on the trails and in the arena.

    49. My most memorable barn buddy, would definately be my friend katie. We are four school years apart, and just a little over three actual years apart, me going into my junior year of High school, her going into seventh grade. Katie is a small girl, and an absolute sweetheart! She loves horses, and they love her. We used to hack around the arena together sometimes, but just generally loved hanging around the barn together, horses do really bring people together, regardless of age!

    50. My most memorable barn friends are Alicia, Amy, and Autumn. We all enjoy the same things, and and can consistently be found making fun of each other, cracking stupid jokes, and what not. We’ve shown together, and it’s always a fun time. Any concerns about competition between us are non-existant – if someone won, we ALL won, even if we were in the same class. What makes it even better is that Autumn and I recently found out we’re distant cousins.

    51. My Best Barn Buds are Janet, Catherine, and Jenny. We’ve seen each other through thick and thin, even outside and inside of the barn! We trail ride together, we watch each others lessons and shows, and we’re ready to help tack up one of their horses. Wether it means pinning up their hair for a dressage class or hanging out together in the tack room polishing saddles and bridles, we’re together, and best friends, together till the end. When you say Barn Buds, I see Janet, Jenny, and Catherine.

    52. My Besft Barn Buddies have to be My Mom, Bev, and Ashley. They have done so much for me. We have so much fun rideing and hanging out at the barn. But most of all if I didn’t have them I wouldnt have a horse!

    53. I’ve been blessed to have many relationships within the horse world, but through all of them, my best barn buddy would have to be my friend Erin. We have been riding together ever since we first started 8 years ago. Whenever I need a laugh, she’s always right there. We showed at the same shows, and planned our “horse-spa days” together. Erin’s been there through everything, and no one understands better when I accomplish something with my horse.

    54. mine would have to be Maddie we met in 3rd grade and have been best friends ever since nether of us had ever met anyone liked horses as much ourselves we just get each other

    55. my best barn buddys would have to be my best friend megan and my sister.there always their for me.always cheer me up,and,most importantly,alays make me get back on!

    56. My best barn buddy would be my twin sister. Though we are both following completely different equestrian sports, the two of us still share the same lifelong passion for horses and horseback riding. Like most horse freaks, we love to gab about our favorite horses and riding experiences, along with telling each other about what we hope to accomplish in the future with the help of our riding instructor. The best part is, after our rides, my sister tells me what she thinks I need to work on from watching me from the ground. We can be brutally honest with each other without offending the other one. Who doesn’t love that!

    57. My best barn buddy would be my best friend in the entire world, Cat (or catherine, if you want to be formal about it) Shes always there to pick me up if i fall, and shes a much more experienced with horses, so she is able to help me move forward in the barn, we tell each other everything, we go trail riding, and she is always there for me, and we both ride our favorite horse, Bob, but we call him Boebe

    58. My riding instructor and her mom have been the most helpful people to me since I started riding. They has made sure that i have gotten to a bunch of different horse shows. One of the best things they did for me was let me work off the debt that i owe to them for training my filly. THANKS GUYS:)!

    59. Mt horse buddy is my horse Heaven she means the world to me and always understands me. She alays is there to listen. I love my horse Heaven!

    60. My barn was originally sort of a tight community and wouldn’t really let me in. Now I work at my barn every August with all my amazing friends: Stephanie, Alexis, Sam- and the older girls- Emily, Hillary, Danielle- and the little kids- Annie, Mesa, Rae, Kayla- and even a bunch of great adults- Judy, Blair, Kelly, Patty, Marla… Everyone is AMAZING! My new horse Lance is also the best friend a girl could have. Lancelot- I love you, even when you run out of EVERY fence in the stupid triple.

    61. My best barn buddy is acculay a group of us who work and ride their. Its my friends Maddie, Kirsten, Katrina and I. We have loads of fun there evens if we don’t have are own horses.

    62. My barn buddy’s name is Sarah we have ridden together for almost four years now and we compete in the same devision, but we also do everything else together! Wether it’s prom dress shopping, taking drivers ed, going to a movie, or waking up at six in the morning to go out for a beautiful sunrise ride on our horses. She has always been there for me even when I fail to be there for her. All I can say is a summer of riding or being without her is almost impossible imagine. I love her so much!

    63. Some girls at my barn are a little clique-ish, but I have some friends named Julia, Stephanie, Gabby, and Caroline but when we’re together, we’re glued to each other! We ride together, we talk alot, and our horses like each other too!

    64. My best barn buddy is my friend, Christine. She and I are over 50, and enjoy going out on the trails. Both our horses are mellow and enjoy trail riding also. I gave her the push to get out of the riding ring and trail ride with me, now she is hooked. We both work and enjoy riding out on the trails after work or on the weekends to de-stress. We did our first Poker Trail Ride together 2 months ago and had a blast!

    65. My best barn buddy was my dad. Unfortunately he doesn’t ride anymore, but he started taking lessons with me when I was a teenager. It was his way of staying close with me while I went through those typical rough teenage phases. We even competed against each other in shows. Sometimes he beat me and sometimes I beat him, but we always had a great time riding together!

    66. My most memorable horse would be a 5 year old appalosa gelding named Pepper. I got him from my aunt when I was 3. He was the first horse I rode by myself.

    67. One of my most memorable friends at the barn I started my riding career at seven years ago was Christine. We were neighbors and her mom owned the barn and taught my lessons on their horses. Christine and I would ride with our other neighbor, Emily, everyday and would have sleepovers out in the barn almost every weekend. Now that both Christine and I have moved to other towns and Emily still lives in our old neighborhood, we don’t talk much. But I still remember all the fun times we had together. I thank them for getting me interested in horses.

    68. I think my most memorable barn buddies were Jack and Tommy, together everyone else knew them as Harry and Houdini! Two of the smartest little Shetlands I’ve ever met. One time, together they escaped from their feild (somehow unlatching one of those springloaded eyehooks!) releasing all of the other poines from their feild, broke into the barn and let all of the horses out of their stalls! What characters.

    69. My most memoral barn buddie is not a person, its a horse, named Max. Hes been there every time I needed a shoulder to lean on or to cry on, this past month i got a phone call from His owner saying Im no longer needed there, and so Max knew somthing was worng with me and he came running to me in the field, knowing somthing was worng, so i told him I would never see him again and it just broke my heart knowing he would never be in my life again. I told my mom “I feel empty with out him” and I wish I can just see him one more time.

    70. Her name was beea Gold winchester she was a 6 yr old soon to be 7 quater horse mare.i called her chewy she was shorter about 14.3 or so sorrel woth roan in her flanks and white on the root of her tail and a black spot on her lower hip, with a blaze,she was the sweetest horse and would do anythin to please you. i got her and trained her and showed her , barrel reced her and used her for poles in oopen shows to get her started. any one could ride this horse she was really laid back, i tought her to bow and she would play and follow me around and got along with all horses,on december 6th 2008 she got injured and it herniated and the vet said she had to be put down, after that i told myself i would never own another horse again, my last words to chewy was i love you, my dad talked me into getting another horse and now i have moon i got her as a unbroke 3 yr old now she’s trained well and i’v started showing her shes almost 4now shes a chestnut breeding stock paint with a flaxen mane and tail shes 14.2 HH

    71. My favorite barn pal is Maddie, because when I have shows she helps and gives good advice. And when she has shows i give her help and good advice.We both share the love and joy of horses and that brings us together.

    72. I would have to give credit to my father as my favorite barn buddy. After all, who has spent endless hours driving me to and from lessons? Spending money on board in the winter so i can have an indoor arena to ride in? And most of all, who has been there at the barn or out behind my house every day watching me ride for an hour or two, and reminding me to put my heels down and that i’m on the wrong lead? He is not only my father, but also my best barn buddy ^.^

    73. My favorite barn buddy would be my favorite horse, Buddy. His show name is Play it by Ear. He was the horse that caught my eye. I love him so much. When I went to my first Pony Club Rally with Buddy we won first place and I was so happy when I got the blue ribbon. I guess it was worth making him all clean and waking up at three in the morning to get there and win first place. You are always there for me Buddy. I LOVE YOU BUUDY <3 <3 <3

    74. I would have to say my favorite barn buddy was and still is my sister. Growing up we rode every where together; got into all kinds of trouble together. Now that we are older and live 50 apart we still find time at least once or twice a year to ride together (without the kids). And it’s even better now that we appreciate all the had work to keep up the horses since our dad is not around to help us. ???

    75. My BBBF would have to be Desa. She is amazing. An older woman with years of experience and good advise. She has given me lessons, lent me countless books. Referred me to vets, farriers, chiropractors, dentists, the works. Nothing like a woman full of wisdom to help you out.

    76. My BBBF would have to be my favourite horse Sly. He is super cute and my favourite horse, but then he moved to another barn. πŸ™ but i still love him with all my heart . <333 Sly

    77. My BBBF was my black labrador Sparky. She went eveywhere with me and also rode the horse while I led her around. It got to the point where I was shopping for a pony so my dog could have her own personal ride!

    78. My BBBF would be my Best Friend of 15 years, Michele. We go camping together, shopping together, expos together, just about everything horse related together. We were on the same Penning team and she would root for me at Barrel Racing and when I showed Western Pleasure she was there again. Through good and bad we have overcome many “accidents” and mishaps together.

    79. Altough my BBBF moved away when we were both in Kindergaten, we still visit each other. Jillian and I, even when we were to young to ride in lessons,we anticipated the moment, then took our first lesson(s) together.

    80. My BBBFLWILMS(best barn buddy for life who is like my sister) was Brit we did everything together i practically lived in her house.Every weekend i would go up to her house go in side and raid her refigerator then we would play tag on the horses and war(a game where you steal items from the other players “fort”)

    81. My Barn buddy is someone i could definitely not live without. it’s actually really funny cause when we first met we didn’t like each other, but then we started talking and now we are practically inseparable. Her name is Regan and she is truly my best friend in the stables and out. We treat each other like sisters, and i watch over her like she was. She’s a year younger than me but we really could be like twins! well Fraternal since she has brown hair, brown eyes, and i have blond hair, hazel eyes. She’s also taller than me. : )

    82. I have a barn buddy, and her name is Cait and her friend Becky. Cait is my sister and Becky is a friend and Cait has helped me with horses and Becky has helped me improve with my riding. They are the best!

    83. My best barn buddy’s name is Lexi. We do everything together, and at our barn we are known for the havoc we often cause together along with our two horses. Everyone knows when we are together because no matter where we are on the property, you can hear us. One of my favorite memories of one of our adventures, is when I tried to do some rolex cross country jumping with my three year old horse…well she was watching as my horse all of a sudden went crazy. She took off with me at a full gallop in the valley on the side of the barn and was coming up to a jump. She cleared it as I’m screaming her name and pulling on her mouth. Lexi simply fell over and I could hear her laugh as I am rounding the corner of our barn. Eventually my horse stopped and she came running and laughing around the barn at me. I don’t know what I’d do without her as my best friend. We make the perfect team πŸ™‚

    84. I actually have more than 1 barn buddy. I have three! There’s Alyssa, Juliana, Isabel, and me! We are our own little group. We always ride together, talk together, and we’re not JUST barn pals. Alyssa and Isabel live right next to eachother. Juliana and me don’t live far apart either. I sometimes ride my bike to her house! And our horses are best friends too, even though Isabel has a fiesty mare, Sadie. Sadie won’t admit it, but Oreo(Juliana’s Pony), Snikkers(Alyssa’s Pony), and J.J.(My horse) are her soulmates.

    85. My barn buddy is Christina. We are show buddies and love to ride every day together. At a show we tack up together and compete against one another. Christina is my bbf (Best Barn Friend)!

    86. My best barn buddie is also my best friend at school Maisie Harris. We tell each other everything, give each other advice, and compete at our local horse shows together. We have known each other since second grade and now we are still Best friends in high school and I was also the person who convinced her to get into horses. I am so glad that my best friend shares the same passion that I do, Horse Riding!


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