HI Spy: What Horsey Items Can You Not Resist?


    Grocery stores are notorious for setting up their customers for an impulse buy. Just when you think you’re finished shopping, you arrive at the register only to find candy bars, sugary drinks and gossip magazines all within reach.

    As a hardworking horse person, you’re probably able to resist the temptation more often than not. Those empty calories will only slow you down, and your money would be better spent on hay than the latest issue of your favorite celeb mag. However, when you’re walking out of the tack shop, your defenses aren’t so strong.

    Some horse owners feel guilty if they leave the feed store without grabbing a bag of treats. Others are addicted to colorful saddle pads. Even if you stay out of the tack store, shopping online can present even more temptations. Who can resist a really good deal on a nice pair of breeches or a sparkly western show belt? You can even justify your horse equipment addictions sometimes. Lead ropes are cheap, and they always get lost, so it only makes sense to buy one in each color, right?

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    1. I can’t resist the urge to by a bag of horse treats when ever I go to the tack shop! Not only does my horse freak out over them, but I as well love to watch him munch on them in happiness!

    2. I LOVE going to the feed store or tack shops just to look even if I don’t buy anything right away. But my favorite things to get over all are grooming supplies! Whether it’s Mane and Tail shampoo or a new brush or fly spray or any Cowboy Magic items.

    3. I think I would always want to pick up something that will protect my horse,(such as better leg wraps, bell boots, etc,)because he is older and if he fell when we are riding I wouldn’t want him to get hurt. In fact, if I had the money, I’d buy almost every horsey item in the tack store!

    4. If I have a little extra cash:
      ~Tack, gosh I love to pick up a new show bridle.
      ~Show halters with brass nameplates.
      ~Grooming supplies, especially new softbrushes and wool grooming mitts.
      ~Show pads.
      ~Show breeches
      If it’s a regular pop-in:
      ~New boot socks
      ~Stud Muffins πŸ™‚

    5. I love to buy new brushes all the time, there is always a slightly different brush than the ones I have and they come in so many different colors! I also love to try out new products, like hoof polish, fly sprays and many other things that I just want to try out.

    6. Everytime I go to the tack store I have to keep telling myself why I am there and what I need to get. But I can almost never resist a new shiny leather halter, a pretty pink saddle pad, or the occasional soft bristle brush!

    7. I have the hardest time resisting halters! I don’t know why, seeing as how my horses hardly ever wear them anymore, but all the different colors and features make me want to splurge and spoil my horses. It seems like each time I go in, there is a new pattern or color that would accentuate my horses’ features even better than the last halter I purchased for them. My other weakness is boots- not for myself, but splint boots, open front boots, galloping boots, no turn boots, bell boots- any boots, you name it! I love having all of my equipment match, and with four horses, the possibilities are endless!!

    8. I love to buy new halters and saddle pads. Its fun to see how new colors and patterns look on my horse. I hate dirty saddle pads so i am always on the lookout for new ones. As for on-line shopping, I can’t resist a pair of breeches that are on sale.

    9. Well I tend to lust after high quality grooming gear, books, and luxury brand saddles. The only trouble… I don’t own a horse!!!

    10. Saddle pads are my addiction! I owned a saddle pad before I owned a horse! I love all the different colors and patterns! I even have saddle pads for Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter! Whenever I walk into a tack store I always have to atleast browse for a while.

    11. I can easily resist the temptation to buy things at the tack shop and online. I prefer to spend my money on things that my horse needs rather than things I want, like a fancy new saddle pad.

    12. I probably go into tack stores at least once a week. I try not to buy anything, but if I do it’s a new halter (my horse has 6 or 7), tack cleaner, grooming tools, or SMB boots. I am also a serious bargain shopper!

    13. Since I am leasing a horse at my barn, and don’t own one yet, I always try to get new grooming stuff I don’t need. I make horse cookies at home, so I don’t need those. I always fantasize about what color halter would go best on my lease-horse, and I check out saddles and blankets. Well, atleast I’ll have information on colors for the future.

    14. I always want a new horse halter. I’m not sure why. I just luv to get halters even though I have 15 at home and only two horses.

    15. Any super good deals are hard to resist! Saddles, halters, lead ropes, grooming supplies…if something’s on sale, and I know it’ll save me money, how am I supposed to just leave it on the shelf? Be careful though, it can backfire! πŸ™‚

    16. I can’t resist anything in lime green… it my favorite color! And hoofpicks…. I just can’t seem to resist buying a new one everytime!

    17. I love getting things on sale. Today I did a total impulse buy when I bought a new saddle, I was planning for a new saddle but wanted to wait a little bit before I got one, however this one was on sale, and it was practically a match made in heaven. I also have a weakness with anything purple. Saddle pads, grooming tools, leg wraps, gloves, riding pants, etc… I think I have it all by now!

    18. Halters!!! My boy looks good in every color, so I can’t resist halters. He always knows by the smell when one is new and he loves wearing a new one, complete with licking his lips.
      I also love picking up hoof picks- one every time we’re at the store. They seem to always be disappearing!!!

    19. I use to have a saddle pad obsession but now that I have around 30 and no room to put them getting ready to head for college..that obsession has come to a screeching halt..or maybe more of a nice transition to the halt…

    20. I have to buy pitch forks! I also can’t go to a tack store with out buying a horsey shirt or breyer. I am always tempted to buy everything in the store for me ,my trainer, and our horse.I’m just a horsey shopper!

    21. Bright, shiny, pretty halters. Leather, nylon, even the silly rope halters. I have a light gray mare and she looks good in so many colors. I can’t expect her to wear the same halter all the time, right?

    22. I am obsessed with any sort of grooming tool. I buy new ones every time I run into TSC. Grooming is my time to de-stress and connect with my horse

    23. Anything purple, pink, or shiny I must buy! Pink and purple saddle pads and halters, hot pink reins, sparkly crops, pink brushes and sponges, purple lead ropes, and so much more. I even painted my horses hooves purple! Sometimes people tell me I should of gotten a mare, but I don’t think HE seems to mind.

    24. I know it is REALLY bad to want things based on color or shininess, but if I could find a hot pink saddle that is actually useful, that would rock… Well, not to mention, it has to be affordable!

    25. horse treets! my horse gives me so much, from friendship to a perfect flying lead change, that the least i can do for him is give him a treat… or 10.

    26. Everything! I’m currently saving up to turn horse ownership from a lifelong dream into my reality. I love going to the horsey section of my local farm stores! I enjoy looking at all of the items they have to offer and I secretly pretend that I’m shopping for my own horse!

    27. I can never leave the feed store without strolling down the tack aisle to look at the bits and bridles. The brush section calls to me, too!
      My horse is worth every dollar I spend on him, even if he pouts when I don’t get him any treats.

    28. I am a sucker for supplements,saddle pads and leg protection. I love colorful saddlepads and althoug he already has a set of Turquoise SMB Elite’s I always look at other things even if I don’t buy. Supplements is a big one too, I can stand for at least a half hour and read the backs of the canisters. But I almost always leave with something small, a brush, a hoof pick…I’m awful.

    29. I just can’t resist halters! I love all of the colors. I think i own over 20 halters that i dont really use. I loe seeing what color my horse looks good in!!!!!

    30. Everything! I cant go to a tack shop just to buy one thing. I have to scan every row of everything. There’s always something new to look at.

    31. I like to hang out in the tack isle with the book section a close second. I usually take just enough money to buy what I need (grain, supplements, etc.) If I didn’t, there is no telling what I might buy. (everything).

    32. It’s not possible for me to walk out of a tack store empty handed. I go in to “Try on” show clothes, intending on buying them on ebay, but end up getting it anyway! If I don’t come out with brand new show clothes, I at least buy a Breyer.

    33. I’m immediatly drawn to saddle blankets, though most times I leave without buying another due to $$$. I always end up with at least a new brush for my girl, along with the item I went to purchase in the first place.

    34. My local tack shop has a used room, so all blankets and saddle pads in good condition are fair game but my current obsession has been boots. Jumping boots, bell boots splint boots, you name it!

    35. Call me crazy, but I love buying bits. Even if I don’t use them, I like to study what about it may get a horse to react the way it does. What better way is there to analyze something than to take it home and playing with every different piece?

    36. My horse, Maple Corner Passion and I are some kind of extraordinary soul mate. Our color is royal purple and I would really like to have a gray show coat knitted with royal purple plaid for our last horse shows as he is getting older. He has two purple halters, purple fly-ears, I am working on saving for a royal purple saddle pad as well as knitting him a royal purple nose band cover to spoil him in his last able years. This horse has done such good for me and has been true to me for so long. I really owe in back to him!

    37. I have an addiction to Fiske`s products! I use Fiske’s Hoof and Hide Balm for just about everything, hooves, cuts, hives, bug bites and stings, rain rot, mud fever… and it always works! The skin and would salve is great too, for the jobs that require a thicker formula. The lip balm is amazing and the apple cider and cardomon soap is delightful! I can never have too much Fiske`s!

    38. I can’t resist a good conditioner/detangler to put in my horse’s mane and tail…I love to brush them and keep them looking great. A good pair of riding boots on sale are irresistable too!

    39. boot pulls. they work soo well,all you do is put your boot in the slat and pull, walla!your boot slides off. It REALY works,mexpessily if you have tall boots that are hard to get off,pluse there cheap!they work realy well and i love them.It sure does get you tired trieng to pull your boots off!!!

    40. I have an addiction to horse halters. Just love picking out different colors to match up nicely with the color of my horses. My palomino mare looks really good in bright pink halter or a black one looks good too! She also has a 1/2 purple and 1/2 pink colored halter that looks nice. Our two chestnut paints looks good in red or even blue halters. And my liver chestnut filly looks nice in green or bright pink. I have many colors of halters; even have a red, white and blue colored halter! Whenever I see horse tack, I have to check out the halters and most of the time I end up buying a new one!

    41. Saddle pads and blankets most definately! I’m in love with them. Clean and white show pads, or fun polka dot and animal print pads! Pink, purple, green, yellow, or even rainbow! I can’t stop! I just adore the fact that there is a never ending supply of saddle blankets and pads at my local tack shop! Also, it gives me the oppourtunity to use a different one almost every time I ride! I’m constantly riding in style!

    42. My main impulse buys are boot socks! I love the different colors and patterns that they come in and I have have many, many, many different pairs. They aren’t expensive so I never feel guilty buying them, and they allow me to have a little bit of creativity and color when so much of everything else for dressage is black, white, or navy. πŸ™‚

    43. HOOF PICK!!!! They can bo so colorful and they ALWAYS get lost so why not buy extra? And my tack shop always has a sale where you can buy 5 for only $2.50

    44. I can never resist brushes when I go into a tack store. There’s always new exciting colors and different kinds of brushes. Besides, you can always use a new brush, right?

    45. I usually can’t leave the tack shop without a bag of horse cookies. They both expect treats after a workout and I’m a sucker for their cute faces and good behavior.

    46. Hoof picks! Every time I pass by them the same thought goes through my mind “I always loose them and they’re cheep… what’s one more dollar or two?” At one time I had three in my grooming box alone, not counting the two in the horse cabinet and the emergency spares on top on the fridge and in my saddle bag!

    47. Horse magazines! I can’t resist all the many info packed articles that always help my riding or horse care. Plus, most have beautiful horse pictures, and some have pull-out posters.

    48. I usually can’t leave a tack store without buying horse treats. There’s so many different variaties, so I get the sample packs of them. Its nice because I can see what my horse likes and dislikes. And it gives me peace of mind knowing the kids can’t overload him on treats because its just sample packs.

    49. I love getting those pretty horse treats! I sometimes make my own and i know it saves me money to make my own, but whenever I see them at the tack store, I can’t help myself! I’m sure my horse can’t tell the difference between them and a carrot!

    50. It’s a good thing, I by most of my items from the catalogs. We have no tack store locally. I buy just the items I need.
      Treats are homemade.

    51. Whenever I browse, whether it be on-line or in a tack shop, I gravitate towards anything that glitters; sooo….I have several sparkly halters, and lots of colour co-ordinated lead lines; my horses have halters in every colour of the rainbow, for every occasion, sophisticated and funky, and with their named embroidered on them; all the clever marketing sure works on me!

    52. My biggest impulse buy would have to be a new pair of sport boots.They have so many new designs out.I love the brown cheetah,but also like the black ones with white peace signs.So hard to choose just one!

    53. I almost never buy anything on impulse, and usually try to shop online for the best price, but on the rare occasion that the temperatures changes and I don’t have a blanket to accommodate, or I really need something, it seems weird to just drive to the tack store and buy it.

    54. When I go into a tack shop/feed store I look at everything. I always need something. New clothes, bits, reins, even the old used saddles(though my family already has too many). The one thing that I usually get from the store would have to be a magazine or a book or horsey treats. They always come in handy.

    55. I just love to find things on sale! From horse treats and grooming items to clothing and tack, I can’t pass up a good deal because I know that I will need it eventually, if not now!

    56. i am terrible when it comes to things for trigger. i want to buy him everything( but of course i can’t afford everything!!)but i really like the flashy colored halters! even though i dont need them!!

    57. i like buying the brushes!! it seems i want every brush the local tack stor sells!! im also terrible with halters . and I don’t need more of them!!

    58. I go for riding stuff and brushes! Bits, too! It seems my grooming box is overflowing with every brush imaginable! I think Bella must be like, ” Brushes are nice, but you are a brush fanatic!”

    59. I find that smaller items that are well made get my attention. A well built hoof pick, an solidly built scrubbing brush, those things are inexpensive, but not cheaply built, and makes me feel like I bought something that I’ll use all the time.

    60. No, not really. I’m quite tight with my money and unless I know I’m going to use it I won’t buy it. My sister on the other hand is a brush freak and she doesn’t even own a horse! She keeps buying brushes for mine! Hm, maybe that’s the real reason I don’t need to buy any…

    61. Halters are one of my weak spots! I always find halters that are cuter than what my horse currently has, and I always want a matching lead to go with it!

    62. I am definitely a brush freak and the softer the better! I have a really hard time resisting a nifty, snuggly-feeling brush in a pretty color.

    63. Definitely treats! I always like to give my horse a couple of cookies at the end of a ride to say “thank you” for for working so hard for me. Of course, carrots or apples are more traditional food rewards for horses, but soft horse cookies with molasses, like “Joker’s Cookies,” always smell so good! My horse loves them, too!

    64. I am deffenetlly crazy what’s best for my horses and what’s best for my budget. I will go around towns or cities looking for good deals on halters, bridalsβ€š and vet supplies. But once in awhile you just got to treat yourself and your horses to something good! πŸ™‚

    65. every time i go in a tack store i’ll say “only get what you need” but when i go in there i’ll say “won’t that look good on him!”

    66. I cannot resist a pretty halter with a nice lead rope to match. I have 5 horses and close to 25 halters and lead ropes – Oh, I also like saddle pads – every color, you never know what mood you will be in πŸ˜‰

    67. Its just like the grocery store, the candy aisle is the toughest one for me to resist and apparently I feel the same way about my horse. Can’t help but give into buying my horse some candy too! He loves anything apple flavored.

    68. I cannot resist buying shampoo for my horse, Costa. He loves taking baths and rolling in dirt, so when ever i see my favorite shampoo (cowboy magic) i just have to buy it.

    69. I have a thing for boots and spurs. Both my horses are Western show horses, one Performance and the other a Gamer. I need a different spur for both of them but even when I have a pair or two, I can’t resist looking at getting another pair. Same goes for my western boots.

    70. I cannot enter a tack store without leaving with something! I almost always buy some new grooming item. Sometimes a new brush, sometimes a new hoof pick, sometimes a shampoo, maybe a conditioner. Any way I go, I get to spend more time grooming just to try out my latest purchase!

    71. I suppose I am magnetically attracted to looking at riding helmets and breeches- even the slightest change in design can have me pulling out my magnifying glass to look at the stitching! I actually need a new helmet, though, and I cannot resist looking at the custom color hat covers.

    72. I am a halter FREAK! I love buying a new halter every time we go to the tack store! With so many colors and styles to choose from, it is an easy way to see what looks good on my mare and how to make certain parts of her stand out. Not to mention, you can never own to many halters!

    73. Crops! I can always find a reason to buy new ones in all shapes and colors. My favorites are the ones with the stars on the end.

    74. I cannot in all good conscience walk out of a feed store without horse treats. I always tell myself that I have enough and the horses are going to be butterballs if I keep buying them goodies, but then I see some new flavor and I go, “Aw, the ponies would LOVE these!”

    75. Every time I walk into a tack store, I have to keep chanting, “You are just here to get some more feed” or “Keep moving you really don’t need a new saddle pad.” But really? Who can resist a hunter green saddle pad with a gold trim which looks like it was made for your chestunut gelding? Not I, that’s for sure! While I might not NEED it, I certainly WANT it and that will definitley get the best of me!

    76. I am such a sucker for all that stuff that I can spoil my mare,Cricket.She is going to have a baby in April so that just piles into more stuff I would LOVE to buy.

    77. For me, its any thing I see in the tack shop. From bridles to treats to lead ropes. Right now I am trying to decide if I should buy a cotton lead rope or not. I have at least 5 that aren’t pure cotton. Also, when I see the coupons in the Horse Illistrated I have to look up the products to see if I can use the coupons.

    78. When I go into a tack shop, I mostly want the Breyer Horses. Although, I may want them, I would rather just spend time with my horses than wish for something I can’t have. My horses are more important to me then any tack!

    79. I absolutely cannot resist halters! They make such colorful halter designs and they’re so cute! Unfortunately my gelding wouldn’t appreciate a pink polka-dotted halter…

    80. The one thing that I certainly can not resist are saddles!There are so many different styles and brands to choose from, and I just want to buy every one. The saddle that I am dying to get is the Wintec 500 Jump Saddle! Unfortiently this is a very expensive saddle. I hope someday I can be riding with my dream saddle but for now I just admire it in the store!

    81. Any tack including saddles,bridles and pads I can not resist! I want to buy everything in the store, but horses are an expensive hobby to have.

    82. I try to improve my riding by working with my horse on different things and getting to know his techniques . I also try to read all the articles in horse magazines to learn from them ,and ask other horse people for advice.

    83. I really cant resist anything with bling or zebra on it. Im a barrel racer so anything that pops,or catches my eye, then I’m drawn to it.

    84. Oh wow thats a hard one. Well im a Dressage rider & love anything that has to do with that.
      And anything new that would spoil my horse!
      love,love,love my big girl shes my baby.:]

    85. I can’t resist the bright colorful halters. My horses are so spoiled. But then you find the pretty lead rope that matches the halter, and the bag of treats that will make your horse happy while your using the new halter and lead rope.

    86. Without question, saddle pads! I have so many already, whether it’s fun and bright schooling pads, regular colored pads, show pads, half pads, I can’t resist! I have a bay horse that looks so great in so many colors, and I always want to buy a new one when I go to the tack shop!

    87. Every time i go into a tack store I always go to the fancy headstalls and breast collers first. I just love all the bling they come up with these days.

    88. I have an addiction to colorful supplement/goodies buckets. At one point I had a bucket per horse with their names written on them. (over 30 horses) I have downsized and still buy buckets. If a bucket gets dented I try and pop the dent out but still replace it! There is something about sack feed, vitamins, meds or goodies in a bucket and walking down the barn aisle with your best friends nickering for you. Oh yes, and do not get me talking about those wonderful brushes!

    89. I can resist buying a bag or rice bran,hay cubes, and a bag of beet pulp.. I’m always using them and like to hav extra on hand for emergencys. Also I alway buy physillum and wormer almost every time. Love buying medical supplys as well! Purple and pink and black bandages for my mares:)
      I’m always looking for a new pads,smb boot,bell boots,halters, etc… in purple,black , or pink. <3 πŸ™‚ and my horses r both obsessed in the jolly ball snack lick it things. So I always buy on apple and one carrot flovor one for them.

    90. I cant resist bell boots i like to have my horse looking stylin in the arena! i also cant resist halters,bridels,breast collers,and blankets.when i walk in the tack shop i have some money but when i walk out im broke! :]

    91. Magazines. In my head I’m always like “I’ll just get Horse&Rider…or Practical Horseman…ooh look! Dressage Today has a feature on leg yeilding…but Trail Rider has stuff on bits…” lol πŸ™‚


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