HI Spy: Describe Your Dream Horse


    What would your dream horse look like?When you were young, your dream horse was the Black Stallion’s doppelganger. You pictured yourself galloping down the beach with your firey steed. Now, after your horse has taken off with you in eight of your last ten rides, you’re thinking that maybe you need a less gallop and more plod. Your dream horse today is Ol’ Dobbin, who’s never in a hurry to get anywhere.

    At one point in your life, you wanted to be a cowgirl. Your dream horse was a tough and sturdy Quarter Horse or a Mustang that you trained yourself. But then you ended up at a hunter/jumper barn and fell in love with the sleek, bay coats punctuated by a perfect row of braids. Your dream horse now has never seen a steer, but can clear any fence with grace and elegance.

    When you first started entertaining the idea of purchasing your horse, you envisioned a 15.2h black and white pinto mare to trail ride and show for fun at the local saddle club. You scoured the Internet, pulled phone numbers off fliers at horse shows and spent hours with classified ads and a highlighter. Finally, you found her. Now she’s in your backyard and you’ve barely glanced at another horse since.

    Tell us about your equine ideal, whether the horse waiting for you back in the barn meets the description or not. Have you always had one perfect horse that haunts your day dreams, or did your ideal change as you matured as a rider? Share your thoughts by clicking “Submit a Comment” below. Some of the responses may be selected for publication in a future issue of Horse Illustrated.

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    1. My dream horse would have a lot of love to give and be spunky and energetic engough for the show ring. But also quiet engough for the trail.

    2. My dream horse has remained the same since the day I fell in love with horses. She is a small, elegant golden-red mare with a silver mane and tail and the eye of an eagle. She is an energetic, speedy mount that is always ready to please. She jumps with grace and gallops with power. And she is always ready to greet me with a nicker when I approach her stall.

    3. I can tell you what used to be my dream horse- a lilac roan colored Quarter Horse. My dream horse nowadays is the bay mare with two socks that is standing in my barn right now.

    4. My dream horse is a small bay roan 14.1 hand pony, He is my dream horse because I can do anything on him, I don’t have to worry about him playing any tricks when I am on him I can just relax and have fun!


    6. My dream horse would be a gigantic 17.3+ hand, bay/dun/dapple gray hunt horse. Not sure what breed, maybe some sort of Warmblood, or a TB cross. Doesn’t matter if it’s a mare or a gelding. He/she would have a perfect star between soft, gentle eyes, and a long forelock that reaches almost to the snip on the end of his/her nose. He/she would be great with kids, carrying them like the treasure they are, but in a second I could hop on her/him and gallop across a meadow racehorse style. I would primarily use him/her for hunting and stadium jumping. He/she would absolutely adore me, and would come cantering whenever I called, always ready with a nicker and a nuzzle. We would be able to communicate in an almost supernatural way.
      Well, all that dreaming, and I forgot I have the perfect horse standing right in his stall a few minutes away! My Lone Star is the horse of my dreams for this stage of my life!

    7. My dream horse would be imperfect. In fact, he is. He has a bit of devil in him, but we love each other, and to me, he IS perfect. He’s a German riding pony, a beautiful chestnut pony hunter,with a deep dark eye and snip/star/stripe combination. His abundance of thick chestnut/blonde mane and tail billow around him, despite training braids and pulling and he loves to give an explosive jump, unless in the showring. Then he’s all business. To me, he’s the perfect horse because we’ve worked to become perfect, and to become a team. I know that there is more behind his immaculate collection that training, there is a bond. To me, his is the epitome of perfection.

    8. my dream horse would be a world champion saddlebred who competed in several five gaited divions. He would be a darker chesnut, not liver svhesnut but close to it, have an amazing headset and high animation. Also my horse would have consinsestity in the show ring.

    9. My first/dream horse would be a Buckskin Mustang, maybe crossed with a little Morgan. He’s young and is willing to please, even though he doesn’t show it. Plus , he’s totally bomb-proof. Altough riding him around some canyons, or wide open plains would be nice, he’d be perfect without it.

    10. I guess my dream horse would be a horse that would neigh to me because he misses me, and I could just hop on his back and we’d go all over the place. But, since we’re talking reality here, mine would be my wonderful 16yr old paint horse who is an obidient and well-mannered(not to mention bombroof) horse!

    11. I don’t care how my horse looks, or what breed he/she is. My dream horse can be a mare or gelding, just not a stallion. What I’m mainly looking for in a horse, is one that enjoys my company, just like i enjoy his/her company. I love to jump, so if I were to get a horse, I’d definatly get a jumper. I have never shown before, so I’d get a horse that would show me the ropes, rather than a greenie that would be just as new as I am.

    12. My dream horse would be a 15.2 hh, blood bay paint, sturdy, barrel racing, bombproof quarter horse-arabian cross…but that will probably never happen. I love my 14.3 hh, blood bay, skinny-legged, spooky Arab.

    13. My dream horse would be a half mustang, half andalusian. She would be a rich buckskin, barred legs and all, with a love for speed. She would go on trail rides with me, and follow me around–not because she was trained that way, but because she loved me. She would not be too young to be spooky, but not too old to gallop along the countryside every once in a while.
      Untill then, I will be pleased to search the sale ads, and dream.

    14. I always wanted a young dark bay horse, and all I wanted him for was to ride. Well, years later, I ended up with a teenage red dun gelding that is retired and physically unable to ride due to navicular disease and complications of that. At the time, he wasn’t what I considered perfect, but one look at that face and especially his inner beauty and I haven’t looked back. He’s the love of my life and my best friend- and to top it all off, he loves me every bit as much as I love him!

    15. My dream horse would be an Arabian stallion – black, of course (sound familiar?). He would know up to first level dressage with some western and would have a classy jump. He would be a gentle but capable athlete with (controlled!) fire and beautiful expression. I know this kind of horse is probably too good to be true, and above my current skill level – but hey, a girl can dream!

    16. I had always wanted the 17 hand black Thoroughbred stallion that nobody but me could ride, but instead, this year, we bought a beautiful dark bay Thoroughbred mare named Dance Tribute. I think, that in every way possible, that I am better off with her than my imaginary black stallion.

    17. My dream horse is the one I already have, my palomino Shetland pony, Pixie Dust. She made my dream of horseownership come true. We’ve been together for 19 years, and I can’t imagine my life without her. She adds so much joy to my life. She’s always happy to see me, and loves me no matter what. We’ve been through a lot, and I’ve learned so much about horses from her.

    18. My dream horse would be a Purebred Dutch Warmblood, that has top bloodline and knows how to Jump and do Dressage at the Grand Prix Levels. But, If I had that I would not be able to train my own horse to jump and have a sense of acclomplishment knowing that You trained your horse and took him to the top. That is what we all strive for right?

    19. My dream horse is my horse, Diamond.
      She can run a good time in western games, do dressage, stadium jump up to 3’6″ and do cross country. Not to mention she’s a blast on the trails, loves to run, but if you know how to ride and a confident she won’t take off with you(most of the time) And she’s completely bombproof. She is a chestnnut (almost golden in the sun!)14.3 hh appendix QH mare that will be eight years ol Febuary 27th, 2011! She is just amazing and absolutely love her to death, and wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world!!! My second dream horse however, would be strictly a dressage horse, a gelding friesian about seven years of age and quite tall. but I would surely choose My horse over my second dream horse!

    20. My dream horse is basically my horse,who is very sweet and willing.I just wish she had more experience and was already trained to jump. Other then that, I wouldn’t change anything about her.

    21. My dream horse is my Tennessee Walker gelding. He’s very unique, & I learned a lot from him. Instead of gaiting, he jumps & runs barrels. Even though he spooks at everything, I would rather ride him than a horse who doesn’t. I learn something new everytime I ride him, about him &/or myself. I am glad I bought him & I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

    22. When I was younger, I always wanted a Clydesdale. As I got older I realized that that dream was unlikely!My dream horse now is a Quaarter Horse. They’re so majestic and strong. Plus they are very versitile!

    23. My Dream Horse would be a 15.2 Arabian. She would be a chestnut with a cute little snip and 1 hind sock. I can imagine us cantering through fields and swimming in lakes. This would be an awesome horse but I would be very lucky to own any one of these amazing animals.

    24. My dream horse is my belated arabian. He was full of energy, but always loyal to me. He was willing to do whatever I asked of him without hesitation or arguement. He was always happy to see me with his perky pointed ears and and alert eyes. He loved unconditionally.

    25. My dream horse would be gentle, calm, and willing. She would gallop to me anytime I called her and she would be beautiful and honest and brave. I don’t care what color she is, but I would like it to be a she.

    26. When we were little girls, my best friend and I did nothing but play imaginary horses. Our horsey connection involved us making up imaginary dream horses to play with, whether they be Breyer models or us acting them out ourselves. My primary play horse was Shadow, a black Arabian stallion (yes, a very generic dream horse!). Nowadays, since I actually ride, my dream horse is a stable, more realistic mount, that could carry me through anything with his wise attitude. I love it when a horse doesn’t “spook” but rather is curious about new things.

    27. Perfect question for me! My dream horse is a warmblood type gelding, all black, with a big bald face and blue eyes!Also, a fantastic eventer. That has been my dream horse for as long as i can remember!

    28. Black Beauty, the Black Stallion, I would have been happy with either of them. And no, that hasn’t changed. In fact, when you’re horseless ANY horse would be a dream horse.
      I had the perfect dream horse and she’s gone now. Not a day goes by I don’t miss her. She was a 2 year old OTTB filly when I got her. I was an untrained 14 year old girl. It was love at first sight and no turning back. She was perfect in every way. And a beautiful bay. That was when I realized the beauty of rich browns. Not a white hair on her, just like The Black.
      Now my ideal would be a smallish horse, 15 or so hh. Eager to please, eager to go, and not so eager to bolt or spook. I’m not so much the daredevil anymore. Multiple injuries, both equine related and not, have slowed me down and weakened me. But my love of horses never wanes and I think even still grows stronger every day.
      My current equine is a miniature horse and I wouldn’t trade him in for the horse of my dreams. He may not be everything I wanted but he’s who he is and he’s my friend. We have a partnership that cannot be broken. So, if I were to find my dream horse she (always a mare) would not eclipse my current dream horse but would just enhance my reality.
      Horses, big or small, colourful or plain, scruffy or exquisitely decked out, they’re all the stuff of dreams. There’s a place for everyone of them in someone’s heart.

    29. When I was young my dream horse was a tall black fresian with a flowing mane and tail. What I have now is a bay canadian gelding that is quite a character but that will do anything for me under saddle. And I mean anything from jumping a cross country course, to competing in western pleasure, to going on a long trail ride, to pulling my husband on skis. I would not trade him or his quirky personality for anything. He is my dream horse.

    30. My horse died only a few monthes ago, so I am actually looking for my dream horse now. My ideal horse would be a 16 hand bay Thoroughbred gelding. I have always loved Thoroughbreds for their grace and beauty. I would want one with a nice personality and that rides English and also likes to go on relaxing trail rides every now and again. I would want to be able to learn from my horse and for my horse to learn from me. I have not found this horse yet but I am convinced my dream horse is out there somewhere waiting for me to come and bring him home.

    31. I don’t have a horse so I always think about this question. I love all types of horses but my dream horse would be a 16 hand chestnut thoroughbred gelding. I would want him to have a funny personality but also would be loving and gentle and who would do anything for me. I would want him to ride english and most of all, I would want to have a strong,trusting relationship! I can’t wait to find my dream horse someday!

    32. If I could design my dream horse, it would be exactly like the horse I’m riding, Tea aka- Mr. T. He’s a 15hh Welsh Pony. He’s a great horse on the ground, but he’s taken me a while to gain the trust of Tea, but he’s been great so far. After 4 months of riding him, he’s taught me more than an instructor could ever teach, and all dream horses should have that quality, and I’m thinking I’ve already found mine.

    33. My dream horse would be a beutiful chestnut mare quarter horse. her name would be Mila. She would listen to my every command and never hurt a soul unless i told her to. I would wisper in her ear to do somthing and she would do it. I would gallop on her and not be afraid.

    34. My dream horse is a bright bay Thoroghbred filly about 15-16 hands. She would be an eventer and we would have an great bond so we could do anything tobether. She would have an awesome disposition and we could ride bareback and bridless together. I hope a horse like this is out there, as I will be looking for another horse come spring.

    35. I don’t need to imagine my dream horse, I already have her. She’s a 15.2H Quarter Horse/Arabian buttermilk buckskin pinto (splashed white overo to be exact). I have been training her for the past two years for barrel racing, pole bending, and western pleasure. She is my bestest friend and I love her so much! I love Shesa Derby Blueeyes!!

    36. My dream horse would be a 15.5 hand dapple grey thoroughbred, and he would be able to do anything. He would jump high over fences, run faster than any horse in the county, dance gracefully to any music in dressage, and when not in the ring, he would be my buddy on trails and be a happy horse in his pasture. Sounds out of this world I know, but the greatest thing my dream horse could ever be to me…..is be my horse!!

    37. When I was Little my dream horse was a dun Kiger mustang. He would be a gelding and he would have a long black flowing mane with light brown highlights running through it. He would have long brown stockings and stripes on top. I have always dream he would run faster then any other horse and win tones of races. But as I have gotten older My dream horse stands right in front of me. He might not have a forelock or a flowing mane. He might not be a dun but instead a grey pony. But you now what I could never ask for a better horse then my grey pony.

    38. WOW you might not believe this but you took the words right out of my mouth!!!! when I was little black beuty was my dream horse and so on and on with the cowgirl and hunters!!!!! And then of course the paint/pinto trail horse….a few weeks ago I got my first horse and she is a paint!!!! you wrote my story!!!! However my real dream horse has always been a 9 yr. old female bay arabian with a dished face that did trails, hunter jumper and dressage. I always told my self I would NEVER own a white horse, and I would NEVER buy any breed but a arab. And the horse would be one solid color and very experienced.
      Well here I am with a white and brown, 5 yr old green Paint mare!!!!! She came along and I FELL in love with her! In like two weeks! I just knew she was my horse she was that one special horse. I’ve bonded with horses but not like that…not so fast and I’ve never had THAT feeling before. She is my dream horse, I wouldn’t change anything about her and she is perfect. Just goes to show you that looks don’t always matter and dreams can come true.

    39. When I first fell in love with horses I dreamed of owning my own black stallion who could run like the wind. But reality and limited finances would only allow me a little 2 yr old grade palomino mare. She was one of the best horses a kid could have and I had some of the best years of my life riding her. Life went on and I was eventually forced to sell her. I cried for two weeks and figured that I would never own another horse again, but several years later when my daughter discovered horses it gave me the opportunity to enter the horse world again. One day out of the blue the owner of the boarding facility offered to give me a rescue horse that she had rescued from starvation. She is a palomino paint. Funny thing is I never liked paints but as I got to know her I discovered how gentle she is and willing to please that I couldn’t help but fall in love with her. Now I wouldn’t trade her for all the black stallions in the world.

    40. If you asked me this question about 3 years ago I would have told you a beautiful plaomino overo paint horse. Last year I would have told you that the horse I leased was my dream horse. She was big, black, and beautiful 15.3 friesian mare.
      Now I am leasing an adorable chestnut racking horse gelding, named Rusty’s Ramblin Man. He can do just about every thing you ask him to do. Rusty does showmanship, halter, saddleseat, western, jumping, bareback, and is one of the best tral horses you could ever find. I would just about anything to make sure Rusty is always in a good mood.
      I have had many different “dream horses” in the past years, and I think if I had never met Rusty I would still be looking for that one special horse.

    41. My first dream horse would have been any horse when I didn’t know as much. Now days I would have to say my dream horse would be a palomino quarter horse. I wouldn’t want my horse to be a push button but not a crazy horse either. I think my dream horse will be always changing.

    42. My dream horse is standing in the barn/paddock right now. I fell in love with the Arabian stallion back when I was about 8 and first read the “Black Stallion”. Arabians were quite expensive back then in the 1970s so I never thought I’d own one. I met Ha Le Fire in 2005. I certainly was NOT in the market for a stallion as I wasn’t looking to breed, but he was an Arabian stallion and I had to go look at him. It didn’t matter that he was a copper chestnut instead of black. I have never really been stuck on color. We clicked right away. I went in the house to talk over the sale with his owner and when I came out to the car to get my checkbook, he put his head over his stall door and whinnied at me. He is gelded now (he had a total of 8 babies in his breeding career) and I couldn’t love him more. He has such personality and we share a bond that I’ve never shared with any horse — even my beloved first horse. I will most likely outlive him, but I treasure every moment we have together, and although there will be other horses in my life, I don’t think any will be quite as special as him. I waited many, many years to find him, but he was well worth the wait. I couldn’t possibly love him more.

    43. my dream horse is standing in the barn waiting for me to come visit her! she is a black trakehner mare with two white heels, and a big mare attiude! but i love her so much she trys so hard and is aweosme at horse shows, she gets jelous if the trailer leaves the barn going somewhere with out her!

    44. My dream horse is a Paint mare. I would love a golden palomino piebald that is totally fearless and trusting of me. She would be good with everyone, but share a special bond with me. A horse with a fun, but gentle attitude and very well skilled would be great. I’ve always dreamed of having a horse like that and still want one now.

    45. I’ve woven fanciful dreams of grandeur around my dream horse; so much, that he was given half-a-manuscript of a book as his background.
      Well, let’s see…he is a seven-year old stallion from out West; a wild horse with Arab and Thoroughbred bloodlines, considering that he was raised in a cozy barn for a little under a year of his life, then escaped into the wild, where he wasn’t heard from for a long time afer. Eluding the BLM’s attempts to round up himself and his herd, he stayed free for those six years, until he was brought in at last.
      A large horse, credited to his thoroughbred breeding, at 16.2, he has a pale dappled gray coat of powdered silver. There’s even a little pink snip on his muzzle.
      In the fancied end, I tame the horse with some help from professionals, and eventually become incredible partners, never showing, just living on our farm.

    46. My dream horse is a 15.3 hand blood bay/chocolate brindled mare that has an extremely fiery dispostion, is smart, competitive, and loves to jump with all her heart. This mare would love only me, and we would have a bond like no other, she would be my equine soul mate, and I her human. We would be unstoppable, soaring over fences like a mythical being, and having fun doing tricks and playing in the pature. Luckily I found my dream horse and she is exactly how I have described, she was born in 2006, and I have raised this little child up to the gorgeous mare she is now. She will always and forever be, my dream horse.

    47. I want a bronco. A full-bred Mustang with not a bit of training in him and barely tolerates the halter. My dream is to break him and train him to eventing and be able to tell everyone who says “Wow, your horse is so pretty (cuz he will be)” and I’ll say “Yah, I trained him myself from scratch”.

    48. Dark and bright
      Black as night
      Flowing wavy tale
      A stallion male
      Feathered perfect hooves
      That float over the ground
      The head held proud
      A Friesan I Want

    49. Like the perfect human, I am learning, that the perfect “dream” horse doesn’t exist. I guess you could say we all want that sleek, beautiful, and tall horse that can do it all! The one that you can jump fences and do dressage. But I think we take for granted the simple things horses let us do. Like bridle, saddle and ride them. My dream horse is the one you can take anywhere, anytime and you can depend on it. I don’t care if he’s the prettiest or the most athletic. It’s the heart that counts.

    50. My horse is my dream horse! 15.3 chestnut QH barrel racing mare with flaxen mane and tail big blaze down her face! you dont have to use your hands only your legs if you want but works with hands but you have to be very light on her mouth. big personality gentle loving caring mare!!!!! the best horse in the world
      I love you girl!!!!

    51. My dream horse would be a Warmblood mix. Taller than 16 hands with long legs but not to long of strides. he would be easily controllable, and easy to sit on. Have a nice jump, and good pace.

    52. I recently got my dream horse! Hes a 17h canadian warmblood, dark bay. He loves attention and has the best personality! And hes a dream to ride! His name is Bisou de’Amour, which means “kiss of love” in french.

    53. i love my mare very much she is very beautiful by the way visit legend. but my dream horse is a silver stallion that i would name zanzibar he is always in my day dreams.

    54. I have my dream horse. Blaze is a 12 yro. Quarter-Cross. He’s my baby. My best friends call him my mama’s boy. The only thing i would change about him is he would know how to run barrels but other then that he’s perfect!!

    55. My equine ideal? I’ve found it! My 16 hh Tennessee Walking Horse gelding is my picture of perfection. He is smart, witty, and quick on his feet. He respects me as much as i do him, and that is all i ask. You will never catch me looking for another 🙂

    56. My dream horse would be a 16hh seven year old Anglo-Arab Quarter Horse cross. He’d probably be fast, with lots of endurance, and could jump anything. His color would be dark chestnut, with a thin stripe down his face and really high socks. He would be energetic, and wouldn’t give me problems about lifting his hooves for me to pick- alot of horses do. And his canter and trot and gallop would be smooth, yet really fast or slow whenever I told him to. And he’d have smooth whithers so I could ride him bareback!

    57. I’m returning to riding after an absence of 30 years, so I’d like the impossible. I’m 5’7″ and chunky, so I want a horse with good bone, sturdy legs, and a strong back.
      A gelding, he’d need to be short enough for me to mount without a mounting block, but broad enough so my long legs don’t hang down below his belly. (Remember, this is my fantasy horse.) His temperament would be even, but not lethargic. His gaits would be smooth and he would be capable of lower level dressage (getting on the bit, bending, responsive to aids, etc.).
      Color is not important–there’s no such thing as a bad-colored horse, but if I have my druthers, a buckskin. …or a bay. …or a chestnut. …or a paint.

    58. My dream horse would have to be a quarter horse gelding.Western who would be trusting and willing to learn. A bay with a strip down his face and no white markings on his legs (:

    59. My dream horse has always been a Friesian with lots of hair and feathers but I really like bay tri-color pintos. Also since I am 5’8 I need a tall horse. Recently I happened to find on Dreamhorse.com a 17hh bay tobiano Friesian pinto! That is very ironic. So I am bringing home one of my dream horses!

    60. After riding many different horses, I’ve finally come up with my dream horse:
      Any shape or size, as long as he or she goes both english and western with a little jumping. Coat color doesn’t matter, but I absolutely adore Paints. My dream horse would be forgiving, affectionate, my best friend. And if the price tag is low, it’s a done deal!

    61. I have always been attracted to a large warmblood, the majestic way they carry themselves makes my jaw drop. Throw in a dark dapple grey with a dark face, and you’ve got my dream horse. To be able to float along on the back of my silver steed would be indescribably wonderful. He would willingly jump anything I brought him too, but could also work cattle at my farm when it’s time to round them up. He would have some fire in his step, but knew how to control it. I love a horse with spirit, and talent. I guess in short my dream horse is a tall elegant dapple grey warmblood with a willing to please nature, but an attitude that shines ever so slightly.

    62. My dream horse would be a Purebred Dutch Warmblood, that has top bloodline and knows how to Jump and do Dressage at the Grand Prix Levels. But, If I had that I would not be able to train my own horse to jump and have a sense of acclomplishment knowing that You trained your horse and took him to the top. That is what we all strive for right?

    63. My dream horse would be a black purebred Standardbred mare with a wide blaze that trained to be a top level combined driving horse. We would compete at the World Equestrian Games. But, even if we came in last place, she would still be the horse of my dreams, and my best friend.

    64. My Dream horse would be a brown and black and white paint, with a white heart on her forehead.
      She would be a pedigree and would be great at jumping, dressage and barrel racing.
      she would be 16+ feet high.
      she would not kick nor bight.
      and produce high star foals

    65. My dream horse would be 15’3 feet.He would be a Selle Francais, Hanovarian, Arabian cross. He would have a dark bay coat that had a purple-red sheen to it. He would jump and do dressage at Grand Prix levels.

    66. My dream horse is already in my life. He is a 9 year old, brown and white tobiano paint, with one brown and one blue eye. He is also 16.1 hands.
      I have had him since he was 4. Together we have gone from trail riding to competing in hunters. And now I am fortunate enough to have him with me at college. He has the greatest personality too, he plays with toys and greets everyone he meets. I could not ask for anything better, than what I already have.

    67. My dream horse would be a bay paint with black tipped ears, who is a papered Paint, and Quarter horse. She would be about 16.2, with a long neck and big, strong haunches. She wouldn’t wear shoes and would Western, English, and bare back. She would also, best of all, be free.

    68. My Dream Horse is the one I have now. Looking back I never would have thought that a 15.1 hand, chubby, knows no personal space, 11 year old Fjord mare would be my best friend. She has taught me so much and we’ve come so far. She has such a personality that all you can do is smile at her, and everyone who meets her adores her. She may frog leap over show jumps, but Libby, I wouldn’t sell you for a billion dollars!

    69. My dream horse would be Gracie, the sweetest animal God put on earth. She is a horse that works at a therapeutic riding center I volunteer at and she is a star. I can’t imagine working without her because she is such a huge asset in the lives of her riders!

    70. My dreamhorse would be a 15.0 hand palomino and white morgan. he would be thin with tall legs but kind of muscled. he would not spook at anything, and would not get distracted. he would always pay attention to me, and be willing to do anything. he would mind any command i gave him, and i’d never have to push him to go anywhere. he would love trail rides and competing at horse shows as much as i do.

    71. My dream horse would be a Dark Dapple Bay Arabian gelding with a star and an irregular snip and a stocking on both of his back feet. He would be about 16.3hh and he would love to run! And he would love me more than anything else in the world and do little cute naughty things like snake his head around my back and steal the apple I was going to give him when I got his halter on!

    72. My dream horse would be a Norwegian fjord gelding. He would be fast and calm with a little spirit. He would also love to go on trail rides and to shows. He would ride western.

    73. My dream horse would be a bay thoroughbred gelding. He would be 15.3 or 16 hands. He would have lovely gaits. He would love to jump and he would have a very rhythmic canter. He wouldn’t spook at much, but he would always be alert.

    74. My dream horse would be the horse that I own today. A 16.3 Dutch Warmblood that jumps the moon and runs like the wind! He’s my dream horse, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    75. My dream horse would be a big 16.3 ish hh gelding…an Irish thoroghbred or warmblood, pinto or bright bay. He would be easy going, athletic, energetic and have a great work ethic. He would be well behaved, but not push button, he would love to jump and have a great personality.

    76. My dream horse waits right outside for me. She’s always there to offer the biggest whinny when I get home from school. She gives the best hugs and listens to all my secrets. She’s the only one who waits patiently while I do their hair. She does everything I ask. She runs as if she’s queen of the world and I love that little bit of sass in her. The best part is being able to play hide-and-seek with her. Running around trees with her chasing me is my dream come true.

    77. It would be the horse from the original Wizard of Oz movie that at the end that pulls the carraige and changes colors! Yah multi-colored horse!

    78. As a kid I had it all planned out: I wanted I Lipizzaner all the way from Vienna, Austria that was white as snow and fast as the wind and new Western pleasure! Haha. Those were the days. Welllll, I ended up with a bay and white Paint mare who’s wonderful and sometimes stubborn, but great. And now I realize its nothing to do with the coat. Its the heart.

    79. My dream horse is right here with me. She is a strawberry roan mare who is now 12 years old. She is a Quarter Horse/ Paint/ Welsh Pony/ Arabian mixed up horse, but she is the best! I have had her for about 9 years and have been in 4-H for that long and longer also. She is an all- around horse and we do everything. She is 14.3 hands tall, and I am done growing which is good. I was getting scared for a while. Even though, she is short and just over the size of a pony, she can sure jump anything. I have jumped 3 foot at home and 2 foot at shows. I am moving up to 2ft3 and 2ft6 soon. I am going to join SNHSA Sierra Nevada Horse Show Association soon. I am getting more interested in riding English, but she is the most amazing horse in the world. I plan on bringing her to college with me even, because I am going to an Equestrian College to find my perfect horse career. She is fun to ride, energetic. She can be moody, but not as much as some mares, and I love her too much to care. Her name is Lovely Rosie, and she is on this site if you want to see her. Thank you for reading.

    80. My dream horse would be really tall, with a sweet disposition. I would want him to be good with kids, and very obedient, but with the tiniest hint of wild in him. That would be my dream horse.

    81. My dream horse is an arabian throughbred cross that has a sweet temper and very smart. I want it to be spirited and very entergetic. It should be blood bay. That would be very pretty:)

    82. My dream horse would be a black and white pinto, with a black flowing mane. His name would be Blizzard. He would be the most graceful horse of all!!!!!

    83. My dream horse is a 16 hand or up australian stock horse for hunter jumper or a trakhener that is dappled gray and a long wavy mane and tail like the horse Richie at my barn. Also I would want to train her myself and I would want her to like my homemade peppermint coated horse cookies and have a long coat in winter.

    84. My dream horse is a short, scruffy Mustang, Paint, or Quarter horse to trail ride and do some gaming with. I would want to raise him since he was born and train him myself. He would be friendly, trusting, and a real cowgirl’s horse!

    85. My dream horse would be a tall, handsome steel gray Belgian/Thoroughbred gelding. With a shiny black mane and tail.
      Or a choclate brown dapple mare, with a flowing blonde mane and tail. And a cute colt to match!
      They would be my dream horses!

    86. I already own my dream horse. A tall (16.3hh) white-gray OTTB gelding who has a heart of gold, and, when he sees something interesting, the pose of a champion. Yet, while I own the horse of my dreams, I would love to match him with a tall dark and handsome (or gorgeous) fresian, or even a warmblood.

    87. My dream horse would be any horse that I could have to ride and compete on. A horse that I could trust and enjoy being with. Breed, color, age, and height don’t really matter if I could find a really good horse, but I do have my preferences.
      Breed: QH
      Color: buckskin, bay, chestnut
      Height;about 15.1- 15.2
      Age: young enough to be fit to compete on but old enough to have basic skills and training

    88. Though my black perky American Shetland is my favorite horse in the world, my dream horse would be a tall majestic Friesian with a loving eye, arched neck, thick mane and tail, and midnight-black conformation.

    89. My dream horse is a big 16hh Red Roan Quarter Horse Mare! I would want to do western events, like reining, cuttting, or roping.

    90. I would love to find a well broke Grulla Tobiano mare,with a long two toned mane and tail.Or maybe a black and white tobiano Gypsy Vanner,with flowing feathers on its legs.Or a well trained showy Arab.Hmm…But I think mine are close to perfect for me.

    91. my dream horse would have to be a mustang who listened 2 me and protect me from dangerous creatures who would come to me when i called and would wait 4 me at the gate and would risk its life for me

    92. My dream horse is my chesnut mare she is so fiery and she loves to run.When im barrel racing her she turns the barrels with grace and determination but once we hit the third barrel its bookin it home thats why shes my dream horse.

    93. I have to say that I have my dream horse. She is teaching me to never give up because she is a stubborn girl. She is teaching me horse to train and form a relationship with her!

    94. My dream horse is TJ a plain sorrel trail horse at a local ranch. He was the first horse I ever rode 6 years ago, he was 4 yo then he’s 9 now.He was a ham then and he’s still a ham now.

    95. My dream horse is very similar to the one I have now. An athletic black and white paint mare who loves me as much as I do her. The only difference between my real horse and my dream horse is that the dream horse loads nicely.

    96. My dream horse was a 4 year old black Hungarian Warmblood gelding that is 16.2 hands. Though my dream horse didn’t come in this form. It came in the form of a 16 hand, 11 year old Bay, Thoroughbred Quarter Arab, gelding named Pegasus. Though i barely had him for a year he is my love! He loves to run and he is willing to learn and please, and we have an unbreakable bond that will last forever! We have been put through many tests in barrel raceing competitions and in riding fast They have both lead to some rough spots, but were in it together to get through it!!!

    97. When I was really little i never really had a dream horse, I guess i pictured “SPIRIT, Stallion The Cimarron. But my real dream horse is a 8 year old Dappled gray Gelding named Poco. At 16 hands he towers over all the ponies and other horses at the stables. His fantastic personality covers for clumsiness. Together we do all we can, and I truthful know he is my dream horse.

    98. I never really had a “dream horse”, until i saw my beautiful chestnut gelding on vidio for the first time. He was abused as a youngster and yet he is so capable of love. I think he is the kind of personallity everybody should strive to be! He does everything from western pleasure to jumping (he jumps like a moose though)! I’ve even shot cap guns off of him! He is my love of my life and my dream horse!

    99. my dream horse is a beautiful petite brown eyed arabin/quarter horse. she has a coat as white as snow and a long creammy yellow colord mane and tail. her muzzel is gray with a pink dimond on it.her name is sharpay she is the best horse iv ever had.she is truely my dream horse

    100. I am lucky to have found my dream horse. He is an 8 year old black Friesian Stallion names Black Jack. He is not just my dream horse he is my best friend. When we go riding, We become one. He can do almost anythings I ask him to do. He is the best a dressage. I couldnt ask for better horse the Black Jack.

    101. I have never owned a horse, but for every occasion where I receive presents (Christmas, Birthday) I ask for a horse. The horse I dream of is a Anglo-Arab mare (part Thoroughbred part Arabian) with a long mane and tail, powerful over the fences and super fast. She would have four perfect white stockings and a wide, long blaze on her face. She would be the best jumper around. But you know what? I would change my dream horse to match a scraggly little brown pony too small to ride and a nasty temperament if I was even given the option to own a horse.

    102. I own my dream horse. She is a thirty year old appendix mare, she is bay, with two socks, and a star/snip. She is missing some teeth as well but she is perfect for me. We can only walk when riding but at the moment that’s all I can do.

    103. My dream horse is a 15.2hh bay Paint Horse gelding with 3 socks and a lopsided shape of a spoon down his face, his show name My Rockstar Moment, his barn name Star, and I couldn’t love him more <3

    104. For my entire 21 years of living I always just dreamed in general of owning a horse. One year and a month ago, I became a horse owner of a 12 y/o Arab gelding. When I look into his eyes I see compassion, spirit, and just the pure joy of life itself. He talks to me without saying a word, and can basically read my mind. I look to him as my mentor and teacher. My best friend and companion. I would say he’s my boyfriend also, but I already have one who sometimes thinks he’s being replaced!

    105. Some people say the perfect horse doesn’t exist, yet to them their own horse is the best. The horse may not be perfect, but the love between horse and rider is. So the dream horse may be different for each person, but the true dream horse is the one sitting in your field, or stall right now. The one you get to share your love with, that is the dream horse for EVERY rider.

    106. My dream horse exists, he is a black Clydesdale named Monty. Monty has many faults but these only serve to make me love him all the more. The best thing about Monty is that even though he isn’t mine, he will do things for me that he won’t do for other people. I love him and he loves me, that’s all that matters.

    107. My, Dream Horse would be a sleek dark black Friesian that has skin that is shiny no matter if he is in rain or sunshine. A horse that has the happiest personality under any circumstance and most of all a heart that is big enough for the whole world to be perfect,espically a horse that loves me back!

    108. I already have my dream horse. I don’t want any other horse. Even though he has some issues, to me, he is perfect in every way, and I love him more than anything.

    109. my dream horse would be a black horse, with a white stripe on his forhead, and all white stockings. i had the best horse you could ever have but we had to put him down shortley after we got him. i miss him very much. his heart is in mine!

    110. When I was in grade school, I had a post card that stayed on my headboard and I fell asleep each night with its image watching over me. Two magnificent horses were facing one another on a mountain ridge, with the full moon lining the clouds around it. One horse was a palamino, the other a shiny black.
      I now own a copper-penny sorrel with a flaxen mane and tail, and a shiny black gelding, both Tennessee Walking Horses. I guess I now fall asleep with images of Jazz and Leon in my dreams.

    111. I’m still in school so im still a dreamer. But for now my dream horse would be the most elegent muscular clydesdale i could find. All buff and beautiful.

    112. My dream horse became a reality! I have a horse named Dan who is perfect for me! He always makes me feel happy. Sure we have our ups and downs but who doesn’t?

    113. I used to think that my dream horse was a Mustang and a Kentucky Mountain mix. My old mare, who passed, was a Kentucky Mountain. But I have learned that that is not what I want. What I want has come true. My mom’s horse is a gelding, half Mustang named Lakota, who is only 4 or 4 and a half. My gelding is named Chief, who is a Quarter Horse, who is 20! My boys are as handsome as my mare was beautiful. I think about them everyday. I love them more than my heart can hold.

    114. I recently found my dream horse She is a brown and white paint mare quarter horse with on blue eye she is truly beautiful!! She has a sweet personality, loves to be loved on and she rides good. As soon as i seen her I knew she was gonna be my forever horse so I changed her name to DREAMER!!!

    115. I have lots of dream horses. Here are my main 2: Star Buckle is a palimeno stallion 1/2 Arabian 1/2 Thouroghbred. Dreamer is a Dapple Gray mare Arabian.

    116. My Dream horse was a Welsh cross name Lady. We were the best of friends even to the end. She knew what I wanted and still humored me with her little stunts. She taught me the exicitment, trust, and love of riding. Running through the feilds without a worry of falling off for I new she would take care of me. Lady was my dream horse

    117. My dream horse is a deep bay stallion, come fresh out of racing named “Narrow Escape” I would call him Narrow. I would want him to have a feisty attitude, but be able to be ridden and be like a doll.

    118. My dream horse has always been a huge black Frisian. I would want a gelding with a sweet temperament who would respond to me more than anyone else.(:

    119. My dream horse would be a big beautiful dapple gray Andalusian that shared a connection with me so deep I wouldn’t ever want another friend.

    120. My dream horse is a flashy bay roan Tennessee Walker named Dakota – with a beautiful blaze and lots of chrome. He took an “over 50” woman with a bad back and turned me into a a confident pain-free teenager. His three perfect gaits are heavenly and so much fun to ride. He is kind and patient and loving – and willing to go anywhere and do anything. He is actually much more than I would have dreamed for.

    121. My dream horse is the horse I already have. A 16.3 dark bay Appendix QH, with a stubborn personality but loves me anyhow. As a rescue, we bonded very quickly and he only works for me. Nobody else can really get him to perform the way I do. I think he knows i rescued him.

    122. My dream horse is the horse like Belle, my trainer’s bay 16 hand ex-racehorse who is firey and quirky… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    123. My dream horse is a 15.2 (or so) hh Rocky Mountain mare; she is chocolate with a golden mane and tail, no other white; what could be better?

    124. My dream horse is definatly the one I have right now 🙂 My horse Georgia is pretty amazing! She challenges me just the right amount and knows when to behave like a perfect little angel. She may not be a purebred but to me…she’s perfect 🙂

    125. My dream horse would be: A Welsh Cob, mare, with four stockings and a blaze and be black. her name would be Stardust……..

    126. I’ve always dreamed of having a big, beautiful, fairy-tale horse. Some kind of light draft, like a Noriker or Irish Draught. Color doesn’t matter, but he would have to be brave and gentle, and love galloping along beaches and wooded trails.

    127. My dream horse is 14,2hh+ clydesdale/saddlebred/appaloosa bay gelding or mare.Is very versatile and good natured.An extremely patient.Loves to be groomed and enjoys all sorts of treats and loves to be loved.Is great for all levels of riders. Almost like some of the horses I rode at lessons.

    128. I don’t need a dream horse because I already have the horse of my dreams! A small 14.2 bay gelding. He’s got a bit of every thing. Some QH, Morgan, and a little Shetland too! He’s fiesty and hard to handle sometimes, but an amazing worker and we have won more than a few ribbons.

    129. I only wish my welsh mare was taller then, I’d have my dream horse. I’ve always wanted a bay Arabian/Quarter Horse cross mare. With a white star and two hind socks (Like my pony). Who flys around barrels and shows off in reining.

    130. My dream horse? Her name is Avery and she is a schooling horse at a barn in the bronx. She’s a 20 year old flea-bitten gray mare, about 12 hands (yeah, she’s a pony. So what?). She’s everything anybody could ask of a pony, and I want her as my horse, since I don’t own one.

    131. I already have 2 dream horses! My newest is a 4 year old arabian mare named Hannah Hope(Hannah for short) who i am currently training now and the other one is a 26 year old arabian guarter horse who is my current barrel racing horse! Once Hannah is trained Lucky will retire to trails and Hannah will be my new barrel horse! i am also thinking of starting endurance with Hannah considering her bloodlines of all endurance horses!

    132. My dream horse would be a grey dappled warm blood names Hermes. He would have a smooth, even canter, and a even trot too. He would be able to jump as high as I wanted him to, and not speed up before the jumps. I would be able to trust him completely, and know that he cares for me, and would do his best not to let me fall. We would be a great team, and love each other greatly.

    133. My dream horse is named Hannah and she is 4 years old and i am training her right now. She is sitting in her large open stall probably eating!

    134. I actually have have my dream horse right now named Boogie, but everyone (including me) always dreams of another horse. My horse would be a 15-16 hand Dapple Grey American Quarter Horse Stallion. He would be trained in Barrel Racing, reining, and western pleasre. He would also be a part of my breeding program of my future performance Quarter Horse Ranch.

    135. My dream horse would be a paint. Mostly brown with white markings. It would be a white Jagged line that comes up on the side and goes under the belly and also a little blotch on the neck. Of corse I am describing my horse, Little Bit, she could not be any more perfect in my eyes.

    136. I’ve always wanted a dapple grey horse, something big but I have the perfect horse. He’s not what I envisioned having but no horse could ever compare to him. He’s a dark bay thoroughbred. I can do anything on him; from jumping a hunter or jumper course to riding western, going on a hunter pace to swimming at the beach. He’s the best!

    137. My dream horse is a tall white arabian gelding with a short mohawk mane and a long, flowing tail. He is 24 years old but still as wild and young as ever. Has a strong personality and very friendly if he trusts you. The horse i describe is Freddy, a lesson horse at my barn. He is my favorite horse and we have a pretty tight bond. I love him so much and wish he was mine.

    138. well when i was young it was a dapple grey.
      however a couple years ago i saw a horse a lessons and always went and gave him treats. well one day he was sold and last summer a friend said she had a horse i could ride and guess who it was!!! KODA
      well long story short he is out at my barn and my horse=)

    139. Actually compared to most of the posted, I have my dream horse! shes my baby! Azrael or aka holland
      Imported Dutch Warmblood mare that was a Grand Prix Show Jumper and is the world famous granddaughter to Ramero Z and the Neace to Ratina Z.
      Couldnt ask for more! 😀

    140. Since i can remember my dream horse has always been a friesian stallion/gelding. Thick mane and tail with lots of feathers. He would have a fiery spirit but be absolutely sweet. A rich black coat and a huge neck. Everyday i dream of owning such a horse and can’t wait for the day i do.

    141. My dream horse would be a tall, handsome, pure black Friesian with a great personality and gets along with people and other horses and animals. Also is an easy learner to new training skills. One that will love me forever.

    142. My dream horse is the horse I have now! She is an eight year old Dun Paint mare with more color than white. She is 15.2 hands tall and is literally 3 feet wide. She foundered before I got her but she has recovered fairly well. She may be a big, stocky horse but I love her anyway!

    143. My dream horse would be exactly the horse I have now, A chestnut Quarter Horse gelding, 15.2hh. But I wish he was a stud. He is such an amazing horse, all big and stocky with a perfect temperment.

    144. before i had a horse i wanted abig black stallion i found on a island.but the mintute i saw ginger she was my dream horse and allways will!

    145. When i was i wanted to be riding down the beach on a black wild horse i found there but my dream horse now is a white Arabian stallion, iKnow that sounds weird but it would be cool to find one and buy it. ( then ride it )

    146. A big, black Warmblood TB cross mare. I am in LOVE with mares and big black horses. I would like her to be confident, sweet, a little peppy, and of course she would love jumping!

    147. I would want a roan Anglo-Arabian Quater Horse stallion mix that would be able to help me advance as a rider, person, and horse lover. Of course he would be gentle with me, other horses and, if he should be a lesson horse at my stables, young riders. He would have great stamina and speed, like Secretariet, but contradictory to those traits the grace of a swan, the alertness of a squirel on coffee-high, and the intelligence of an Einstein-class horse. But most of all he would be my best bud. The one person I could go to with anything. He would hopefully live a long life so he can touch more hearts then just mine.

    148. I would want a horse that could help me to meet all of my horse goals and a horse that would help me be a better rider and horse owner. Color and breed don’t matter, as long as he/she has a great personality!

    149. My dream horse would be a sleek, muscly, male,dapple gray Arabian, with a cream mane and tail. It would wonderful in all disciplines and sports, english and western.

    150. My dream horse would be a gorgeous white as snow lippizaner. I love this breed. For my tenth birthday my parents took me to a lippizaner show and i loved it! They are so pretty and i love to watch them perform.

    151. My dream would be a pure black arabian and when I say black I mean JET BLACK. And his mane to be crimped and he would be tall and built up like a stallion.

    152. The dream horse I’ve always wnted is a middle aged, mixed breed shelter horse. I’ve never dreamed of fancy horses with long manes and tails that sweep the grouned, just a plain shelter horse that needs my help to live a better life

    153. My dream horse is a jet black Gypsy Vanner stallion with snow white mane & tail. I love the feathered feet & long flowing manres & tails of these horses, along with their big, stocky build and thick, powerful neck. I would ride him along the shoreline of a beautiful beach.

    154. i OWN my dream horse!!! she’s a 13 hh, brown pony. she’s 5 years old. she jumps, trail rides and once won a red and a BLUE in a rodeo!!! she’s my DREAM HORSE AND I COULD NEVER FIND ANY BETTER HORSE 🙂

    155. I already have the best horse that I have ever known. But……………..I want to raise Gypsy and Friesans. I know that my dream horse would come with my dream. So……..He would be either a Gypsy or Frisean, (or both) and would do ANYTHING I aked him to do.

    156. When I was little I always wanted a horse of my own. A quarter horse, like I was used to, with flowing speed and a loving connection between us. He would be a gray gelding with spots or speckles. I’m glad to admit that today I own my dream horse, even if its not exactly as I thought. Zues, my flea bitten gray, is all I can ask for.

    157. I always wanted to own a Quarter Horse because I’m into gaming. I would love it if I could own a buckskin, pure black, dapple gray, or a dun. But I am happy riding a Tennessee Walker/Quarter Horse chestnut gelding for the time being.

    158. I don’t have my own horse, but I want one. I have always loved horses and ponies and I spend alot of time thinking about my dream horse. I would love to have a good jumper,but also one that I could use in smaill shows were I could ride western. However, I realy want a horse that is a recue animal.

    159. My dream horse would either be a buckskin, who is a good jumper and with western, or a black quarter horse with a blaze right down the middle of his face.

    160. I already have my dream horse. He’s a 16.3hh hanoverian gelding. His name’s Chester and we train in jumpers. I couldnt ask for a better horse. He’s very affectionate and always tries hard to do what im asking. He’s just perfect. I love him to death:)

    161. My 12 year old 16 hand tall Grey appendix qh gelding Hollywood Leader. sure i would love to have his feet fixed they are pointed out because of his weaving but it gives him carictor and i wouldnt change him for the world. he is perfect and he is mine!:)

    162. I imagine a black 16 hand stallion who’s a bit headstrong, only I can handle him. He’s a bit green, but trusts me, and we make a great team. He’s an Arabian, and is the perfect cross country horse. Now I just need to grow up, move to the country, and find my dream horse.

    163. I already have my dream horses: 21-year-old Quarter Horse gelding (Chief) and 5-year-old half-Mustang (Lakota). Yes, there are some personality traits I would have changed, but if I could, they wouldn’t be my boys!

    164. My horse! She was abused, hit by a car, undernourished, and attemptingly poisoned. We turned her life around and she is one of the most beautiful horses inside and out. There is no better PERFECT horse than one you trust, trusts you back and you relate to on an emotional level.

    165. My dream horse is my firts horse Casper, he was a 20 year old leopard apaloosa. He taught me so much about horses. He would do anything we would even compete in western and english. Unfortunately when the economy crashed I couldn’t afford t keep him. He wasn’t just a horse he was my best friend I would give anything to have him back.

    166. My dream horse is a 4 year old, 16.2 dapple gray Thoroughbred mare. I would use her for stadium jumping and western pleasure.

    167. My dream horse would be a medium sized snowflake appaloosa with gray and black specks and a white body. She would 3 socks and 1 stocking. She would have a a black mane and tail with a black blaze one her head. My dream horse would be a smooth as silk canter and loving calm mellow personality. Her name would be Lily and together we would not only be champions but best friends.

    168. My dream horse (which I’ve wanted for 10 years now) would be a gray Arabian mare that had faded out to white. She would be 15 hands high and weigh about 1000 lbs. She would have a black teacup muzzle, long silky mane and tail, dished face, arched neck, dark eyes with long lashes, and a gentle temperament.

    169. My dream horse (since I was 4 I’ve wanted this horse) would be a gorgeous lighter gray mare who’s 17 point 3 hands high that would jump the moon for me, she would also have to have a light pink snip on the end of her nose, oh she would also have to be dappled!! This sounds nothing like my beautiful 17 hand thoroughbred gelding, he’s nothing like my dream horse but I gotta love him!! He gives me awesome unpredictable rides.


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