HI Spy: What’s the Best Part of Being a Horse Lover?


    What about being an equine lover is most rewarding to you?  © Cindy Hale   

    Our family and friends refer to us as being “horse crazy.” We’d much rather spend our time at the barn than at school. We figure out ways to skip family functions so we can compete at a horse show. Our horses wear quality tack and expensive shoes while we traipse around in faded jeans and scuffed muck boots. And yet we wouldn’t have it any other way. Why?

    Amateur adult rider Susan Fox shared her reasons after a day spent riding her 23-year-old Thoroughbred mare, Maggie. She’s owned the flashy black mare for two decades, and the time spent together has created a bond that Susan says is everlasting.

    “She has navicular now,” Susan reveals, “but I treat it and manage it because I feel like I owe it to her. She’s been a great horse. I competed her in eventing when she was younger. Her dressage wasn’t the best,” she admits, “but she loved the jumping. She’d go over anything.”

    When asked what she enjoys most about her life as a committed horse lover, she thinks for a moment and replies, “The people that I’ve met. It doesn’t matter what our backgrounds are, what style of riding we do, we share the same language, that same bond. Despite our differences, we’re all horse lovers.”

    Indeed. Whether as horse lovers we compete in dressage or jumpers, wear a helmet or a Stetson, race around barrels or mosey down a trail, each of us understands what it means to feel an unwavering closeness to a special animal.

    But what do you personally feel is the best part of being a horse lover? Is it having a four-legged best friend? Does a horse allow you to experience the highs and lows of athletic competition? Could you not survive without the stress reduction that horseback riding provides? We’d like to know! Just click on “Submit a Comment” below and share what you think is the best part of being a horse lover. Some of your comments may appear in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated.

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    1. The quality time spent with a horse… whether it’s a peaceful trail ride, grooming or just hanging out. Those moments are priceless!

    2. Kacey is my reason for getting up in the morning. To think that this strong, beautiful, noble animal actually wants to be with me and work with me is a constant source of amazement. We trust and respect each other and the time we have together puts a smile in my heart that helps me get through the rest of life’s challenges. The world is a beautiful place from the back of a horse – especially one like Kacey.

    3. From just a whisper of nickers anouncing your arrival at the first light of dawn to the thrumming of thourghbred breath as you canter along. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than spending time with our equine friends, no matter the activity at hand.I revel in every second of triumph and try to learn from every mistake I make.Just thankful to GOD that I can spend time with these magnificent creatures that he gave us.

    4. horses are my life. when i walk into the barn and they peek out of their stalls, when i call them in from the yard and they come running, every day i thank god for them because i know that i can count on them for anything, they will always be there when life is tough, and when we go to shows and we don’t do so well i can always take them on a relaxing trail ride where they will let me pour my feelings out,horses can help us with anything we are going through they may not be able to talk but boy can they listen!

    5. The best part of being a horse lover, is the unconditional love my girls give each day. Nothing brings a smile and makes the day great then the greeting I get when I pull into the barn. Tilly, Baby Doll and Sonora are the best buddies I could have. The life lessons they have shared and taught me will be with me the rest of my life. Here’s to my girls and the many more years we will have to ride the sunset trails.

    6. I think the best part of being a horse lover is just being able to be with the horse, and see how far they’ve come since you got them..to see their progress..and another good part of being a horse lover is the therapy it provides..

    7. its really not something that can be described the love between a horse and rider i know i couldnt do it with out them they are always there to listen and they try so hard to please you and you accomplish great things with your horse you grow with your horse in the training process and just spending hours in their stalls just spending time with them most take the horse for grantit and people who do not own a horse do not understand the love that you share for such an amazing animal

    8. The reason I love horses is because they’re there for you when no one else is. They work willingly for you, without judgement or criticisms. They WANT to spend time with you when you’ve been hurt by everyone else you know. They’re trusting, and loving, and they never do anything to embarrass you. They keep you focused on what really matters, and right when you start to feel sorry for yourself they remind you that there are more important things in life than self pity. They’re there for you during all the good AND bad times: your first love, your first heartbreak, graduation, even adulthood, and even when you don’t treat them fairly or you do something wrong they forgive you. Horses are loyal, kind, and ever faithful, and all they ask for is a little treat every once in a while! What more can a girl ask for?!

    9. My life is not a life without the love of horses. I love their smell, companionship, and mischief. I love riding at top speed on a thoroughbred and feeling like I’m flying. And these experiences are never lonely because you have a horse to share them.

    10. Oh, where do I begin? If I could not ride, I would still find myself at the barn. It’s as if my heart longs to be there, and it’s there it find its solace.
      When I hug my horse, I breath deaper and feel like I can let my emotions go. And he actually hugs me back! In his own way, he tells me he appreciates me – even if he does have to work!
      While I’m an AVID competitor and tend to have lofty goals, there’s nothing like a horse to help lift my spirits after a long day of work – whether it’s riding or just hanging out cleaning his stall.
      He’s indeed one of my best friends.

    11. without horses my life would not be complete. i look forward to getting up every morning to the nickers and whinneys i receive. my favorite thing to do is jump, and my pony casino definitely increases the adrenaline and thrill of thundering down to a big oxer and feeling going up in midair. the feeling of the soft velvet fur on foals i am a sucker for! i don’t think i could live without horses!

    12. When you get on a horse, any stress that you have is left on the ground! even without having your own horse, you can experience the joy that they give you.

    13. From a nicker, to a whinny,
      To a shake of their mane.
      Horse lovers, anywhere
      All feel the same.
      When you touch the saddle,
      The gray skies turn blue.
      Without horses,
      What would we do?
      Owning is not only way
      We experience a horse’s love.
      I am just so thankful
      We have these angels from above!!!

    14. There are many great things about horses, they just make me feel better, they cheer me up when I’m down. Even though I live near a city, and there are barley any horses down here, whenever I go to the barn I feel free, I “fly away” and I’m able to drop all the stress of life. I hop on Stormy’s back and everything is fine. All though, my lease is over, just seeing a horse cheers me up, just hearing anything about horses, I get a gleam of happiness just hearing about them or sadness if it is something sad. I don’t know what I would do if I never fell in love with horses, my life just wouldn’t be the same, I wouldn’t spend day and night looking at horses and dreaming they were mine. Many times, my once a week contact with a horse is priceless and something I cherish, and will never forget.

    15. When you step on the scale every morning thinking your horse will be able to tell if you ate “fries” the day before or not”

    16. at 16 running to the super grocery store with my mother and hiding this months magazine of horse illistrated in the cart while my brother at 15 distracts her by throwing junk food in the cart….

    17. I have never owned a horse, but I have had many opportunities to take care, even for years, horses that had no one else. The best part of being a horse crazy lover is all the time spent, not only in the saddle, but on the ground, either learning how to get up again after a fall, or basking in the sun side by side by the sole creature that brings true peace and happiness to my heart

    18. For me, the best part of being a horse lover is knowing that horses are the best friends you’ll ever have, and that they will always be there for you as a mane to cry into, canter to take away the stress of the day, or just to have fun with. It’s wonderful to have a passion that loves you back.

    19. I guess I like the lifestyle of being a horse owner best. I don’t have to dress up. I get to wear jeans and tshirts all the time. My horse doesn’t care if my hair is messy or if I’m not wearing makeup. I never feel like I have to impress my horse. I wish people were more like my horse!

    20. My horse saved my life. I was depressed, emotional eating and miserable. When I got my horse, he needed special care. In caring for him, I began caring for myself. I lost 100 puunds, put my emotions into taking care of him so I was able to clear my mind and soul and work out my problems instead of drowning them in food. My mindset was better and the depression lifted. I was able to better communicate with my family and strengthen my confidence. It has been six years since my first horse and have added 2 more. I have also kept off the 100 pounds. Horses are my therapy!

    21. the best part is the people you meet, knowing you have a home away from home at the barn and that your stress and problems and worries all melt away when you’re on a horses back.

    22. the best part of being a horse lover/owner is that you allways have some one to talk to,(your horse) they can allways keep a secret and will never talk back to you or reprieve you for your decisions.

    23. There is no ‘best part’ of being a horse lover. I can’t choose just one ‘best part’ because they’re all wonderful!

    24. The best part is watching my son improve in school. He went from a “D” grade to the “B” honor roll in one school year.He also keeps his bed room picked up also !

    25. the best part of being a horse lover for me is making a bond with an animal and then just trusting the animal to take you around a course of jumps or what ever kind of riding you do and knowing he wont hurt you.

    26. i think the BEST part of being a horse lover is the horses. and the thought of coming home to mine each day. each and every one is different in some way. which makes owning MY horse extra special.

    27. I love eveything about being equestrian, a few of my favourites: that split second over a jump, when you see the poles flash below you, you can hear the wind whistling in your ears and for that moment, time stands stil. I love getting ready for a show, braiding manes, polishing tack and memorizing courses.

    28. From a kids point of view, just being yourself around your horse. They’re your escape from reality, your shoudler to cry on, and the best part is that you can always have fun riding, or grooming, or just watching them. Without my horse, i would never get through each day of school like i have been.

    29. The best part about being a horse lover and the equestrian life is just being around horses. They are such a comfort, even to those who don’t ride can have a good time just being around these animals.

    30. The best part of being with my horse… oh wait there is NO best part, every thing is the “best part”:) I love just being around my horse, smelling his fur, grooming him, getting ready to ride, and putting my earphones on and ridding to music( bareback:) those are a few of my favorite things to do with my horse, I could go on, and on!

    31. My horses are my therapy. I spend every evening with them sometimes they are being groomed sometimes we just hang out. I rub their legs, pick up their feet. I bring them into a small lot, I dont halter them we just hang out. Out go out into the pasture with them and hang out to.I have 4 horses. And they trust and respect me. I trail ride and they do anything I ask, sometimes it’s slow but they always try.

    32. The best part about being a horse love is that nomatter what is going on in the world my horse will always be there for me to talk to when nobody else can understand. she gives me confidence and courage even when I don’t think I have any.

    33. Yup, I’m a HORSE LOVER, oh, and I totally get the part about missing family functions to go to horse shows!! Horses mean so much for me, they helped me meet most of my friends, they never talk back and their always there for you!( as long as you remember to feed them)

    34. My favorite part of being a horseperson is being with the horses especially caring for them I also love the people always honesty united by one thing our love for horses but mainly horse people are just great people.

    35. I’m a rock star at feed time! All my “fans” whinny and stomp or toss their manes in frustration to be first for my attention. Where else can you feel so welcomed and find such gratification? There’s an artistry in adjusting rations to keep them round and plump! Watching them contently munching brings peace and contentment.

    36. Knowing that no matter what happens in your life you can always go to that barn and hop on a horse bareback and just sit. I also love it when my horse will step away from her hay to see me.

    37. No matter what twists and turns life throws my way there is ALWAYS a furry face to greet me every weekend! I always feel great whenever I go the the barn and I just have to smile when think about my favorite horse!

    38. The best part of being a horse lover is the fact that once your up on something that big, strong, and magestic, you’ve left the silly world of humans behind, and you can go and do whatever you want. I think, seeing friends I’ve got into riding, that it changes your whole demeanor. Things don’t frighten you so easily, you think every situation through, falling doesn’t hurt so bad, and stupid people don’t bother you anymore. You learn to take the situation into your own hands and help guide those who can’t.

    39. The best thing about being horsecrazy is when you ride it is just you and the horse becoming a team. i love the thrill of riding an horse when many cant or are to scared. i love going to the tackshop and smelling the leather and even though it is expensive it is totally worth every penny. i like the gracefullness of the horse the way i moves and love to be going fast and even better to jump. i lov evrything about it and i love looking at my students faces when they accomplished something that seemed to never come … they cant stop smiling or talking about it and that is what i love too, he fact that i helped hem to learn to love to ride. but the best thing is waking up going out to feed them and they come running to you neighing and looking for treats seeing the love in thier eyes!

    40. The best part of being a horse owner is walking up to your horse’s field, calling her name and having her come to you. She is my best friend.

    41. I don’t own a horse but I like horses because they don’t care what you wear, and they are a great to tell your problems to when you are stressed out.

    42. The best part is when you ahve a horrible day, everything goes wrong and you feel like your drowning in water and can’t float. Then you go to the barn, hop on or hug your special steed, and everything jsut disappears for a few hours. It’s like you can finally breathe.

    43. The best part about being a horse lover is being able to go to the barn every day and ride your horse and actually watch her inprove every day since i got her.

    44. The best part is the bond that forms, i have a four year old jumper and when we go over fences and you feel that moment of suspension and it sounds crazy but im sure every jumper has felt it, but it feels like your flying. and you do it together. thats the best part.

    45. I love the way peoplelook at you when you are watching a movie and suddenly, a beautiful horse races across the screen and you start spurting facts about the breed!

    46. the best part of being a horselover is that when i get up on the horse and ride…..it gives challenges to me when i do hard things for the first time with the horse.I also luv it because the horse respects me and i luv him!!!

    47. The best part of being a horse lover/owner is when the horse recognizes you and comes to you. As if to say, hello old friend. That just melts my heart!

    48. The best part about being horse-crazy is…well…EVERYTHING! The smells, the riding, grooming, tacking up, the sounds, the work, I even love picking out hooves. I love watching horses, breathing horses, hmmm…NOT eating horses!!!!!!!!
      There is no “one” best part, there are so many parts I can’t mention them all. Any one who isn’t “horse-crazy” is just plain old CRAZY!

    49. Everything, it hard to pick favorites. But some of mine are trail riding, galloping in the fields, when my horse does tricks for me, my horses smell, and coming to the stables after a long day of work and just me and him going for a ride in the field at sunset.

    50. The best thing about being a horse lover is just the bond between you and your horse. I love how you can gain trust and get closer to your dream!

    51. Just because horse don’t care about your looks, you can go to the barn in your PJs or in your grungyest clothes, you don’t have to fix your wild frizzy puffball hair or put tons of make-up on. All they want is your company, to be fed on time and treats or whatever is their favoite thing.

    52. Horses are the one way in the world to solve almost every problem. They are sensetive, encouraging, and always know when you’re down. A bond between a horse and his owner is something truly great, and galloping is the most powerful tonic in the world!

    53. Horses don’t care what you look like. They’re accepting, and kind. They repay every kindness you do for them, whether by a gentle nicker or an affectionate nudge. They put thier trust in you and do whatever you ask as long as you are kind. The bond between a horse and rider is truly something special. Horses are the best.

    54. The best part of being a horse lover,is that you get to spend time with horses and eventually have a favorite or two horses.Ilove horses because they let me get away from the bad things in life and most importantly they let me feel free.

    55. I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best thing about loving horses is, the horses! They are so fun to ride, train and show! I have met most of my friends though horses, it gives me something to work towards and it’s just SO FUN!

    56. I love horses because they smell good, they are cute,pretty,handsome,and sometimes ugly,they each have their own personality, they are usually gentle,
      they take you on adventures you wouldn’t think of taking with a bike(aka horse shows)and I just love them.

    57. I love them because their habits and personalities. their smell is the best(they should make a perfume:-D)Also becuase you can form a close bond and keep it and that they teach you to be tough and to always keep trying:-P

    58. when you get to spend time with your horse and just ride. whether your abegginer or an expert we are all the same when it comes to lovin our horses. after school i put down my backpack and head for her pasture. i can ride her in our 30 acres outback its so much fun to spend time with my horse

    59. The best part about being a horse lover and owning a horse is that you can create a strong, unbreakable,unique bond with your horse.Also because my friends are always asking about my horse,Sandy. They love to hear my crazy stories while I was at the barn.Sandy is my life and my best friend!

    60. The best thing about being a horse lover is having such great creatures fill your heart with love and support. Horses will all ways be there when you feel that the whole world hates you!!

    61. The deffinete best thing about loving horses and riding them is after having a terrible day at school, or you got in a fight with you’re best friend, or whatever happened you can know that you’re horse won’t care and he/she’ll always love you. Being able to go to the barn and forget about everything and the horse or pony just makes you feel happy again.

    62. The best part of being a horse lover is the feeling you get when you are with your horse. Every problem in my life disapears when I am at the barn. Everything about horses and riding makes me so happy, I just love to spend time with them.

    63. The best thing about being a horse lover is the way I feel when I’m at the barn. People laugh when I tell them that my horse is my therapist, but it’s the truth. No matter how bad the day is going I know that a trip to the barn to hug my horse will make me feel better. Horses seem like a luxury item to many people, but after losing my brother very suddenly this year I’ve realized that my horse is a necessity. He has helped me through the most difficult time of my entire life and I don’t think I would be mentally healthy if I didn’t have him.

    64. The best part about being a horse lover is when the whole world has pissed you off in every way you know you can go to the barn and count on your horse to be their, waiting, patiently, all day, and happy to see you. and you can hide you face in his mane and tell him everything. and you don’t have to worry about him judging you, or being mean to you, or being to busy to listen.

    65. The best thing about being a horse lover is the determination it gives you. The sport is much more than a pony ride. It challenges your fitness, you coordination, your intimacy with your horse, even your sanity. Since we are willing to do so much for our horses, we never give up. We have a knack for perfection and strive for it every minute of every ride, but take pride in our strengths. The relationships you build in this sport are amazing…your teammates, trainers and instructers, but most importantly, your horse.

    66. The best thing about being horse crazy is that you can have a best friend, one who won’t tell you’re secrets and one that will always be there for you. A horse and his rider is the strongest bond known to man kind, and together they can do things that soccer players and softball players don’t have with an animal. I love being Horse Crazy!

    67. The best part of being horse crazy I think is that no matter how down on your luck you are, how far from home you are, how angry the world has made you, deep down you know that you can go to a barn and there will be a friend there waiting for you to tell him your story. There is something special about the bond between a horse and rider, a connection of souls and an initiation into a world where species, language, and appearance do not matter at all.

    68. The best part of being horse crazy is that no matter how downtrodden and upset you are and you feel like there’s nothing you’re good at, all you have to do is think about how much you love horses and instantly you feel better!

    69. Reality sucks sometimes. Work, school, family… the stressors of life. But for me being horse crazy means i get to loose myself — my worries, my responsibilities. When i go to the stables everyday everything else melts away and it’s just Jasper and me. No matter how upset, depressed or angry i am he puts a smile on my face. Even if he’s the one that upsets me i can’t help but love him. He makes my heart soar!

    70. Life gets me down with just being life. I’m a student and I have endless hours of studying. But I’m lucky my job is with horses- show groom. When I’m riding I can just calm down and feel the rythm of my horse’s gaits. Jumping also gives me freedom. I love the bond between a horse and its human, it brings you down to earth and sometimes I prefer horses to humans because they can’t talk, yet they display emotions towards you. Being on the ground with horses is humbling- they could step on you, bite, you, kick you- and yet they tolerate us.

    71. I suffered for a long time with chronic depression, after I got my horse, it all went away. I had a purpose in life now that was much bigger and better than going to school or work. I have a bond to this horse and a responsibility to him. Knowing that I was needed and that he chose me to be that person was more than I could have ever hoped for. When I go out to see Charlie whatever bad feelings I’m carrying around I know that I have to let them go, because he is going to pick up on those and not want to be around me, but he also knows when I am very sad and lets me hug him all i want and puts his chin on my shoulder and just snuffs like hes saying “Yeah I know, but it will get better, cause I love you.” Seeing him happy with his buddies makes my heart soar with happiness. He is such a gift.

    72. I ride because it’s a great way to relieve stress. And i love all the memories that come with the time i spend with my horse. You just loose yourself and you dont think about reality it amazing!

    73. it is just amazing when you are when you are cantering through a trail with the wind in you face and if you have never rode you don’t know how you feel when you get your right diagonal and hug your horses broad neck and are so proud or when you get a blue ribbon

    74. Going for a ride galloping down the trail feels so wonderful! A lot of people are always saying: You are So lucky to have horses! And I am!

    75. The best part of being a horse lover, is that horses have the ability to filter my mind and get rid of all previous negative thoughts and bring out thoughts directed toward nothing but taking care of my horse. Its the magical experience of being in my own world where nothing else matters. I’m not too crazy about other boarders at my barn and don’t particularly enjoy their company. But when its just me and my horse out in the pasture or in the round ring, its my personal paradise. I couldn’t think of any better location other than the close proximity of my horse. I dream of becoming the “Crazy Horse Lady” that my future neighbors will gossip about.

    76. In my opinion, the best part about being a horse lover is knowing you always have a furry four-legged friend to listen to your troubles and cheers you up when your feeling down just by looking at you with that love in their eyes saying “I love you more than anything in the world, and I’m here for you.” Horses are a blessing to have. Horses are my main priority in my life, and am very lucky to have the privilage of having them in my barn.

    77. The best thing about being a horse lover is getting to be a part of something greater than just you, you get to meet great people and horses in the horse world and speding time with my horse is my favorite relaxing activity. Also you always have something to work toward (riding goals) and something to look forward to (seeing your horse!).

    78. I love stopping at a gas station on the way to an “away” show, getting out in your breeches and mud boots, and checking on the horses when everyone else is watching. You kinda get that proud feeling of, “I’m a horse lover and your not!”

    79. The best thing about being a horse lover, is that no matter what you do, or how many mistakes you make, your horse will always forgive you, and always be there for you.

    80. The best part about being a horse lover is having a life long friend that doesn’t care about the materialistic things. All they see is that you love them and they love you.

    81. The best thing about being HORSE-CRAZY is having a friend that lasts forever. My horse, school horse, is my best friend and I have great memories of him. There was once, in the afternoon, when my friend and I were racing in the arena and it was so so so so so fun!!!!!

    82. The best part about being horse crazy is always knowing there is someone there for you. Someone who will always have your back and someone who will always listen to every word.

    83. the best part about being horse crazy is, knowing i will always have a friend to turn to. No matter what what you look like or what happens you have your horse

    84. The best thing about loving horses is having a friend that will never let you down, who doesn’t care what you look like, what you wear, and how popular you are. Horses make the best listeners and never judge you on all the mistakes you’ve made. No matter what horses are the one thing you can always rely on to be there for you.

    85. It saves our marriage when my hubby needs a break from me he says “Why don’t you go for a horse ride.” After a fun relaxing ride I return home refreshed able to put up with his B. S.

    86. The best part about being a horse lover is of course all the time you get to spend with your horse. The bonding process and over coming one anothers fears. The number on thing I think is important is your horse is always there for you when you really need a friend and the good thing is they can always keep secrets! My horse is my bestfriend and i wouldn’t change that for the world.

    87. i think the best part of being a horse lover i youll always have a freind to go on trail rides with support you in compeitions and of course have someone to sit on top of and talk to. when your sad mad or even happy as you can be your horse will be there for yu

    88. Experience. Definetley the best part of being a horse lover is all the incredible things that you and your horse can experience. Like, love friendship, joy and teamwork! I could go on and on! There is never a dull moment with these magnificent animals and the experience’s that you share with your horse will change your life forever!

    89. No matter where you go you know that you always have a true love waiting back for you at the barn with forward ears and a welcoming nicker. People who don’t have horses can’t understand the connection of working with your horse as one. Even other horse riders can’t comprehend your personal connection. Summed up in one, the best part is the truly original love connection.

    90. There isn’t only one best part of being a horse lover. Everything about having horses in your life is amazing. Everyday is different. And you create a special bond you could never have with a soccer ball or tennis racket. Also, seeing the progress you made is an extraordinary feeling. I don’t know how people can live without having horses in their life. Horses make you laugh on a bad day and just overall improve your day by a ton. Life not loving horses is absolutly unthinkable…!

    91. Everything about being a horse lover is the best part! I will be with my non-horsey friends at the barn or someplace with horse and I will breathe in a say “Isn’t the smell of horses the best smell ever?” and they will look at me like I’m crazy. I also love that you are with a live animal and not just a soccer ball or a baseball bat. There is nothing better to walk into the barn and have your horse whinny as soon as he sees you.


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