HI Spy: Tell us about your first horse


    Explain why your first horse was the bestMany of us learned to ride on reliable old school horses. Whether you were an overzealous kid trying (unsuccessfully) to coerce the horse into a gallop when the instructor’s back was turned, or a white-knuckled newbie just hoping to stay on, that horse took care of you. He knew when to respond to your clumsy cues and when to wait and let you try again. On that steady old schoolie’s back, you created a solid foundation on which to build your horsemanship skills for the rest of your equestrian career.

    Or maybe that’s not how it happened. Perhaps you acquired a devious pony during your horse-crazy-kid years or found yourself overwhelmed as a novice rider after deciding to chase your lifelong dream of horse ownership. Your introduction to horsemanship was trial by fire. Your mount did not accommodate your beginner mistakes. Instead, he found your weaknesses and exploited them, bucking, bolting or finding a low-hanging branch to get rid of you so he could go graze peacefully in the nearest field. But thanks to your tenacity, you developed a seat like glue and the ability to anticipate your horse’s next move, all thanks to the renegade equine that served as your first teacher.

    Whether your first mount was an angel or a demon, or a little bit of both, we want to hear about him. Click “Submit a Comment” below and tell us about your first horse, or the horse that taught you how to ride at the dawn of your days as an equestrian. Some of the responses may appear in an upcoming issue of Horse Illustrated

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    1. My first horse was a reliable, old (27 yrs!) thoroughbred named Raz-Mataz, but everybody called him Raz. He was really sweet and he gave me a foundation of riding. Then, a posting trot was the most difficult thing in the world for me. Now I’m doing professional Hunter/Jumper. Thank you big boy!

    2. I didn’t own her, but she taught me to ride. Her name is Princess (with a well diserved name) she is a dark bay welsh pony mare. I took lessons once a week and the first lesson, I couldn’t do anything. I had a super sloppy trot and couldn’t get the concept of posting. But the next week, as if it were over night, I was posting really well. I didn’t alway go on the correct diagonal like i do now, but i was well balanced and always corrected myself. Withing four lessons from that first day, believe it or not, but I cantered. I could feel the fear embeded on my face quickly life into a smile as I rode princess around the ring…on the correct lead. I don’t remember when I started jumping, but that was amazing and I have been adicted to it ever since.

    3. The first horse that taught me to ride English was one that I claimed mine, but of course he wasn’t. Passion was (and is) a chestnut Morgan gelding who is sweet and calm. He had a slow trot and was very cooperative for my first ride. Now, since I’m more experienced, I have learned to make him trot faster, and we even placed third together in an equitation show. He and I make a great team!

    4. The first horse to teach me western was stubborn and hated to trot. Since I was a beginner then, I couldn’t kick the mare hard enough- I had to have my instructor come over, grab my heel, and kick her for me. I was so frustrated one day, I kicked her so hard that she began to canter, that’s when I learned that you need to know how hard to kick a horse!

    5. I don;t own her but I rode a horse named Stubborn Sandy, she was VERY true to her name. She taught me how to deal with a fussy horse, Sandy also had the perfect trot! Sandy had a very sensitive mouth and barrel, so she taught me how to be gentle. Sandy was simply amazing!

    6. The first horse that taught me to ride was a stubborn gelding named harley. he was an ex racer and didnt like to trot. we rode western, he was very energetic but taught me how to control an out of control horse and perfect my riding. i never saw harley after the 3 weeks we spent together, but i now have an amazing teacher. my 3 year old Arabian stallion Memphis. ill always rembmer my first ride with harley, i know he is safe, and will always be in my heart

    7. I have been riding a short 7 years now and have just recently got my official “first horse” an OTTB Gelding named Hunter. He’s the picture horse for girls all over, the large white/gray horse who is happy to do anything, except work hard. With hard training he is turning into a dream horse and I love him to death. But the horse I learned to ride on 7 years ago was a small palomino mare named Premo. She was my baby, a chubby stubborn mare who would walk to the gate when she decided she was done. She taught me when to be patient, and when to demand more from a horse. Without learning on horses like her I would never have been ready to take on a fresh off the track racer. All those lesson horses, short or tall, fat or lean, gray or black, have taught me valuable lessons which I cherish to this day.

    8. I had been riding for two years and had wanted a horse since I was 3. My neighbor helped me look for every little girl’s “dream horse”. We looked at three horses with no luck. I had fallen in love with a beautiful black horse, but we decided to keep looking.
      One September day we heard about a Palomino gelding in the merchandiser. We decided to go look at him because, after all it would be my first horse. We went to look at him a week later. We jumped on his back and walked / jogged around, talked to his owner and she went into the house to get something. My neighbor looked at me and I said, “This is the one… I love him”. The lady dropped him of three days later.
      Last year he began getting really herd-bound to a mare and then totally went off the deep end. We tried a few things and in six-months it was like I had a completely different horse!
      I am now showing him and love him so much! He’s my best friend!

    9. ok so i have been riding for a bout three years and in o7 i got my miniature horse cheif,but obviously i cant ride him so the horse who really taught me to ride was/is Duck, the little stinker. he would pull just about every trick in the book to dismount me but he never actually bucked or anything like that when my riding instructor was looking. my most memorable occasion with duck was the day i touched a metal mailbox alongside the road and it pinged Ducks death sentence. anyway he went one way and i went another. then there was buttons and snickers and they both tried to scrape me off on a tree. then aladdin though he was a good boy. then Lady and she was a little highstrung but lots of fun.

    10. My first horse was actually a large bay quarter saddle cross gelding named Trouble. He was the most gentle thing ever! When I was visitng my grandparents as a 5 day old child, my Papow took me out to the pasture, held me up right on the gelding’s back, and led him around. When I was old enough to sit up and understood that I had to hold on, he would lead Trouble around and I would smile the biggest smile anyone in my family had ever seen.
      It wasn’t until I was 6 that we were riding on around fields, just having a little fun. Being a very excited western rider, my papow decided to get me another horse. A black mare that we named Midnight. She stumbled a lot, but she was the first horse I ever rode by myself on. When I was 8, I began riding Trouble by myself. My papow had always warned me that he was hard to stop once the 13 year old gelding got going.
      Actually, he was wrong. I watched my papow gallop the bay many times, but he could never make him stop. One day, when I was riding Trouble, and he was on Danielle, his father’s horse, a snake came onto the path. Trouble trampled it and then took off. My papow chased after us on the chestnut mare. However, he was aware that I was in no danger. A simply whoa sent the gelding into a sliding stop. My papow looked astonished! He couldn’t believe that I had stopped the gelding all by myself, and I was only 10 and he was 42!
      When we got back home, we were allowed to watch the video that my grandmother had recorded thanks to her high tec camcorder. It was hard to hear my light called whoa to Trouble, but we all heard it. A closer look showed that I didn’t even tug the reins. After that, I knew that nothing would ever make me afraid of horses. I had even been bucked off Trouble when he kicked out at Danielle for biting him, and as soon as I wasn’t hurting anymore, I climbed right back into the saddle, and began doing more stunts like jumping ditches, chasing off wild dogs, and even going for fast gallops. I had never trusted a horse like Trouble. But, then the sad day came when we had to part. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, but I knew that he’d be ok, and that was all that mattered.

    11. Well, I have been riding since I was 7 and my first pony that taught me was a small shetland/icelandic cross. He was given to me on my 9th birthday. He was my lesson horse for easily a year before that. He taught me everything I know.
      Thanks to Stormey, I have completed Prince Phillip Games with a very good season placing 3rd of 6 or 7. (It was a couple of years ago!) I had my first dressage show on him and with him. I remember there were over 60 participants. I was 10 and the second youngest there. Stormey is completly white with three blck hooves. He was a pain that day! But we placed fouth ad I was so proud! I will never forget that day! I learned also to jump on him, shared my first canter and gallop as well. I do almost everything, and it’s thanks to him.
      I had my worst falls on him, but just made me want to try again. He was the amazing and sometimes develish pony, but will always keep a big percentage in my heart.
      He was mine for about 2 years. I’m now 14 and riding-I have a throughbred named Bob and he’s awesome. He’s a good boy. Although no other equine will be able to compete with my first pony, who gave me all my experiances! Love you boy!!

    12. My first horse was an Arabian/Quarter Horse cross named Johnsie. She was five years old, and I was twelve when I recieved her for Christmas. I was so happy I couldn’t stop crying or grinning! She was only halterbroken, but, having recently read “The Black Stallion”, I figured training would be a breeze! Fortunately Johnsie was incredibly patient! I boarded her at the local rodeo grounds, and we would play “tag” in the large arena- first I would chase her, then I’d turn and run, and she would chase me. My younger brother and I taught her to carry a rider by closing her in the bucking chute and feeding her bagfuls of carrots while easing onto her back and scratching her withers. I rode that little horse everywhere! We lived in a small town, and it was a common sight to see her hitched outside the local Safeway as I shopped for candy and Coke. Looking back, I’m incredibly grateful for the sweet and patient little mare who tolerated my bumbling (mostly!)and taught me to ride.

    13. I started taking riding lessons when I was 13 years old. The Arabian I did my first lesson on was retired the following week, so I had to be put on a Quarter Horse. She was VERY fat and not the best looking horse in the herd, so at first I was a little concerned about how much I would be able to learn on her, as I was attempting show-jumping. Once I started riding her, however, she proved me wrong. Anytime I would lose my balance, she would either go around the jump so I didn’t fall, or move sideways to catch me. A few months later, my father bought her for me, and we are still making memories together. She has taught me more than any other horse over the years, and every ride is a learning experience for both of us. We have an unspoken bond with each other, and I know we still have many joy-filled years ahead of us.

    14. I learned to ride on a school horse named Oreo. He is a Quarter Horse/Miniature Horse piebald pinto pony, with a faded black neck and hindquarters and a white barrel (chocolate with creme in the middle!). He taught me to ride with and without saddle, to jump, and a little bit of dressage. He is a stubborn, ornary treat hog who never fails to roll in the muddiest spot he can find after a bath, but the personality trait that has always shone through the brightest to me is his desire to be loved.

    15. I learned to ride on a steady old quarter horse named Donovan. He was very slow and steady and always kept me on. I remember going home after my first few lessons chanting ” I want a horse. I want a horse. I want a horse” And what do you know, after 5 years I got my first horse, Maggie.

    16. I learned how to ride on a horse named Dunny, he was a 20 year old buckskin gelding. He was a great pony. One of his traits was to eat the plants in the arena that were for decorations.
      I stopped riding for a few years and got back into it. I got lessons on howdy. An older quarter horse. In his younger days he was the best in town. People would want to race their horses with him and buy him. But he was priceless!
      I truly believe that the horse that is the hardest to ride, is when you learn to RIDE!! I bought an OTTB and we have had many experiences and he has a lot of quirks, he is the one who has really taught me how to ride.

    17. I learned how to ride on an old Quarter horse named Breezy. When I first saw him, I cried because he was sooo big. But after the lesson, I gave him a big hug because he had taken such good care of me. I was 7 then, now I’m 15, and he is fully retired and enjoying a life of just eating. He deserves more than any other horse I know to have an easy life. Through blazing summers to freezing winters he carried me and made sure that I didn’t fall off. He helped me learn how to take care and ride horses.

    18. I learned how to ride on a huge quarter/rocky mountain horse named Rocky.I rode him with my mom leading to begin with, but over time I gained confidence and started to ride by myself. He was mostly demon, but had his moments. I am still learning and I will be forever but now I am learning on Rocky’s oposite. A tiny welsh pony named Sugar who is practicly perfect!

    19. Now mines pretty interesting. My neighbors had a tiny paint shetland pony named Qunicy. They kept him in the back yard and he just grazed all day. And so of course I loved horses, but it was expensive to ask for a horse of my own. So when the owners werent home, I would sneak a gallop bareback and no halter out in the field behind my house. Good way to learn-even if I fell off more than I stayed on!

    20. When I decided to take Western Pleasure lessons, I was put on a fat (and i mean FAT) gray pony that everyone there called “Breezy” though his real name was Gray Storm. Obviously I didn’t take his name seriously until i mounted and Breezy took off. I was like five and I was screaming my head off. Breezy just cantered around until he hit some fence about a mile away. Breezy ended up being a good horse- though the excessive need to gallop. Not the steadis first horse!

    21. I never really “learned” to ride. My aunt- a person who followed whim- found an old horse at some petting zoo place. She bought “Fudge” for ten bucks and since the horse was so large, she hooked him by the haklter to the end of her truck. After leaving Fudge in the front yard of my house and ‘giving him to me’ Aunt Delly took off. After keeping Fudge in a make shift stall in the garage I toyed with ridng until I was pretty darn good. Three years and two more horses later- I am a competeitive trail rider and Fudge is retired. But at least we found a stable- no more garage!

    22. Oliver was a lucky Christmas present from my grandparents. The ill-tempered bay gelding was my first ride- I was on for ten minutes until he threw me a buck so large I hit a near by tree. I got up, laughing, and wanted on immidiantly after my topple. I trail rode him in the woods behind my house and I got used to his usual bucks and rubbing me agaisnt a tree. So when I acutally began taking cross country lessons and I rode sweet horses I was incredibly bored without the bucks and falls. From then on- twenty years ago- I only bought green yearlngs that had the attitude of a seriously pissed stallion.

    23. Halle was my first horse. She was 22 when I got her, and I was 14. I was so proud of her, even though she was a swayback old mare with arthritic knees. I will never forget her or her ways, including knowing when it was time to go back to the barn, LOL. She was the perfect first horse for me, and now someone else is enjoying her as their first horse.

    24. I learned to ride a 4yr old QH named Cody. I was visiting my cousin in CA for a summer and at the time he was undergoing his initial training. He was not being trained for cutting but for Dressage (which I had never heard of) and I was lucky enough to be included. So I spent my summer learning on a green broke horse. He & his trainer are the foundation of my skills (although not a hi-level rider I’d be nowhere without them)…

    25. After riding for two years on lesson horses my parents gave in and bought me my own horse. Her name was Mocha, a 16 year old, 16hh Appaloosa. When I first went to ride her she quickly made me realize she wasn’t a push button lesson horse, and although she was 16 she sure didn’t act like it. She was extremely critical of any faults I had, and was very quick to fix them. Just one of the things she taught me was to not hold on to the reins for support, which I was able to get away with on the lesson horses. I would be cantering along, holding on to her mouth and she would just pull her head down and keep going, I would be thrown off balance, but I sure stoped doing that! She was also quite barn sour and as soon as she could feel me not paying attention she would bolt as fast as she could towards home, I would holler and she would just pin her ears so she couldn’t hear my screams! Luckily after a very rough start we are now a perfect match and get along great. I have become such a better horseperson and rider thanks to Mocha teaching me how to ride properly, although she is very good now I still have to keep paying attention or else she’ll be sure to get my attention back!

    26. When I was 15 I was given my Arabian mare Jazmyn. She was beautiful, but there was a problem. She was 12 and not broke to ride. I had been riding for 4 years and trained her myself. Now I compete in gymkhanas with her and she is my baby!

    27. My 1st horse ever was a mare named Bo, she was a appaloosa, she was like a grandma for me, if you fell off she would stop and look down at you with a look that said “what are you doing down there? you were just ridding me” and my dad had her since she was born, she passed away last september. she was 32yrs old. Im 13now and we have her half sister, who is 31yrs old, also an appaloosa, within the next two weeks we may be getting a 4yr old for me. I miss Bo and here sister is on borrowed time, we hope she lasts a couple more years.

    28. My first horse was named Tonto. He was an Arab/QH cross. When my father bought him, he was told the horse would kill me within a month. He reared, bucked, ran away, was impossible to catch in the field, pulled back when tied—you name it Tonto did it. I rode and loved that horse for 10 years. He was fearless on trail, always waited for me to get up and back on when he bucked me off, never held a grudge. I learned how to ride anything that walks by sticking to that horse. He was stolen 30 years ago—I never found him but I never forgot him or the lessons he taught me.

    29. Ever since I could remember I dreamed of one day owning a horse of my own. One day my dream came true. The first time I saw Golden Baytzim I knew I loved that horse. He was a tall, gorgeous, golden bay, ex-racing thoroughbred, with only one problem. He was an advanced horse that needed an experienced rider….I was just learning. The first time I rode him I asked him to trot and he took off. I lost my reins and stirrups and was soon hanging on is neck for dear life. I knew I would fall and for some reason I trusted him so, I let go. Baytzim was careful not to hurt me and jumped easily over me when I feel beneath him, he then stopped, turned around and looked at me as if to ask “Are you ok?”From then on I stay on a lounge line until I learned to control him. He was so patient and he always took care of me and tried his heart out to please me. Eventually learn how to ride dressage with a professional and had started jumping (my dream was to event; now that I could ride I was able to start being the experienced rider Baytzim needed. But in the spring of 2009 after owning him for nearly 5 years, he got colic. For two hours I walked him, begging him to stay with me until the vet arrived. The vet did all that she could but in the end he was put down due to an impaction in his small intestine, he was in terrible pain. Baytzim had the biggest heart and he never gave up. I will never forget how hard he tried, ALWAYS for me. There is something special about a rider’s first horse that makes them unforgettable. They make hoof prints on your heart and when they leave, they take part of you with them.

    30. I just acquired my first horsey partner-in-crime; a rescue Arabian mare named Sari. She’s 14 years old, 14.2 Hands high, and untrusting twards humans. She was beaten and abused before I got her, and is wary at first. I’ve always wanted to rescue animals (I rescued two cats, and one dog), but rescueing a Horse is my dream come true! It’s been three months, and shes trusts me compleatly, and I hope to soon be able to ride on her strong back. I hope to be able to help more horses like Sari in the future, but for now, I love my girl and I wouldnt have it any other way!

    31. All my young life I wanted a horse, a big black bueaty with along mane and tail that could run like the wind. Then when I was 13 year old my dream of a horse came true but not the dream horse. Joe was a 10 year old black and white paint gelding that was about as broke as you can get. You would almost has to push him to go. He taught me how to ride every where up and down hill over bridges and through creeks even little jumps. He never left my side if I would fall off. He made me a good rider and has taught me what a real friend a horse could be.

    32. My first horse was, and is, the horse love of my life. My parents bought her for my 15th birthday when she was 5yrs old–23 years later she is still my dream horse. I had been taking riding lessons for a year (which my mom insisted on before she would consider purchasing a horse for me–smart lady) when my friend’s parents decided to sell her horse. Some of the horses at the ranch where I took lessons were great, but I never made a real connection with any of them. The first time I rode Windy, a Quarter Horse cross, I was in love!! She has been there for me in the good and bad days of my life and we have learned a lot together. I will always consider her one of my best friends. We have always had just as much fun with simple grooming as on the trail. She is getting on in years and has slowed down some, but she still has that vibrant spirit and the sparkle in her eye; and she never ignores a chance to play pranks!!

    33. I have always dreampt of owning a horse. Finally, my dream came true. I have tried many horses in my riding lessons, but one was my by far favorite. He is a beautiful chestnut gelding named Reggie. He is a very special horse. He is a rare solid color Appaloosa. I have tried him before when I was not a very experienced rider, and he was not my favorite. Now that I am a better rider, he behaves very well for me. We will be in many shows this year, hopefully to win a blue ribbon. We can tackle walking, trotting, and cantering together. My dream horse and I will be best friends forever!

    34. First time i rode i was like 7. than i didnt ride for 4 years. i started to volunteer at the local barn. i rode in 2 weeks. i was in the horse crazy stage and it broke my heart not to ride. im working with my neighbors twh. im training him right now. so it all worked out for me.

    35. The first horse I ever rode belonged to my grandpa. He was part Quarter Horse part draft named Danny Boy and he was very ornery. I didn’t know how to ride very well at the time, as I was only 13 and never had riding lessons but I was determined to ride anything I could get on. Danny Boy would buck, rear or try to rub you off on the barn door or a nearby tree. One day I rode him a couple miles to the local Church Camp and on the way home he decided to buck and bolt through a potato field. I landed in soft dirt but behind him I could see potatos flying up in the air as he headed home.

    36. im still learning the ropes on my 22 year old appendix quarter horse 🙂 who knew learning can be so much fun!!

    37. The first real riding experience I had was when my godmother bought me lessons to this stables in the area when I was 8.I rode a 25 year old arabian gelding named Chippy.He was always trying to stop at this one spot in the arena that I thought myself a failure and almost burst to tears.But my instuctor Staci told me that Chippy did that to everyone to test them, and that made me feel a little better and not like a failure. The day ended with me giving Chippy an apple treat and sugar cube and making amends with him.I took lessons with him for three more years and he recently died last year.He is a great inspiration for when I’m feeling down.

    38. When I was only six years old I was up in the mountains with my parents on a pack trip. We were in the thunder, and lightning. I was ridding our youngest horse. She freaked out when a huge thunder went over head. I fell off and all of the horses kicked my helmet. If it wasn’t for that helmet I would have been dead. I thank that helmet so much. I still have that helmet too. That horse is still alive, and is one of my best friends!!!!

    39. My first horse was a gray arab cross mare named Chotch. We were both 19. I rode her bareback everywhere. She was very fun but afraid of buses, so sometimes I fell off. I jumped right back on. I worked at a hatchery to pay for her upkeep. I learned a lot during the time I had her.

    40. My first horse was an Appalloosa named Dusty. I bought her from my mom when I was 10 years old for $10. She was the best kids horse ever. She was never in a hurry, spooked and always did what you wanted even if you were little. By the time I was 12 years old I owned my own horse and dog. The three of us were the best pals ever taking on the world! Dusty would even let my dog ride.

    41. The first horse I took lessons on was a small Tennessee Walker gelding named Carpet. He was the sweetest horse I have ever met, and he was a miracle horse. He survived founder and was euthanized last year at the grand old age of 31. I learned how to stay balanced and remain calm when I was riding him. However, the most influential horse in my life is my horse. He spooks at everything, so I learned how to hold on for dear life. He taught me how to be confident over the high jumps, and how to relax at shows. I have owned him for at least 5 years, and every ride is a new experience with him. He’s getting better with the whole spooking thing. I showed him at a jumper derby last year, and he was amazing, even over the water jump!

    42. My very first horse was a Hackney Pony named Apollo. I was taking lessons at my riding barn and I was becomming more and more advanced. One day I came to the barn and my trainer said that I had a pony of my own. I was sooooo happy! After I started working with him I was told that he was said to be unsafe for kids. I was 7 at the time! Now I am 14 and he is the greatest saddle pony ever!

    43. My first horse was one of a kind. She was a quarter horse mix and about 16 years old. You would think they she would be a kids horse because she was my first but that was not the case. She got spook and was lazy a lot! I think I’m the great rider I am because she was that way. She may have been a pain in the butt but she also was a pain in my heart when she left. Her name was Breezy and I will never forget her.

    44. I still have my first horse. She is a 5 year old Quarter Horse mare who is helping me learn how to ride. She is a stubborn girl and is teaching me that I need to be more of a leader when I ride her because I have trained her from scratch! She is teaching me things that I can use outside of riding also! She is everything I have asked for!

    45. My first horse, Pipsqueak, nearly killed me. I was in 4th grade and had taken english lessons. I rode my horse on the trails in Littleton Colorado. Everytime I went up one particular hill in order to get home, she would buck. Well, once I fell on a motor and broke my collarbone, and another time I got a concussion. We gave her back to the people that sold her to us.
      Thankfully in 7th grade I got the most perfect horse, Vegas! Palomino with fancy blaze and 4 white stockings. Rode him everywhere, drive in at Taco bell, cruising Colfax, Westernaires, and Table Top Mtn in Golden Colorado.. He went to college with me where I got a degree in Horse Training.. Still miss him!!!

    46. The first horse I learned to ride on was an old guy named Nylar. A yellowish grey in his late 20’s with a boney back and the bounciest trot you would have ever ridden. He was an ex racehorse, and ex police horse, and a great school horse. He lived to be 29-30, as I left that barn and heard he died through a friend. He was the love of my life. Even when he flipped me over his head when he decided to pay attention to the foxhunt starting in the distance. Or when he took off with me in the ring, and when he finally stopped I had both stirrups on the left side of the saddle with my feet completely through, and bear hugging his neck to stay on. Some of the best memories, and he will always be my NyNY <3

    47. when i was 9 years old i got my first horse,he was a beutiful pinto, brown and white tobiono. heres how i got him….one day my dads friend said he had a horse up in arkansas and he wanted to know if we knew anyone who would like to buy him. my dad knew that i always dreamed of having a pinto so he asked for a picture… well right when i saw him i fell in LOVE! he was georgeos! my dad liked how he looked too. but he did not know if he could afford him. so after a couple of weeks i cind of forgot about him and i was going to the barn where i was taking lessons because my trainer called me, she just said” come on over I getting a new horse!” so just when my dad and me pulled up i saw people unloading this pinto horse and i thought” that horse looks just like that one i wanted!” after i saw him my dad whispered”He’s yours” i found out my dad traded his lexas car for him!! after the years we trained each other and we had a unbreakable bond. he is still alive at 17 and doing great! i am 13 now and do 4h and other barrel shows. He will always be my “lexas” horse…

    48. The first horse I learned to ride on was a 14.5 hand Quarter Horse named Blue. She was gray and was blind in her left eye. She put up with my first time brushing, and putting the saddle on the wrong way. After the fifth week of lessons, it turned out she was lame in one of her hooves. But now I am in love with a 12 year old, white Quarter Horse. The funny thing is her name is Blue, too. I know it could never be the first horse I loved. But I will always think of her when I see or hear the color blue.

    49. When I was 10 I rode a little mare named Speckles. It was my first ever riding lesson. She is an old girl, a cute, small sorrel pony. She was the sweetest pony I’ve ever ridden. I was nervous when I first got to the arena with all the tack on the right way (happily) I got on, she wasn’t the first horse I rode so I wasn’t completely clueless. She stood still as I got used to Speckles and we walked around. That day we went for a bit of a trot, a fun obstacle course and I didn’t imagine I could have that much fun on an old horse. I felt like I had a bond with the cute sorrel. She was wonderful. I took a few weeks off of her and she would “glare” at me when I walked by on another horse. She was such a funny pony. She’s taken be so far, taught me the basics to staying on and controled and the basics of jumping. She’s got me to where I am today – riding more ponies and competeing in shows. I’d like to give a shout out to that wonderful mare, Speckles.

    50. My first horse was a Welsh Morgan/Morgan cross… a wise old soul, and a bit of a wiseacre too. My dad was an old cowboy sort – you didn’t ever touch the saddle horn! Smokey was very careful with me at first, but once I got a little more experienced, he began bucking me off. As I got better and better, he got more devious, shying at nothing, dashing under trees, stopped suddenly and lowering his head! And each time he threw me, he’d stand over me and nudge me up, making me get back on. What a scamp! When he could no longer throw me off, he became the sweetest, most responsive horse… until the next novice climbed aboard! I LOVED THAT LITTLE HORSE!!!

    51. Princess(a well diserved name), a dark bay welsh pony mare taught me to ride. I took lessons once a week and the first lesson, I couldn’t do anything. I had a sloppy trot and couldn’t get the concept of posting. But the next week, as if it were over night, I was posting really well. I didn’t always go on the correct diagonal like i do now, but i was well balanced and always corrected myself. Withing four lessons from that first day, believe it or not, but I cantered. I could feel the fear embeded on my face quickly lift into a smile as I rode princess around the ring…on the correct lead. I don’t remember when I started jumping, but that was amazing and I have been addicted to it ever since. It’s all thanks to Princess!

    52. Lena, a 13 hand cutting horse, was my first horse. She taught me so much. I learned how to keep my balance and how to relax. She is the horse that helps me grow as a rider. I remember the moment when we practiced on a flag, she taught me how to cut, she still is. She makes me want to learn more. I still have her and we are insuperable.

    53. Moonlight Mystique or “Mysti”, a stunning chestnut Arabian mare (far too nice to be a lesson horse!) was the horse that taught me to ride. This mare means so much to me. She was the first horse I showed (with many victories), and the mother of my current talented show horse. I love watching little girls learn to ride on her, and am glad I’ve had a part in teaching her many things, to repay her for all the things she’s taught me. I’ve been riding for four years now, and I still go back to her when I need a little comfort or a little play time with a horse I know I can trust. Whether it’s in the show ring, on the trail, or practicing flying changes in the arena, she does it with style.
      Her second foal is due any day now. I sat and talked to her today, and something in her eyes makes me think she’s a little partial to me, the one who even though she’s riding and showing some of the best horses in the barn now, still has time for the one who taught her everything. Thanks Mysti. I couldn’t have done it without you.

    54. Since my riding experience took place in two different times of life, I kind of have to mention two horses. Hutch was the very first horse I ever rode, a gentle chestnut. I can still remember the excitement mixed with fear the first time I ever rode off the lead, that’s what really got me loving horses. Now that I’ve actually started riding lessons, my first horse is Bella, a angel and pain rolled into one 15.1hh Thoroughbred! She is quiet and experienced, doing transitions like a dream, but when you try to bring her in from the field she is as stubborn as a mule! But I love her!

    55. Floppy was 18 and I was 6 when we bought him. My first horse. I babied my horse, making him special salads every day out of our store bought lettuce, carrots,and apples. I would show off Floppy to the neighbor kid who only owned a pony. I spent every loving second with my boy. We were inseparable and best friends forever. I can not tell how many times I fell off of him, but I can tell you he never once bucked me off. My boy has since passed on. I will and always will miss his sweet spirit. His demanding and impatient eyes when I couldn’t or wouldn’t get him something he wanted. His deep nicker when he saw a grain bole. His deep, strong, neigh when he saw another horse. His big, soft noes nudging me and trying to bump the treats out of my pocket. I will miss every little thing about him. All this is because of Floppy. I would never be were I am know if it hadn’t been for Floppy, I know he will always be in my heart. He was “my” legacy.

    56. The first horse I got was an OTTB named Trucker. He spent almost his whole life at the track and after his racing career ended, he was used as a pony to bring the other horses to the gates. By the time we got him, he was in his mid 20s. I loved this horse, he was so calm and loving. People that knew him told me that when they were looking for a horse, they tried to find one just like him, someone that could give you their all, no matter what age they are. This horse gave me the confidence I needed, and I wish he was still with me today.

    57. The first horse I ever rode was an Appy named Stilly. He was only green broke and I started my riding life on him at a young age of 9! My parents were of course reluctant, but after much begging I was able to ride him under my aunts (his owner) watchful eye. He was one of the most stubborn equines I have ever met, and remains the be the most lazy acting one I can remember. But I learned to ride on this horse! He would do anything to get out of working, bucking was most of the time to much work but when you rode him uphill bareback it wasn’t hard for him to cow hop and let you fall! He’d also try to roll on you if you tried to do more than a turtle jog, and if he didn’t want to go a different way then he’d even rear occasionally! But after much falling I had developed one of the best “natural” seats and was constantly praised for it when I started to take weekly riding lessons at a local riding barn.
      Almost 5 years ago, my aunt had to give away Stilly and his sweetheart, Athena, to a barn a few towns over. After the summer was over the owners of the barn called my aunt & told her to get the horses that week cause they weren’t using them anymore since summer was over. And even though she tried getting ahold of them, they never contacted her again, and I only hope they were taken in by a new loving owner.

    58. the first horse i really learned to ride on was a chestnut Quarter horse named Rocket. I had ridden a few horses before him when i was younger,but when i turned five my mom rode double with me,and Rocket always took care of us. And now hes sixteen and still teaches me and has helped me over the years with my riding and made me the rider i am today. He has been the greatest friend to me anyone could ask for.

    59. my first horse was a chestnut with black stockings. her name was pockahontis and she had a few hoof problems, but i wouldint have traded her for the bigest, most gorges, race horse ever! but unfortunetly i didnt have a choice because one day i came home from school to find she had ben horse naped. i was devustated and surched for a year but no luck.

    60. My first horse was a black and white tobiano paint. Her name was Tonks. I remember she was really lazy (and a bit fat), but she was calm, gentle and would go anywhere you wanted her to go. She taught me how to ride, and not to be afraid of horses. She was the horse of a lifetime.

    61. The horse that taought me to ride was a palomino Quarter Horse named Jessie. I started riding her after my original school horse went lame. Jessie isn’t exactly a beginner horse. She would try a pull a stunt every time a rode…and she still does! She may not have been the best horse for me to ride when I did, but she really taought me that I wouldn’t always have a perfectly trained horse and prepaired me for when I bought my untrained 2 year old last January. I still love you Jessie?

    62. My first horse was a sorrel QH/Arabian 2 year old named sox.He was the most sweetest horse he was halterd when I bought him.He must have been born ready to ride because he was the best little horse I could have ever asked for we were inseperable he took me everywhere and never asked any questions niether one of us had a clue what we were doing but we figured it out together.

    63. My first horse was Topaz. She is a Pinto mare. She’s 3 years old. Um, here’s how she got into my life. When I went to the market, I saw Topaz with her head down and looked skinny and starved. Someone said she was rescued. When I got back to the market with my parents, the person said that when I saw her in the first place, she wasn’t for sale. But in that time, she was went i got back. So, I begged my parents to buy her and said yes! That was the best day of my whole entire life~! I also live in Louisville, Kentucky, so I watch horse racing!

    64. My first horse was the horse of a lifetime. He was a 7/8 Arabian gelding. It was love at first sight! When I went to see him, I had already made up my mind that I wasn’t going to buy him for my wish stated: Bay,purebred,mare,10 to 12 years old, trained. I climbed to the top of the paddock fence and forget the wish list. It was love and we connected that first day. He was 3 years old, part Arabian, a gelding, gray and had only been backed once! He taught me to have confidence in my ability as a rider and by the time he was six, we were the best and closest of friends. I promised him from day one that he would not be sold again. I kept that promise I am proud to say. I lost him at the age of 23 1/2 to colic. But he was a great teacher with wisdom beyond his years and the patience of saint.

    65. Mine was -and is- a crazy, bossy, but beautiful, muscular, and amazing QH mare named Belle.She was a Christmas present from my parents. She was at first a gentle, quiet mare under the close supervision of my angel instructor; just what a young horse lover needed. But as I improved, I wasn’t watched as closely, so she did the opposite. Everyone at the stable knew she had the “makings” of a wonderful horse, she just needed to be worked with often and bossed around a lot. She began to ignore my not-so-great ques and buck and she even ran away with me. She has fared well as a western horse, been able to slack off due to my limited time for riding, but I have been told she has wonderful english gaits and would be a successful jumper. So this is going to be her meds for the bad behavior, although I can admit she has kind of been allowed to act this way, she is going to be taught how to jump. We’ll just have to see how the tables will turn for the better…

    66. He was a 3yr old OTTB,I was a 22yr old gal. He was tall, skinny and with a devilish eye. I was young, naive and gusty. I bought him on sight. A green horse and a green rider that shouldn’t have gotten together but he and I learned a lot together. He taught me patience and perseverance. I taught him how to collect, how to not be afraid of cows, gaming, teaching new riders and how to trust. He also taught me how to take a fall and how to stick like glue when he needed that extra buck. He taught me that when I needed him he’d always be there, no matter what and never judge me. He showed his true colors about a year after I bought him, I had been riding a friends horse when the horse bolted and I ended up on the ground with a broken jaw. 3 months later I was cleared to ride and my boy let me ride but no matter what i did- spurs, whips, noises would get him moving faster than a walk. 2 weeks after starting to ride again he started jogging with me. I soon realized what he was doing. He was taking care of ME!!! I took care of him a few years later when he coliced really bad- I stayed all night with him and nursed him through it even though the vet said he wouldn’t make it. He loved me and I loved him- we became family!!!

    67. i had dreamed of having my own horse since i was little, but never got one. Then my dad introduced me to his friend’s daughter and we hit it off. We were inceperable and she had horses. we showed and trailrode together all the time but i just rode one of her horses.sill didn’t have one of my own. Then she called me one day and asked if i wanted this old fat mare down the road from her, of course!!! And a week later i was putting up fence at my house. That old fat mare is my best friend now. and with us girls grown, seperated and gone to college that old mare is all we have left of our frindship. ill never forget the fun times we had, but i will mostly never forget the phone call and my first horse Candy lou

    68. I knew how to ride pretty well when I got my first horse, but she taught me to gallop, to balance in the saddle without the help of a horn, reins, or my legs, and to ride bareback with confidence–I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

    69. I still own my first horse. We have been a pair for nine years, and I have owned him for the last three years. He is my best, most reliable friend and teacher. No matter what mood I am in, or what new challenge we are attempting, he always finds a way to either take care of me, or to teach me how to be a better rider.

    70. My first horse was 18, and I was 11. We got lucky in finding a horse that was steady, bombproof, and calm. He knew what was best for both of us, luckily!! He was the best horse I’ve ever owned. <3

    71. I still own my first horse. This coming fall we will have been together for 5 years. We kind of got off on a bad start, in fact she was so dangerous we almost had to sell her. But then it was just like magic, her and I bonded one day. I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had ever sold her. She has been one of the best horses I have ever owned. We both understand each other! She has taught me a great deal. I have did a lot with her, that I would never dare to try on any other horse I have owned!

    72. My bay mare was one hell of a horse when we first bought her. She was a lesson horse used at the farm I was riding at that was just too much for everyone around her, and I couldn’t get enough of her. I was 12 and she, just turning five, made the clumsiest pair of horse and rider ever seen. Bad falls and broken limbs made my parents want to sell her. But boy did I love her. Sometimes thats the only reason they kept my crazy girl around. Seven years later we are still together. She is still a ball of fire, and she still gives me her entire heart when we round the barrel turns. She has blessed me with some of the most heart wrenching life lessons without ever saying a word. She has taught me so many things.. how to cry, how to laugh, how to forgive, how to have patience, how to understand, how to love with my whole heart. One hour of lessoning turned into years of loving that old mare. She taught me how to live.

    73. My first horse was a five year old wild Mustang gelding. I got him when I was twelve years old, and I had him for two years. Of course, I thought he was absolutely gorgeous, but my belief was confirmed when a very knowlegdable horsewoman said she thought he was half-andalusian, before I told her he was a Mustang. Nevada (that was his name) fit the description of “devious”, and was incredibly smart and he was a joy to train – even though I was very inexperienced and had hardly a clue what I was doing. A lot of trial and error was used, and a lot of Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, and John Lyons videos watched and articles read. By the time I was through with Nevada, I could drop the lead rope say “Stand” and walk away, and know that he would be exactly where I found him when I came back. He would also accept the bit and saddle, lunge over obstacles (tractor tires, barrels, poles set on cinder blocks…anything put in front of him), come to a whistle, stand for the farrier (a task that was literaly impossible when I first got him), and I even got one good ride on him! I say one good ride not because he wasn’t a wonderful horse to ride, but due to my own inexperience, I gave a wrong cue which sent him running, although he never bucked or reared until after I had “dismounted”. In short, I was mildly hurt, and scared to get back on. I couldn’t afford to have somebody train him, so I had to give him away to a much more experienced woman. I learned a lot from Nevada, and my ambition in life is to help other horse owners develop a better relationship with their horses.

    74. The horse I learned to ride on was a sweet gelding called Draper. He taught me not only how to walk but how to trot to in the 1 1/2 years I rode him. The day he was sold was aweful but he went to another little girl who was also learning how to ride. Draper taught all the newbies and was special to everyone. My mom, who is terrified of horses, fell in love with him and still keeps a picture of him on her desk, two years later.

    75. My first horse was a liver chesnut saddlebred that i shareboarded. He meant the world to me. He was abit lazy and tuff 2 het going, but i learned alot on him. He taught me to love, ride, and responsibility, it was so hard to let him go when his real owner had to move barns. I still love him to this day!

    76. My first lease pony was a stubborn, all-the-bad-traits-of-the-breed Appaloosa named Amelia. She refused to canter, would NOT turn left and God forbid you actually try and do anything other than walk to the right. Although that pony was a pain in my rear she brought out the gamer side of me because she absolutely loved turning around barrels and bending poles. When I graduated to a larger $50,000 Warmblood for my lessons, I was pretty much ready to show because of how strong my legs were. I’ll never forget her.

    77. My first horse was a blind racking horse. He was quite small for a racking horse and he was about 4 years old when my friend had given him to me as a gift. I had already known how to ride but he had increased my ability of riding, using all of my senses. I learned how to aquire his trust in the saddle by leading where i wanted to go with my legs, hands, and words on which way and how fast. His name was Bud and was a bay with all black points. I had had him for over a year. Everyone else did not know how i rode him or did anything with him really. I was the only one he would come to in the field and i was the only one who could get him to go anywhere when we rode. He played tag and hide-and-seek with me in the field. I had had Bud until my friend’s parents told me he was going to their relatives. I will never forget that horse and what he taught me. Just because there is something wrong with a horse doesn’t mean its lame or have to be put down.

    78. My first horse was a beautiful red dun gelding named Jack. The circumstances surrounding his arrival into my life was truly a miracle. Tragically, he turned up lame a few short months after buying him, and this lameness nearly crippled him. Regardless of his special needs, he has a forever home. He has taught and continues to teach me more about horses than any perfectly sound horse ever could. Not only has he taught me about horses, but he’s taught me so much about life, love, self acceptance, and courage.

    79. My first horse was a Pinto pony named Sugar. She was in her mid-twenties when i started riding her. Previously used for roping and chasing cows, she was very well trained. I was riding her when I was about 2 years old. She was completely reliable and taught me how to ride all three gaits. I took her to 4-H when i was six years old and I also took her to my first horse show. She was an amazing pony and gave me the tools to ride confidently. Sadly, she passed away when I was 7. I will always remeber her.

    80. My first horse is a Medicine Hat Palomino gelding named Drifter, I bought him when he was 2yr and 8 months old. The best things that I ever did. I do Parelli with him, and now we can ride bridleless, lessons, and I let my six year old sister with Down Syndrome ride him and do ground work, by herself, and he is almost three now. He has taught me so much in such a little bit of time, we are hoping to reach the top together.

    81. My first horse is a 4 year old registered Paint. I just purchased him 10/09. He has a white mask that covers his left face and eye,with blue in his right eye. Therefore the reason why he was named Phantom. He is a bay and was trained by my daughter’s best friend who is 20 yrs.old. He is very gentle,does not spook,has that gorgeous very thick and very long(down to his hind feet)tail. Is 16h, I keep him barefoot as he has very good feet. He has never colic’d. I couldn’t have a better looking, acting horse. He has been busy teaching me how to ride. He has fulfilled a lifelong dream as I am just starting to ride at the age of 63. I plan to continue for many years ahead and am so thrilled to have a healthy, fun, loving, reliable partner to ride!

    82. My first horses name was Buba! He was a pony and he was the meanist pony in the barn! H eloved to bite ,kick and , especially buck!I was the only person who could ride him! He only bucked me once.I rode him in shows cantered him and he was my loal compan!he was 14 years at the time and i loved him to dealth !He was so cute he was light brown and a pure white . He was the best pony ever he was orinary and had a attitude . I went on trial rides and everything. He got me first places !He was the lobe of my life! he was the perfect poony to start off with! He was a challenge i was willing to take! That If i hadnt then i wouldnt be a good rider today! He was my insperation when i was 5 and now i realize i would not be where i am to day with out him! I love you Buba ! But to bad I only leased him ! cuz now i have 2 horses of my own and with out him i wouldnt be where i am with my horses today ! FYI im 12 now and ridden so many horses in beween that sometimes i forget who i started off on ! Who gave me confidence, who shoot my self esteem!

    83. The horse I learnt to ride on was an old Appaloosa mare named Dollar when I met the Cooper family when I was 15. She wasn’t the first horse I had ever ridden however. The first horse I rode on was my family’s qh x tb named Redmond when I was only a few months old. After we sold him when I was 4 I didn’t get the chance to ride again until I was 14. I went to my friends house and rode 2 of her horses, Sandy and Comet. However, it wasn’t until Dollar that I actually LEARNT to ride. She was a good old horse with a ‘do-anything’ attitude. She did, however, have a little shying problem. My first ride on her was a trail ride behind the Cooper’s place. I got on her in the round pen, Stephanie (the mother) gave me a couple of tips on my riding posture and then we, me and Graham (the father and horse breaker) headed straight out into the paddock. I was ecstatic. I remember thinking my first ride would just be a quick ride around, walking and maybe a little trotting on the flats. Although, only minutes into my first ride, we were going through creeks, trotting along and about fifteen minutes later I was loping through the paddocks. That first day was the best. Graham, being a horsebreaker, had multiple horses to ride each day so I went out on old Dollar about 4 or 5 times that day. These days (I’m now nearly 18), Dollar spends her days in the paddock with a couple of yearlings and a gelding. I ride another of their horses occasionally, a qh named Sox. But I will never forget Dollar. She was the first horse, even though she wasn’t very supple, that I had my first jump on, saddled and bareback, that I loped on for the first time, and eventually, after a lot of work on myself and Dollar, did my first lead change and lead departure. I don’t know how much longer she’s going to be around, (she’s 25 or 26), but I ill never, ever forget what that old girl did for me…

    84. My first horse was a beautiful, kind hearted horse. He always made me happy. I had enjoyed his presents when he was here. But now he is gone and I miss him. But at least I have the good times we had together to remember.

    85. My first horse was a 16 years old fjord pony. He wasent much of a champion or anything close to the fancy horse of my dreams. But the patience and kindness that my pony gave me is the reason I still have him today and never a second, will I regret buying and loving him.

    86. My first horse was a 3 year old paint mare. When I bought her she was extremely green. I hadn’t ever taken a riding lesson, and 2 horses later, I still haven’t. While she taught me to ride (which consisted of bucking and rearing on occasion to see if I could stay on), I worked on her neck reining and backing and leg cues and she did very well. I am thankful for every day I had with her. Most people say: “Never pair a green rider with a green horse”, but I’m glad I did, because I never would have wanted to learn how to ride on any other horse.

    87. I learned to ride on a 15.3-hand high buckskin Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred-cross mare named Geminia. She’s 16 now, and I learned to ride her about three years ago, when she was 13. She was a very speedy horse, and she taught me so much about control! I’m now riding Louie, a much-younger gelding, but he’s still a challenge. I will be forever grateful to Geminia, who truly taught me how to ride!

    88. I learned to ride on two paint horses. One was a mean little girl named Oreo. But I loved her. The second was my firs horse Breezy!
      I loved Oreo and still love my horse Breezy!

    89. Well I had many horses that taught me how to ride but the main two are ….. The first horse was a horse named Lady (aka. Miss Weawaps Moon) and she was the best horse to learn on she was a 15.2 QH Chestnut Mare that was around 26 years old. I was about six when I started to ride her. she was so calm and would not threaten to hurt a bug and when we were to small to put her bridle on she would let us try over and over and over again.
      And when I was seven my sister got my old horse and i got a new one and his name was Kievan. He was around 24 and was even more of a kid friendly horse just in better shape. he is a Arab 15.2HH White Gelding. He taugh me some much more after riding Lady and helped me until i was 9. Then I had two other horses Pepper a QH & Taboo a paint and both 12. when I turned 12 I go my first Shoe Horse that had taught me so much more than the basics which all the other horses taught me. He is the best horse I ever had and I will never forget all the past horses that took me so far to make me the rider I am now so I have thr chance to ride a big beautiful show Horse name Mahogany Mac(aka Mac). He is a Appendix(TBxQH)bay gelding who is now and just turned 14. He is the tallest horse I ever had standing at 16 HH. And all the horses that are noe past and the ones who now have new owners and will never be forgotten and all the great memories we had together.

    90. I was 6 and I loved horses. I never asked for lessons-I didn’t have the guts to. But at this circus I wanted to go on the pony rides- when some dude dresses up as a clown leads you around ona little pony. I was waiting in line, and there was this “little red pony”. One of the handlers was beating the crud outa him and I began screaming my head off. I ran up and grabbed the red pony (later Ifound it was chestnut color) and hugged him around the neck. I wouldn’t let go and my parents paid twenty bucks for him. We kept “Lucy Loo” in the back yard and thus I learned to catch ride.

    91. The horse that taught me how to ride was a Shetland called Miss Muffin. She was a pony and SO stubborn she was good to teach how to ride and control a horse at age 3.

    92. It all started at the age of 61/2-7 years old….
      I starred riding at a family beloved stables called lehman farms. It was my very first time riding and it was a lesson horse names loopy, she is very old now but usually the first horse that you will ride if your a beg. there. She took me were I am today. she is the one that started the “horse bug”. When my 4th month came bye… my trainer got fired. We didn’t exactly like her anyway and we got another one… her name:caitlan. She also got me where I am today. i have been riding about 6 years now… but caitlin scares me she barely moves people up and does not give speical attention to her students there isn’t a trainer/student bond. you can’t tell her things and the worst part… she smokes. she smokes during her lesson, after a lesson,, and maybe b4 your lesson. she thinks you do not know but she comes out of the bathroom smelling like smoke and with a white pack thing in her pocket. i’ve even caught her doing it in the barn with a little girl riding loopy… as she hides it from me and the little girl. i jump 2′ 3″-2’6″ I think it’s about time to switch trainers but goodbye is always a hard thing to say and she doesn’t teach ppl over 2’6″ who don’t lease/ have there own horses what should i do? I don’t want to leave lehmans yet she’d get mad if I told her i want to move on..

    93. My first horse was a 16 year old gelding named Cody. My parents bought him for me when I was 10 and then had a horse lady give me riding lessons. I was a natural at riding and I learned a whole lot from my teacher and the horse. He was very calm and let me do alot to him and with him. Thanks to my horse and my teacher, to this day I still love to ride whenever I can, even though I do not own a horse. I went into High School rodeos-but with a younger, faster horse than my gelding, whom we gave away to another family with a young girl who showed a lot of interest in riding. He served that family very well until he got too old to move around pain free and had to be put down. I sure miss that old guy and will never forget him or my riding teacher.

    94. My first horse I leared on was a paint named Splash. He taught me the basis of riding. But he had the worst trot in the world and nobody really rode him. But I loved him at first site.

    95. The horse that taught me how to ride, was a 20 year old mare named Silver. She was hard to catch, easy to groom and saddle. As soon as you got on, you had to hang on. She would try to rub you off, or beat your brains into mush with her horrid trot. 🙂 But after that summer I could sit through anything. She also left me behind in huge puddles more then a few times. lol She was a good mare, in general. 🙂 RIP Silver, she died at the age of 31.

    96. I was told that I lived for my horse. When I was 8 yrs old, I was dying of cancer. My dad asked what I would want most in the world and I said a horse. My Welsh/TB mare, solid black with one white sock, came into my life. After gaining strength and winning the battle of cancer, (to the amazement of the doctors at St. Judes), I rode without fear of any kind-flying through the fields, just my best friend and me. Both the horse and I were so intuned to each other that I could tell what she was going to do before she did it and vice versa. She would listen and obey me when I was teaching her to jump, cross ditches, etc. She would alert me when ‘danger’ was near when we were riding in the fields and woods, even when it was just a possum! I couldn’t have asked for a more reliable and trustworthy horse.

    97. My first horse was an older lesson-pony named Cody. He was a great first-horse. He never bucked or reared or tried to get away with anything. He was a bit stubborn about cantering, but that helped to teach me further how to cue a horse to canter. I loved that little pony. Cody recently had to be put down. Rest in peace, old friend.

    98. My first horse was the one I have now. Her name is Babe. She was very easy going, and patient with me when I first got her. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I thought she was terrible. She was very calm, even when I had no clue what I was doing. She helped me learn how to ride, and to be easy with her, and most of the time she let me be in control. Once, she tripped while cantering, and I slid off. Well I twisted my foot, and I was sitting there crying. Then all of a sudden, I had a pretty little face nudging my back, to see if I was okay! I love her very much!

    99. The first horse that I rode, outside of being led around on ponies was an older-than-earth gelding, named Legacy, or Legs, for short. For their first lesson, most of the trainer’s kids rode Legs. My trainer would just put him in a vaulting surcingle and pad and clip him to a lunge line. I was 5 when I got on him for the first time, and by the end of the lesson I was standing on him when he was walking. It was such a great intro to riding, learning not to be afraid, we kids always trusted him and he never let us down

    100. My first horse was an off the track Thoroughbred named Bellenwho had also been a polo horse and broodmare. She was older and has always been very motherly. Though she never was well trained, she knew the basics of riding she she taught me how to ride. We the most amazing times. Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with liver cancer. Her loving, maternal nature is what helped me through chemo and the first surgery. I would come home and put on a mask while my dad took her out of the barn into the yard (too much dust for my lungs) and my mother and sister would carry me out. I’m not cured yet, but Belle helps me get through every day.

    101. I would always ask my Parents if I could have a pony, and my Parents always asked me “where will you keep him”? And I told them “under my bed”! I was in second grade when my Dad brought home Lucky, a black and white pinto pony. My mom was not so happy about having Lucky because she didn’t know anything about horses and thought he would be dangerous to have around. So I was only allowed to be near him when my Dad was home.
      I had never ridden a horse, but my Dad saddled Lucky up, and threw me up there and off I went to ride in the paddock. If Lucky was not in a good mood, he would try just about anything to get me off, short of bucking. He would rub my legs up against the fence posts, tear down the paddock and stop dead in his tracks at the end by the gate and of course THAT got me off him real quick!
      I loved that pony so much, and now 50 years later, I am living my dream. I took in two horses that needed homes, and I am learning how to train the young one using natural horsemanship which unfortunately wasn’t available to me when I was a kid. The older mare, is a good girl, kinda pokey under saddle, but I am learning to ride properly with lessons on her, so I don’t ruin Magatcha and don’t get myself injured when he is ready for riding. Should only be a few more lessons with Magatcha and I’ll be riding him.
      I never knew the entire love of a horse until these two came into my life. I wonder sometimes if they realize that they saved my life just as I saved theirs as they were destined for the Auction House. They give unconditional love and make the best companions by making me laugh and pulling tricks on me.
      Good thing we had a barn when I was a kid, I sure wouldn’t want a horse in my bedroom, but who knew!

    102. My very first horse was a saddlebred/morgan cross mare named Jazzy. I was so excited when I got her! We thought she would be the greatest horse ever! But after a few months of having her,(i couldn’t ride her due to a fractured ankle) we did research on her and we found that she was an ex-Amish horse who probably flunked out of “Saddlebred School”. Jazzy was a very nervous horse whom I was not ready for. I was very afraid to ride her. But when I did, I rode. That horse taught me everything I know now. We had to sell her due to my fear of her, but I will never forget her.

    103. I got my first horse when I was nine. He was a 20 year old belgin cross tennsewalker. He was 16.3 hands. His name was Pappy. I had to crawl to get on him. He had the most uncomfortable gate ever, but he was also a super reliable trail horse. An older friend that rode him one time compared his gate to a camel. I rode him everywhere. He would always lead the pack when walking but he was never good at racing down trails, we would always be last. Pappy was my best friend, he lasted me through most of elementary school and all through high school. A few weeks ago I had to put him down because he was too old, 31, and his body wasnt working for him anymore. I will never forget him or anything he taught me. He is missed by my whole family.

    104. I actually still have my first horse. I was four when I got him. He was going to get put down becuase the rach he was at. They said it was bad for their image. Sport was a retired barrel racer. He is a quarter horse. he went around a barrell wrong and tore his left hip muscle. It never healed right, and so thats how we ended up with him. He can’t put much weight on that leg, but I still keep him around. He is like my baby!

    105. I was very fortunate when I began to ride. The barn I first rode at was a boarding barn so I learned to ride on different boarder’s horses. My favorite who i rode often was a 16.3 hh Oldenburg. Although he was trained to Grand Prix dressage, he was semi retired and he took care of me and helped me through all of my mistakes. He was the nicest horse I have ever ridden, and taught me almost everything. He was so sweet and he was the best horse I have ever ridden in my 8 years of riding 🙂

    106. I got my first (and current) horse when I was 9. He is a 20+ Appy gelding named Bobby. First of all he isn’t supposed to be able to canter and was a real slow poke when got him.(What do you get for $400?) That changed in a heartbeat!
      Yep-he was a real doosie at first and (still is) but he taught me a lot and I would not sell him for the world ( even for a Push Button pony!) ; good or bad times.Although Bobby is still just as honary and hard headed as ever, we’ve gotten a lot better at understanding each other. I know Bobby will never stop teaching me and I will never stop loving him!

    107. My first horse wasn’t mine, but belonged to a close friend. At 16, he taught me to saddle up & turned me loose in his arena. I’ve always loved horses, so I had very little fear of Mariah, a beautiful Morgan/QH mare. We eventually moved out of the arena & did a little hill climbing in the coastal mountains of southern California. She was a go all day type of horse. Not hot at all, just very steady. I tried to buy her, but Ed wouldn’t sell her. I spent more time with her than he did, brushing & giving her a lot of love. He mainly just fed her.now, 40+ years later, my wife & I breed APHA (Paint) horses. We have 4 mares currently.

    108. the first horse i had was a pony witch i still have to this day. but he was not who i lurned to ride the horse i lurned to ride was a little mix up mare and she tought me well.but to this day i still consiter myself a person who needs more saddle time befor i;m an intermedit rider because there are many things still to lurn befor any one is an expersinted rider.

    109. I got my first horse when I was about five and we were living in Hawaii. Sheena was a 25 year old Quarter Horse mare who was a retired trail horse that was abandoned in a pasture and was skin and bones. She was given to me because every one knew I loved horses and Sheena needed a lot of love. Sheena was a very sweet mare and we nursed her back to health gradually though she still remained very thin. She and I would go galloping around the driveway and fields and though I didn’t actually know how to ride that well I taught myself and Sheena was careful not to step on me when I fell. Eventually, we moved and she was sold to a therapeutic riding center where she got even more love. Eventually she passed away from cancer but I will always love and remember her.

    110. my first horse came from my aunt she let me ride him in her pasture he was a beautiful TWH he was strawberry roan and he had the sweatest face and he never minded giving me a ride and when they moved they gave him to me and he continued to teach me to ride and live he was with me for 3-4 years and last summer he died but in the time i had him we tough eaxhother that life was hard but you had to ride it out and we tough each other different sports and ways of riding!
      Dust Cleaner

    111. The first lesson horse I ever rode was a very sweet old mare named Chance. She was rather an awkward horse, skinny and gangly.
      She was an angel. The first time I got on her I was so nervous, but she just knew exactly what to do. She saved me from embarassing myself when I bumped around in the saddle with my face burning from lack of control. She would go a slower pace so I could sit to her trot better, and she would always respond quickly. Even when I gave her the wrong direction, she knew what I actually wanted and ignored my wrong aids and did what I wanted her to od. I was spoiled on her.
      One day, I came to the stables, expecting to see her head pop out from her stall. But she wasn’t in there. I went and asked my instructor where she was. My instructor told me she had died that night in her sleep, just curled up and had died.
      Although I only got to ride Chance a few months, I never forgot that horse. She was a great teacher, with a fitting name, because she truly gave me a chance and the confidence to ride a horse successfully.

    112. I still have my first horse. He is a Black, 16.3hh, Thoroughbred. I got him when I was ten, he was 17 at the time. He taught me everything about riding and let me take the time to build my confidence up.
      After I did, of course, he decided to challenge me more. Thank goodness he did. He was not a push button horse and now I understand how to handle myself on horses with a fiery spirit.
      At the age of 23 he’s my big, happy, retired boy who acts like he’s a colt. Through everything, he’s been my rock. He’ll never change and I love him for that.

    113. My first horse was a 15.3hh Standardbred filly that I rescued off the track. She needed a new career and so we began trail riding. I haven’t fallen off of her yet, but she certainly has taught me to hang on!

    114. I honestly can’t decide between the two best, they both taught me different things and I loved them both extremely. One was a teen chestnut arabian named Tommy. He was the beloved spunky arabian who tought me everything from cantering to jumps and slight dressage. Truly wonderful! I will never forget his beautiful eyes. and his question mark stripe down his face. The other, not nearly as outwardly beautiful, was an old chestun pony with one blind eye named Schroeder. He taught me patience and horsey love because of his extremely sweet nature. Both now gone, I will never forget the “chestnut angels” who taught me how to ride.

    115. My First Horse –
      Roan Horse, kindof Goosey. That’s how TC’s first trainer described him when he discovered I had purchased Mr. Weekend (AKA TC – short for Too Cute). My test ride was interesting to say the least. After a little walking and trotting, we cantered a 20-meter circle. And we cantered a 20-meter circle. And…. so on for another 15 minutes. I was looking to buy my first horse after several years of lessons on a horse that STOPPED the moment you stopped PUSHING. I didn’t know that I didn’t KNOW how to ask for WHOA. Finally, the owner asked me if I was planning to canter all day or if I needed help. I admitted that I didn’t know how to ask to stop, so she gave me specific instructions – and voila! We dropped to a trot-walk-stop. Whew! After I dismounted, I pet TC on his beautiful face and he licked my hand. That was all it took and I had to have him.
      As you might have guessed, TC was really a bit much for my level of riding at the time, but he has fabulous ground manners (learned from his race track days) and I learned to dismount when I could feel him tensing up. I learned to ride low level dressage at local schooling shows and had to share him with my kids as they got older. TC was very kind. He is now 23 and has taught 3 of my 4 kids to ride. Over the years, TC mellowed into a reliable 4-H horse willing to have even the smallest riders aboard. Very tolerant of busy hands and legs, he would only pick up the pace if he thought the child could handle it. With very small children, he just follows me around and the kid thinks they are riding! He even had a part in a local production of Oklahoma performed by the local High School. Now he is semi-retired due to a breathing problem but he is still sweet as ever and waiting for a snack or grooming session.

    116. My first horse is a Quarter Horse mare named Autmn. she is probably the best horse in the world. I remember one time I was doing poles with her and one pole fell but she didn’t move an inch!! And she adores people! she is still living strong today, she is 21!

    117. Cash, a brown QH with a long crooked blaze, taught me how to canter, and he also taught me how to love a horse. He was one of the first horses I had ridden and I still ride him twice a month. I love him, even though I don’t know his age.

    118. My first horse or I should say…pony,was a rotund, paint shetland mix named Dynamite. He taught me what riding was all about! That onry bugger wouldn’t stay still, would throw his head, bite, run away and go into a full gallop randomly! But even though he did all these things he taught me responsibility, control and patience. We got him 4 years ago when I was about 11. Even though Ive outgrown him, he’s still there and I still love him!:)

    119. I got my first horse when I was eleven. He was a big black Appendix Quarter Horse and he was just over 16 hands! I was tiny, only just over four and a half feet tall, but my horse was a veteran, being 23. He took me to my first shows and we brought home a handful of ribbons each time. He built my confidence, my riding skills, and the love for horses and riding that I have today.

    120. I learned to ride on a young engergetic mare at our house. My mom purchased many horses I was supposed to ride but for an unknown reason I was always drawn to the mare. Every chance I had I’d be out brushing and lunging her. Since my mom didn’t like her very much (she was my aunts but dhe went into the Navy) I wasn’t aloud to ride her much. So I’d take her on walks up and down our rode. My grandpa who didn’t think she that bad would let me ride her when my mom was gone or walk me on a leadline. I’m sure with my mom I rode a older horse but she’s the only one I remember. My two biggest memories of her is when my grandpa lead me barback on the rode and she tried to run away with me and when I was 4 or so I rode her in our home made arena for 1 hour or so trying to get her to walk a circle without bucking, crow hopping, or taking off. I’m very stubborn so I won. She’s still alive though now she’s 20 years or so old. I ride her a lot and my mom is no longer as upset when I ride her. She still is as entergetic and spirited as when I was little.

    121. My first horse I learned to ride was a Quarter Horse gelding named Blue. When I ment Blue I kinda knew how to ride but my balance was off and I could barley post or handle a single western pleaser trot.A nice young woman (know my best friend and trainer) asked if I wanted to ride Blue I was so happy. She gave me a simple ride around the areana and then talked to my mom about lessons.My mom thought about it and we decited yes. We did walking with out hands and trotting with out holding on to the horn. Within two weeks my balance improved so much thanks to Blue and my Trainer! I’v know been ridding proudly two years with Blue and my trainer and still am. A Teenage girl with a dream to ride horses know shows and has a 3 place ribbion in western pleaser and can ride a hole bunch of diffrent stiles. I love Blue and I know there is more great years of ridding with my Boy and more lessons to learn!!!

    122. I bought my first horse when I was 42 years old. I fell in love with him the first moment I saw him. He was the most ornery and disrespectful horse at the barn. No one else wanted to ride him, but I did. We have been a team for 5 years now and he makes me work every time I get in the saddle. There is no “free” ride with Jesse. He keeps me on my toes and has made me a much better rider as I always have to stay one step ahead of him and his antics. Being a late-life horse owner – I am more tentative than a younger rider, but he has never tried to toss me in the dirt, he just tries to imtimidate me into not making him work. Took me a year with a good trainer to see past his little game. Today, we show together and he is the ultimate professional in the show ring. He has made my life much richer and more fulfilling.

    123. My first horse was a spooky, nervous, energetic Arabian gelding. He taught me how to ride (or hang on) when riding spunky horses!

    124. My first horse actually wasn’t really a horse. It was my yearling bay Miniature Horse. I got him for my 10th birthday. Everyday since then I have been training him. Buddy can now jump, do tricks, run barrels and poles, and even pull a cart. He is now 4 years old. I plan on spending a lot more time with him!!

    125. The horse i learned to ride on was an old paint horse mare named Dolly. She belonged to a neighbor of ours and died last year. Dolly was so easy going a baby could ride her, and i was 10 at the time.

    126. I had a horse when I was 2 and then we sold that one and got a shetland pony that I loved and mainly did lead-line with my mom. But my 3rd pony a Welsh/Arabian 13.2hh Mare named Ginger is who taught me how to ride. She could be very calm and she knew when a beginner was riding and was very good. But sometimes after I had had her a few years she taught me to have a good seat. She would sometimes buck me off, not bad tho, and then she would run to the barn. It was funny actually now that I think about it but not then. I love that Pony and still own her and she will stay with me forever till she passes on. I have learned tons of different riding sports on her…from dressage to contesting(barrels and poles). Ginger is my life and my very best friend(just don’t tell my Quarter Horse Mare Abby that..lol.) Ginger now is 20 years old, but doesn’t act like it sometimes..lol. I love her greatly!

    127. My first horse that taught me how to ride was at a barn called His Barn with a horse named Tigger for my birthday so I guess an unknown birthday present was learning how to ride also it was really special cause my favorite animal is a horse since I could pick a favorite animal.

    128. My first horse was a little filly named Ally. I was 18 and she was a 3 year old who was blind in her left eye. Because of that disability, she was pretty skittish, but with a lot of time and love, she learned to trust me and eventually let me ride her bareback. I never put a saddle on her. She taught me that patience, kindness, and a gentle hand really does go a long way.

    129. My first horse was a red roan appaloosa mare named Lady. She was the sweetest horse ever and was blind in her right eye. She was 8 years old and I was 6 when I first got her. She was the horse that got me started to where I am now. She taught me to be a good rider and I didn’t even use a saddle until I started showing with my more recent horses. We had a trust for each other and I could get her to do anything I asked. Now, I have two quarter horses and a miniature pony, all of which I compete at high levels with. I believe she got me to where I am now. Sadly, we had to sell her so I could advance myself but I will never forget my favorite little mare.

    130. My first horse that I ever rode was name Filly she was 18 hands she was a good horse so I wanted to ride her. She was really easy one me at first we went around the arena mutiple times. Until she stop right in the middle of the arena. I gave her a kick and then she took of in a gallop through the arena with me on her! I screamed which made her go faster. She was heading for a gate which led right into a paster I screamed “sombody help me the gate is open!” this man heard me and he closed the gate which made Filly do a quick stop which I wasn’t prepared for. I slid of I grabbed hold of her mane and fell of side ways I was still holding on to her mane so I was hanging up side down with my head near her huge hoof. I then cocked my legs up and did a little flip and landed on my feet. I sat down and drunk alot of water I was shaking like crazy and my whole body was sore. About 10 more mintutes later I got back on another horse. That is the story and I am still riding today.

    131. Spice was my first horse, she was a 15.1- hand high 16 year old Quarter Horse. I got her when I was ten years old for a gift. She wasn’t the first horse I rode but she was the one who taught me the most. Spice was shown pleasure and halter since she was born and we ready for me. She was wise and lazy. I don’t think that any horse can compare to her.

    132. My first horse was a spunky, spooky, sprited Arabian gelding. He taught me how to deal with bad behavior, and how to hold on for dear life (a.k.a. get back in control) when a horse spooks!

    133. At a vary young age I began riding lesions. For 4 years I rode a Shetland pony named Katie. She could fall asleep and still pay attention to me! That pony was the calmest horse I have ever seen. Then riding lesions got too expensive and I had to quit for a while. A couple of years later I am back in the saddle again, this time leasing a Mustang! Good times!

    134. My first horse, who is still my one and only horse, is a 9 year old quarter horse mare. I didn’t start training her until last year and she is progressing very nicely, although she can be a butt-head at times she is a blessing.

    135. My first horse was 16.3 hands of pure amazing. Max was a wise old man that served me many good years of trail rides, Championships, and childs pony rides. To this day, people ask me: “whatever became of your big black horse?” My answer is always the same, “Sweet ol’ Max found his way to the ultimate pasture.”

    136. My parents are the type that don’t accept horses. Why? I don’t know, but I was able to talk them into allowing me to ride about 3 years ago. Since then, I have been privileged to ride multiple horses, but the one that stands out the most is Layla. she’s smaller than most Arabians, her grey coat is easily stained, and she has outsmarted even Olympic veterans. When it was my birthday, my instructor let me chose the horse I was to ride for the day, and I turned to the frisky filly. Since that day, Layla and I have enduredd 4 different stables, four different instructors, and hours of heat and cold. Not once have I fallen from her back, not once! people say it’s crazy, but I think it’s fun. Sure, their were some close calls, but everyone is fine in the end. The biggest lesson she has taught me is yet to come, but so far, I have learned that it’s not fair to cast a glance and walk away; if someone is given patients, you can work out the kinks.

    137. I got my first horse as a birthday present he was a 18yr old qh mix gelding we were lied to about his age,i loved this horse alot he was my best friend i was 10yrs old when i got him,we rode everywhere together on trails on the road an we even played with barrel racing,he was VERY skinny we had the vet out an they said we were doing all that we could for him,i fell off of him one day me an my brother were racing an i turned him real sharp an got knocked off of him,i was ok an there were no hard feelings,then one day my dad took the bucking strap off the saddle an the straps that it atached to slaped him an he took off bucking i stayed on [it wasnt his fault] his name was spirit.Then the day came my dad said to me im realy sorry but were giving him to a horse rescue cause we cant keep him hes to skinny an were gona get bad looks from the neighbors,the next day the lady came with a big trailer i went an got him an hugged him an kissed his forhead one last time an said ”i love u this is for the best im sorry i love you spirit you b a good boy now for me i love you goodbye” as she left with him in the trailer he let out a whinny i never heard before an it was him saying thank you an goodbye that made me start crying…i tried contacting the lady that had him now an she never answers…he made a big in print in my life

    138. Many horses have come, taught and left but my 16.4 hand christmas present stayed a while. He was the heaviest horse I’d ever ridden, trying to pick him up with my “noodle legs”(as my coach would put it) was sure a task and feeling like he was three legged was a challenge to stay on. Over the years I’ve learned of how good of a teacher he was and how my seat and leg was built with him. Now I’ve adopted a cute little arabian called Sonny-D he’s really bouncy, but I’ll never forget my big boy who taught me how to hold on tight.

    139. My parents bought me my first horse for my sixteenth birthday. She is a 15 hand, stubborn ex-carriage horse. Suzie is a grey Quarter Horse/Draft cross with an attitude problem. When I first got her, she had never jumped. Now, about a year later, we are showing A circuit hunter under saddle at 3 feet. Even thought she didn’t teach me how to ride, she did teach me not to judge a book by its cover.

    140. I had sat on a lot of ponies for trial rides, but my first real lesson came from a 24 year old Trakehner named Beau. He was a privately owned horse at a lesson barn whose owner let him be used in lessons on occasion. We seemed to click right away. I’d get full face kisses and nuzzles from him every time I saw him. Once in a lesson, another student was complaining that she’d be doing as well as I was if she was riding Beau. So my instructor made us switch and she still couldn’t quite get it. Just made me feel special that I bonded with such a great horse and that he loved me too.

    141. My first horse is still my only horse. My friend bought Starla when we were 14. She was underfed, untrained, and came from a neglect situation. I learned how to ride on that green mare, and my friend and I shared her 4-H for years. We taught her how to trust and appreciate people. When I was 20 my friend offered Starla to me, and I changed every part of my life to have that horse. Two years later I am still learning from the horse I started riding when I was only 14.

    142. I have had a lot of horses but my first was good her name was Lexi and she was a 14.3 hands and was a quarter pony and was soild chestnut. Lexi was the sweetest horse but she had some attitude problems like not wanting to do anything but I loved her any way because she set off my horse back riding career.

    143. My first equine was a shetland pony named Dolly. I was around 5 years old and we would take her on trail rides with the big horses. She would try her best to keep up, but eventually she would wear out and just stand there. I believe she was a little stubborn. I remember kicking and prodding her to go but eventually they would have to put a lead rope on her and pull me along to finish the ride.

    144. My first horse was a 18 year old mare, quarter horse welsh pony cross named Easter. You could do almost anything to her and she absolutly loved kids. She would even kiss you! (not licking) She was a smart and sweet when she wanted to be but was as stubern as a tick and a pain in the neck! She had little mind games to get you off…. she loved to hop and then move fast out from under you. She wanted to be lazy, I learned to make her do it any way and hold on tight. I went on to do 3 years of peewee rodeo and 2 years of 4-H with her. I only had 2 serous insidents. (The first in our first rodeo ever!)Sadly I couldn’t use her any more… I still get to see her every now and then and she is a cranky old gall at 29 years old and teaching another young girl how to rodeo. Every thing I know is because of that mare and her amazing owner! I have my mother to thank for introducing me to this wonderful world and my love for horses. Thanks Mom!

    145. My first horse was a 11 year old chestnut QH gelging named Rusty. He wasn’t the best horse ever back then and often pulled back when tied and got spooked easily. But after 5 years working with him I have to come to see how much he has progressed and how I wouldn’t trade him for any other horse in the world!

    146. My first pony was a present for when I turned 6. She was a Shetland/Welsh cross and she was only 11.3 hh. She was the most perfect pony in the whole entire world! She passed away 3 years ago due to a major lipoma, but she will always have a place in my heart.

    147. The horse I learned to ride on was a chestnut gelding of no particular breed called “Chief”. He carried me all over the desert of Twenty-Nine Palms, CA with great patience. I was so short, my feet couldn’t reach the stirrups so I developed a very nice, independant seat. Which helped with my first horse, Tonto, a bay gelding of Arab/QH breeding. He wouldn’t catch, tie, leave the barn, etc. I learned a lot about staying on, bouncing when staying on wasn’t an option, and insisting that I get my way. By the time he was stolen, he was a state champion. I have searched for him since that day. No luck

    148. I leared every thing on my old horse Wafer he is stubborn at times but nice and layed back. He was originally a barrel racer but changed into a full hearted endurance horse whho is now 25 yeares old!!!. After that i outgrew him and changed to my absaloutly insane horse Millie, now we have an unbreakable bond but Wafer still is a big part of my heart.

    149. I have been crazy about horses since I was 6yrs old. I was absolutely FASCINATED by them & wanted one more than anything! So I was heartbroken to find that I was deathly allergic to them & could come nowhere near them. Depressing. But as a little girl, I prayed, & found two years later I was no longer allergic! I just got my very first horse for my 13th birthday! He’s A beautiful Qh bay named Super Chief, after my great grandpa, the pitcher for the New York Yankees. I love him so much! Its been a long journey, a hard one, but a wonderful one that I will always cherish. I love My horse, My very first horse. & we have many more amazing years to be spent together. I love you Chief!

    150. I have grown on AQHA and APHA horses in pleasure classes. But the barn I rode at was all American Saddlebred. So, I bought an American Saddlebred named Pretty Boy. I taught him Western Pleasure and showed him around the state. He was the craziest thing! He was so smart, he always kept me on my toes. At the barn, he was a nuisance for everyone, in an adorable kinda way i suppose. But at the shows, he knew in was show time, and he would get his game on- you wouldnt even recgonize him! Unfortunately, I sold him this year. But I will always remember my Pretty Boy, he encouraged me to want to train horses.

    151. The horse that actually taught me how to ride, was my very first horse, Lucky. When i got him he was just a trail horse, who had only been walked and trotted. And had minimal training. He loved to buck, and bolt, and test his rider in every way possible. It tooks months of fighting with him, until we had finally reached an understanding. I can now do anything on him, and trust that he will protect me. He taught me horse to listen, and to ask instead of demand. And most of all he taught me how to trust.

    152. When I was 11, I went to yet ANOTHER horse camp. (This would be number 5!) My assigned horse bucked me off, so I was, by fate, paired with Peyden. He was the sweetest, gentlest Morgan horse ever to walk the planet. I was obviously in love with this big teddy bear, so my parents baught him. He died just one year after I got him from a twisted bowel. I miss him so much I still find myself crying and gasping for air over him. There was one thing that I really adored about him. His love. He sends me dreams about him. I know he is here with me in soul because when I beg him to send me another dream, he does.

    153. All my life, i have been wanting a horse. I took as many horse lessons as my family could afford and soaked up the knowledge like a sponge. Every year at the northwest montana fair a club gives up a horse to be raffled off. And every year i entered. In the winter of 2009, my dreams came true and with one two dollar ticket, i won an kind purebred Arabian yearling. My little miniature dachshund is named Butch, so we called our new family member Sundance. i love him to death and will always be the light of my life.

    154. I learned to ride on a 28 year old Tennessee Walker when I was 11. Now I am 14 and I bought my own horse last year. She is a 2 year Paint, and she has been the one to truly teach me to ride! She is challenging to ride with her being 2 and just beginning. So it takes a lot of patience…But she has been in 2 shows and got grand champion in both and she’s doin’ great!

    155. Well I dont have a horse yet but ill tell about the 1st horse I got lessons on and the horse I leased for a month…
      !st off its sheena she is a twh and she was my 1st lesson horse and I love her and always will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes brown and likes to have her own way, lol. She also likes to buck me alot if I would have never ridden sheena I dont think I would be the horse person I am today. 🙂
      Now for My 1st lease horse. Hes a white shetland pony that I love with all my heart!!! His name is sperry and he also likes to have his own way, Hes a green pony that I got to train untill school strated and I broke my leg… I fell off of sperry and We didnt know it till I started running CC. He did nothing wrong tho, he was trotting bareback and I sliped off his side. But I love him and I hope My instructor doesnt have to sell him.

    156. The first horses I rode were school horses, my favorite being a lovely 14.2hh draft cross he taught me to trot and canter and although he wasn’t the horse i had my first jump on he was the one who taught me to perfect my form over jumps with his slow reliable jump. Sadly after 3 years of moving on to more advanced horses (but always begging to ride him during a lesson!) and kissing him each trip to the barn he passed away last month and devastated everyone, he was the first horse 95% of the students rode. But about the time he passed away I got my first horse! Sadly he was sold to us in a VERY un-hones sale and I got an abused, thin, weak OTTB who thought OTTB stood for on the track tb not off, with a HUGE heart and willingness to try. We spent 2 months on ground work we lunged him and he built muscle, and with real grass and some grain he fattened up but he still had a problem of bolting. We slowly got him to w/t quiet and started him on jumping and he loves it every day we raise the height up a hole although his canter is non existent he will come straight to a trot after a jump if you ask him to canter he gallops, I love him. We are getting there and have come a long way from when I couldn’t even groom him. We are working on him but I know that although I didn’t get a almost finished hunter/jumper I wanted I know that in a few years I’ll look back and see a beautiful bay horse teaching my nephew to ride and see pictures of him soaring over the fences with me and know that I got him there and it will all be worth it.

    157. The pony who taught me to canter was a wild eyed, crazy pony named Tulip. Sweet at first, every one knew her many tricks. For some odd reason, I was hooked on her. The insane pony forced me into my first canter and helped me realize no horse/pony was the same.

    158. When I got to ride my first horse it was a high school girl’s horse and she gave me lessons.Her horse, Candy, was 9 years old and I loved her.She let me do almost anything on her.Then I got my own horse, Patty, and she was 5 and she was stubborn.I worked with her a lot and I still do.I had a lot of people’s help to help me have my first ever horse.

    159. I had my first lessons at age 5 on a Percheron mix gelding named Whalen. He was a beautiful palomino I will never forget. Thanks, big guy.

    160. I learned how to ride, how to face my fears, how to get up from a fall and get back on the horse, and that determination pays off. “My” first horse was a fiery, stubborn, abused Quarter Horse mare. She was just as determined that I wouldn’t love her as I was determined to. Today, she’s got her moments, but she’s a real sweetie. Thanks Dancer.

    161. I got my horse Hollywood Bueno from the Midwest Horse Fair! I won him from the colt raffle Devils Hole Ranch was holding!!! Best day of my life!!

    162. My very first horse was an Arabian. Yes, I said it. An Arabian, dubbed “one of the most spirited horses.” And no, I had not been riding long at all. I had only taken riding lessons for a little less than a year at a local farm every thursday. My parents were also beginners when it came to horses. So I’d say if we weren’t I probably wouldn’t have chose her as my first horse. When I met her she was a fiesty little mare(and still is!).
      I still have her and her name is Sammie. She is a littlle 15hh bay Arabian mare. With dark chocolate dipped looking legs. With a star on her forehead and two white socks.
      When I first got her I didn’t even want to ride her without being led, because she was so spirited and it scared me(and I was only a little girl in the 4th grade). And when I did ride her on my own, she would test me almost every stride. I thought many times about selling her and getting a horse that would be “better suited for me” like a Tennessee Walker or so I thought. Turns out this was THE horse for me. I was VERY shy when I was little and didn’t want to talk to anyone, ever. This horse is the reason I’m more outgoing. She is the reason I am the rider I have become. Without her, I would be nothing. I would still be the shy little girl. She gave me confidance in myself that I can do whatever I want, if I set my mind to it. And I credit her for that and am thankful for her everyday. I never leave the barn without giving my little girl a hug and kiss.

    163. My first horse was a piant/Quarter pony my dad surprized me with. She would let you do almost anything. She always gave my friends a tough time because she didn’t want the leave my side. She was the best first horse I could have ever wished for!

    164. People say a horses or ponies that has bad feet, or they’re sick, or even old, things like, they’re no good. I have a different view on that.
      My first horse was the BEST pony i have ever had. She is a 12-13 hand pony. She is a pinto, with one bule eye. She is beautiful. She was 18 when we got her. She had aweful feet, and she was sick. We saved her, from dieing. There was a time where i didn’t know if i could be able to ride her, or even save her. But with the help of my mother and father, we did it. She gave me the best first ridding years of my life. she tought me so much stuff. she was my bestfriend. She took me through 4 years of shows and fairs. Now her and I are teaching other little kids to ride. She is 21 now. She is still the best pony. I have moved on to other bigger horses, but she still has her place. We will never get rid of her. We have had many offers, a pretty peny for her, but she has her spot. In my yard, running, playing, grazzing. Untill the day she leaves us.

    165. My first horse was and still is a Registered full-blooded Appaloosa whose name is Domino. He is such a remarkable animal and has the most coolest personality. He and I go everywhere together and always enjoy the ride wherever we go. He knows his name quite well and comes running when called. He loves food of any kind and will always take a treat! I love my horse!

    166. My first horse was an 18-month-old draft horse- not the brightest idea I’ve ever had. But I still have him, almost six years later. He didn’t teach me to ride, he taught me the meaning of commitment. I’ve made a lot of mistakes with him and he’s pushed me to my breaking point a few times, but we’ve stuck with each other and I wouldn’t change my experience with him one bit.

    167. The first time I rode was on my horse Special. When I got on the trainer asked if I knew how to get it to move forward. I said “yes!” flopped the reins up and down and said “yah!” She laughed at me. Yet me and my horse I felt we were connected and she knew what to do and she moved forward. My trainer stood there and just stared in disbelief.

    168. My first horse was a partially blind POA gelding. What was great about Freckles, was the trust we had in each other. He trusted me not to run him into him anything, and he put all his trust into me, a 4-5 year old little girl.

    169. My first horse was a colt named King, infact Golden King. Grew to be 16 hands, while I am 5ft. I would crawl up a a tree, jump down on his back. He was fun to ride.

    170. My first horse was a Morgan gelding named Checkers. he was the tallest morgan horse i have ever seen! He had 1 white sock and he was brown with a gold main and tail. He was a brat at times and was very lazy. I still remeber this horse. Always will.

    171. Ladybug is a black TWH mare. We were beginners when we bought her, and she was an expert, at misbehaving that is. She taught us how to ride a bolt, rear, and spin. As we became better riders, she became a better horse. Now we enjoy sitting on her bareback as she grazes.

    172. My first horse wasn’t a horse he was a mini nightmare! I got him when I was 6 and he was only 4 months old. My parents had no idea how to train a young horse they though mini’s were just the most sweet horse in the world! But my mini, Otis, started showing us who was boss. When he was old enough to ride he had a different attitude! If you bent over he would ram you or bite you but for riding–before you even put the bit of the bridle up to his mouth he would open his mouth but when you climbed on-it was rearing and taking off sudden side-stepping and much more! So you might say that my first riding horse was a little minimare!

    173. After begging for years, my Dad finally gave in and bought me a horse. Lily was a 4 year old short bay quarter horse we bought from my uncle. She was green-broke and we had a very difficult time trying to get the saddle and bridle on her. But one day she kicked my Dad in the pasture on the way to the barn, and she was traded for an older, calmer horse!

    174. When I was little my family moved out to the country and got horses. We were all green riders. We went through horse after horse trying to find the right one and got dumped on various occasions. When ready to give up we found a “20” year old horse that was amazing. My father and sister learned how to ride on him. His name was
      Jesse James the Wonder horse and years later I too learned to ride on him. Or so I thought. Once I started riding lessons I realized how wrong of a rider I was and how well Jesse treated me even if. Last year we were forced to get rid of Jesse and it broke my heart. We had own him for 8 years and the horse 26 when we got him was strong at 34. I will always remember the good and bad times with him and love it all as I go on to ride and fall in love with others, but Jesse will always be the first love.

    175. I got a job this summer working at a horse camp that I had attended for 6 years before hand. It’s a small camp so I know my boss really well, Joanie. I learned to ride at this camp and my most beloved horse there was Jesse, how I wish I could have bought him, unfortunetly Jesse passed away recently and I will miss him forever. Although I didn’t come here to talk about my loss but my beloved horse named Dakota, she is a red dun quater horse, the stocky build, and has beautiful face markings. Her full name is Dakota Poco Lyxn and she came from ND were she had been used as a brood mare for 3 years. After some refreshing she is doing great and went into deep water for the first time and she did great. I’ve gotten to gallop with her which was a great experience because I’ve only done it once before and she has nice smooth gaits. Now here’s the kicker, rememeber how I mentioned the horse camp? Well that’s were Dakota’s staying since I live in town, almost an hour away. However I’m still greatful that I got her for my sweet 16. It was hard convincing my parents to let my keep a horse at Joanie’s, but I’ve learned that if you try hard and perserver that it’s possible to get your dream pony.

    176. my first horse, his name was/is Snoozer (i still own him). Before i got him i leased this pony that always took off with me, and from that i developed some pretty bad hands. So when i got snoozer, i was scared to death that he would bolt with me, so i always had hard hands. But snoozer, good old snoozer (not really he was 9, but he acted like he was older at times) never developed bad habits, he never did anything bad. I must say he taught me better than any of my instructors. Snoozer is the reason i can jump high again, without worrying he will take off with me. Snoozer hasnt been all good, he has his little thoroughbred moments when he wants to test me, but he never intentionally hurts me. He is the best horse i could ever ask for. he puts up with a lot of things most horses shouldnt, and i will always be thankful for that.

    177. I actually am still riding my first horse! She is amazing, and has helped me to read her for when shes gonna bolt. (She’s Arab, hence the high-strungness.) The kicked is, is she likes my littlest sister, who doesn’t ride, better than me!

    178. My first horse is a gelding named Cupid. Were we worked I fell in love with him and started riding him. When we came to feed one morning I found him lying on the ground and struggling to get up. I ran back to the barn and got my dad and he called the owner. When he got back from the vet I asked the owners if I could have him, because he was going to sell him. The owner said sure take he is usless. That is how I got my first horse.

    179. He wasn’t my horse, but my cousin’s. His name is Indy, a Paint gelding, brown and white, and the gentelst soul ever. If I remember it correctly, he was the first horse I ever rode. Tamest, most bomb-proof, best boy in the world. I love you Indy; now go play with Cheyenne (our late Kentucky Mountain mare) and I’ll see you in Heaven in the future!

    180. Jazz a old retired cutting horse. She is a great horse, but a little bit lazy. She is amazing though, and we love her so much

    181. I started riding horses when I was six. The first horse I ever rode was a 16 hand Saddlebred. All I could think of when being up that high was “Oh my gosh I need a seat belt!!!”

    182. My first horse wasn’t a big horse nor a pony. I had a Miniature Horse. I still have her to this day. I got her on Christmas night. I was opening a present and after I opened the box I found a halter. I had no idea what they were hiding. When I got to the barn I found a silver dapple Miniature Horse with a giant bow around her neck. After that she was the first horse I ever rode.

    183. My first horse was a white, 12 yr old POA gelding. His name was Sparky but we renamed him Moondust because he didn’t have much spunk left. He does almost anything western and is the best pony in the world!


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