Browband Conchos

Customizing your browband conchos step 1
Step 1

Tired of your horse’s western headstall looking like every other off-the- rack bridle? Try adding some flair to your horse’s humdrum headstall by sliding a couple of conchos onto the browband. Since conchos are available in a variety of designs, price ranges and materials, you can easily find a pair to match your personal taste or your horse’s personality.
Past versions of conchos were made of sterling silver or brass and required regular polishing to look their best. In fact, customized conchos made by skilled western artisans still cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunately there are also affordable versions created by using silver plate or steel that’s been colorized in hues of blue, gray and brown. Crystals, enamel paint, crushed natural stones and synthetic gems are also used to embellish conchos. Designs such as flowers, stars, hearts, crosses and longhorn steers embellish the adornment. There are browband conchos for everyone!

Customizing your browband conchos step 2
Step 2

Conchos made specifically for a browband are called “bridle loop” conchos. The back of each of these conchos has a rectangular bracket.
To attach the bridle loop concho, first remove the throatlatch strap from the browband. Then insert the end of the browband (it will be in the shape of a loop) through the open bracket on the back of the concho. Push the loop of the browband through the bracket as far as it will go until the concho butts up against the cheekpiece of the headstall. Now take the end of the throatlatch strap and feed it through the looped end of the browband, on the other side of the concho’s bracket. You might need to do some minor adjusting once the entire bridle is on your horse, but that will be easy. Bridle loop conchos are made to slide comfortably into the best position for your horse.

Customizing your browband conchos step 3
Step 3

Put the headstall on your horse and you’re ready to show off the new look!


  1. Hi everyone, I have a question: has anyone figured out how to put these on English bridles, where the throatlatch is different? When I put them on my browband, I don’t know how to anchor them so they don’t slide to the middle of the browband. I may just be dense…Help?


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